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Our forum is a great place to stay current on the latest paintball info.  We are constantly combing the internet for information on current changes in the game and the newest paintball gear coming out.  We’re also always looking and creating informational blogs about paintball basics, how to play and great beginner info.  Check here to learn about paintball strategies, team info and reviews about fields and big games.


  1. In woods ball, equipment can become expensive, and most of it is vital to you and your chance of winning. If you get completely outfitted with everything you want, it’s easy to spend a small mint on the just the basic gear. Sometimes you can save money by borrowing equipment from other sports and hobbies, that with a few minor modifications, can save you quite bit of money. Camouflage clothing from hunting or other hobbies can save you money because you no longer have to spend oodles of money trying to blend in.
  2. Beginner players are often terrified of paintball because of how dangerous it is made out to be. No Matter what people tell you it is not so dangerous! There are only a few injuries that you can sustain while playing paintball and most are just real minor injuries you can get playing any other sport in the world.

    The first injury I would like to talk about that you can get while playing paintball is the one that all beginners, even experienced player fear the most.

  3. Spherical Glory just finished their first practice/tryout as a team and I'm glad to say, things are looking good.  We would still like to find about four more players before we begin entering 7 man events but with a start up crew like this it will be hard to go wrong. We've got Mike Koehnke, team captain and the clear leader of the group.  Mike is going to be playing snake and snake side mid for Spherical Glory in the following spring season as we would like to take advantage of his speed and agility.
  4. A few months ago my team, Spherical Glory, reunited after being away from paintball for a few years. When we last played some of us were just 15 or 16, and I know that I personally played timidly.  We had to rely on our parents for transportation and money to play, which eventually led to our downfall.  We did go out on a high note, winning our last tournament but after that it seemed to be too much of a hassle to play.  I finally started playing again for the first time two months ago, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with myself.

  5. Empire is a known paintball company for the reason that they sell the best gear in the game. One of those many pieces of gear is the Empire E-Vents Mask; this mask according to many other paintball players is one of the most if not the most comfortable masks in the game of paintball. I kind of agree with them, because after looking at what it has to offer mask wise, it looks pretty promising.

    Empire has been a dominant name in the game of paintball ever since they have joined the industry.

  6. The 2011 Proto Reflex Rail is the latest high end performance gun from Proto.  For a gun of this caliber, it’s a real bargain priced in the $450-$500 range.  It comes with so many features standard that you have to add on to other guns.  The design is based on something very similar to the Dye Matrix series of markers.  Some of the coolest features are the anti-chop break beam eye system, LED program control with 4 tournament modes, an ultralight aluminum trigger and 150psi operating pressure with boost forward.
  7. My favorite paintball rifle of all time is the K-Series Elite Marksman HP Custom; the love I have for this gun is surreal.  This is the perfect long range marker for games like woodsball.  It’s also an excellent weapon for a back man who transitions to front man.  It’s also great for a middleman who may have to move up or back depending on where he’s needed.  The Elite Marksman HP Custom is great for short or long distance shooting.

  8. For some people, assembling a paintball team is a hard thing to do.  When I first started playing, all of my friends were a lot better than me and none of them really wanted me to be on their team.  I have to admit, back then I probably wouldn’t have of wanted me on my team either; my skills were pretty poor.  For me, finding a team took a lot more than just asking around.  It took getting my name out there with consistent great performances on the field; it took some determination and a lot of practice.

  9. For my 14th birthday party fifteen friends of mine and I went to Liberty paintball field in Patterson NY to celebrate.  With me, I brought my brand new Spyder E-MR1 paintball marker.  In the first game, we played on Liberty’s speedball field.  Five seconds after the whistle was blown I was halfway down the field tearing up the other team, when out of the blue my gun quit working.  I thought it was my CO2 because I forgot to refill it before going onto the paintball field.

  10. At my camp, probably the most challenging gamestyle that I have experienced was playing “Zombies.”  As you might have noticed by now from watching horror and action movies, a zombie stereotype has been passed around over the years that the only way to fully exterminate the walking dead is by a shot to the head, eliminating the brain, the common life-line of a zombie.  This idea is converted into a paintball variation in Zombies, meaning that the only way to take out a zombie is by a headshot, which can be extremely difficult if the zombie knows what he/she is doing.

  11. Now you can use your paintball gun for hunting!  Of course you’re not going to be able to bag any big game with your Tippmann A5, but you can use your gun to help attract them.  Shoot Buck Lure Scented paintballs into territory you want to attract buck deer to hunt them.  These .68 caliber paintballs carry the scent of female deer urine and will ‘mark’ your territory, making it smell like a place of frequency for doe.
  12. Help or hurt? There is always a brewing debate on chest protectors; a chest protector is made from a wide range of materials that are meant to protect you from the sting and welts associated with getting hit by a paintball.  Overall, a chest protector is a great piece of equipment, but mostly used by rookies who are afraid of getting hit.  After playing for a while, you will get hit enough times to know what to expect and this alone takes some of the sting out of it.

  13. Range in woodsball is a great thing to have no matter the situation.  If you're retreating and have a good amount of distance between you and the enemy, take a few shots just to make them think twice about following you.  Without a good barrel, you might as well keep running because you know that your patbinalls are going to be rolling at their feet.  Having range is great for pursuing the enemy also.
  14. For some, woodsball is the ultimate simulation, while others see it as an unofficial game.  If your thinking about playing or even investing in woodsball paintball equipment, here are some things you should know about the game.  1) Woodsball takes guts.  It's not for the faint of heart. The forest isn’t full of woodland creatures that are going to aid you on your way; it’s full of dangers from bugs to snakes.  2) Don’t be afraid of dirt.

  15. Communication is the unseen edge in paintball. It's one of the most important aspects of woodsball and even paintball as a whole. Without communication, your potential 1st place team is turned into a pack of unorganized barbarians that any competent team can take out.  In woodsball, communication is even more important; avoiding ambushes and knowing which part of the field is laden with explosives will definitely keep you playing longer.

  16. Even though there has been has been a shift towards more militaristic markers, speedball markers still are a great option for the game.  Unlike magazine fed markers or woodsball markers in particular, the main advantage of speedball guns is the speed and light weight.

    One of the great things about speedball markers is they are incredibly fast.

  17. The red dot scope, the greatest adversary in any woods ball player has in his arsenal.  Gives you the accuracy of a conventional scope while having the functional ability as iron sights.  A red dot scope can give you the one greatest downfall to snipers - speed.  With it you can defend your position from multiple enemies closer than for comfort with ease, and still having the function to still be able to drop opponents afar.

  18. We are the Mercinary Assault Recon Squadron (M.A.R.S), a competitive scenario paintball team from South Newfane, Vermont.  Currently we have 11 members; we officially started our team on August 12, 2010.  We are a new team but competitive, aggressive and love to have fun playing paintball in big scenarios and tournaments.  We have also recently become sponsored by  

    Here is our team roster and preferred equipment list.

  19. Ok, so we all know that paintball fields have restrictions on certain paints.  Why are these paints restricted?  There are multiple reasons.  The most common and a major reason that paint is on the banned list of your field is the paint is probably oil based.  As paintball has progressed, we have experimented and found out water based paint is much better to shoot off.  Not only do oil based paints destroy/stain the fields property, they do the same to players' gear and skin.

  20. So, Recently I picked up a V-Tac SW-1 Marker and I love the gun.  The adjustable rotating sites is great!  You can make the sight you are using smaller for far away targets, or you can make it larger for up-close and personal shooting.  What about mid-range? Well there are tons of in between settings you can use.  The range of the gun is pretty good compared to other paintball guns I’ve used.

  21. We are MA Aftermath.  We are a competitive paintball team of four teens, all 15 years old. We love paintball and are always looking to step our game up. We plays tons of woodsball and scenario events; these are our favorite, but occasionally we’ll practice some speedball games as well just to practice maneuvering and working as a team.
    We Christian 'Smooth' Osinski (3 yrs.

  22. What most people don't know about CO2 is that it can exist as a liquid and a gas.  Sometimes, it exists as a combination of both while in your tank.  If liquid CO2 drips into your paintball marker, it can cause problems.  It will cause unpredictable spikes in velocity causing your shots to be inconsistent; some balls will lob, some fall short and some normal.  Sometimes liquid CO2 can even cause damage to the o-rings in your gun.

  23. Most paintball markers and paintballs are .68 caliber; this is the standard size used in tournaments, commercial fields, and paintball parts worldwide.  So, why would company’s start producing a different sized paintball (that require totally different guns and are not the standard size?  Why .50 caliber)?

    As it turns out, there are many benefits to .

  24. If you've played paintball longer than 5 minutes or done any reaserch at all about paintball on the internet, you'll undoubtedly eventually come across the name Tippmann.  that's because they are a leading paroducer of some of the most popular tactical paintball guns on the planet.  They offer several models to choose from leaving one wondering, 'Which ones are the best and what's the difference?'.

  25. Tippmann paintball guns are some of the most reliable in the sport.  This and their low price points make them some of the most popular and highly sought after markers on the tactical paintball field.  Tippmann markers are perfect for woodsball and scenario paintball because of their ruggednes and customizability.  The Tippmann paintball gun line up includes the Custom 98, Tippmann A5, X7 and newest release, X7 Phenom.

  26. With the exception of top of the line tournament style paintball marker, most paintball guns are semi-automatic.  This means one ball comes out per trigger pull.  It also means your gun will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger!  In case semi-automatic isn't fast enough for you, more trigger options are available as an upgrade for most paintball guns; these are called electronic triggers.  Most e-triggers offer at least 3 firing options, semi-automatic, 3 round burst and fully automatic.

  27. High pressure air tanks work great on any paintball marker, but are mostly used on tournament style guns.  Covering your hpa tank with a decorative tank cover is a smart way to protect your tank from dings and scratches.  Tank covers are available for CO2 tanks as well but the best selection is found for hpa tanks.  Paintball gun air tank covers come in a large variety of colors, patterns, cool designs and even custom artwork.  This offers tons of options for customizing your paintball marker/tank with matching accessories.

  28. When people ask us what the most reliable brand of paintball gun is, we tell them Tippmann.  All of their guns, custom 98, A5, X7, Phenom, US Army series, and TPX pistol are terrific as far as rarely needing emergency care.  Tippmann markers will often last as long as a player’s craving for paintball does – as long as regular cleaning and maintenance continues.

    If you use your marker every week, cleaning after each use is a must but schedule a more thorough “take apart” cleaning and lube job once a month.

  29. Overall, MilSig produces excellent quality paintball guns.  Their markers are also probably the most realistic magazine-fed guns on the tactical scene.  Problems with MilSig markers are rare but do happen occasionally.  The problem with MilSig is not their guns; it's their company and lack of customer service.

    Milsig is located in Canada; this is why it can take up to 3+ weeks to get one of their markers (or anything that comes from their company).

  30. Spyder paintball guns are simply constructed, sturdy and easy to maintain.  They make great beginner paintball markers because of their reliability - these guns hardly ever breakdown!  In all the years we ( have been selling markers, we have only had one Spyder paintball gun breakdown.  This was a marker called the VS2 and it is no longer produced.

    As far as their current markers go, the Pilot, Electra, Sonix and Victor - all reasonably priced and breakdowns are rare.

  31. The great thing about Real Action Marker guns is they are sturdy, well put together and hardly ever break down!  RAM produces everyone's favorite .43 caliber tactical pistols, the P99, RAMX50 and Combat Pistol.  They also make the realistic AK47 series RAM47 and RAM74 as well as a killer .68 shotgun, the RAM68-16.

    As a store that sells many of these paintball markers (ChoicePaintballGuns.

  32. There are many modifications that are available for all marker models in paintball.  Many of these modifications will improve the performance of your gun, while some are simply for cosmetic purposes.  There are some pieces for guns however that play the role of both.  One of these in particular are buttstocks.  There are many reasons why players equip their markers with buttstocks.  The primary reason is functional; these parts can definitely help bring more balance to the weight of the gun, not to mention significantly increasing accuracy by offering a place to stabilize against your shoulder or cheek while shooting.

  33. There was this one day I spent at Liberty Paintball-NY with two of my teammates, Paul Damiano and Brendan Smith.  During this one woodsball match in a game called “Crypt,” I was almost certain that I heard and saw a flashbang grenade go off on the opposite side of the field.  It made an extraordinarily shiny white flash, along with a loud bang sort of sound.  There was a staff member reffing the game who was standing a couple bunkers’ length away from me who immediately began freaking out and then ran through the crossfire of the two teams to get over to the other side of the field and find out if a flashbang actually just went off.

  34. If you used to rely on Wal-Mart to get your CO2 tanks re-filled, you've most likely already discovered they've quit offering this service. In fact, the word is they're going to stop selling paintball equipment altogether. So you might become stuck without a place to re-fill your air tanks; don't worry! Consider this short list of possible places for re-fills...

    Paintball Stores.

  35. The expenses of paintball can add up quickly!  Constantly re-filling air tanks, paintballs, paintball field/park fees make regular paintballing a bit expensive at times.  CO2 tank O-rings are an essential piece of gear; without them, there is no seal between your tank and paintball gun and air will leak from your tank.  If you aren't careful, you can go through o-rings like candy and this can add up expenses over time.  O-rings are generally not expensive but if you have to go through a lot of them, it can add up to a lot of money if you play a lot.

  36. There are many factors that you must consider before investing in a paintball marker that you will be satisfied with and will last.... don't approach buying your paintball gun lightly.  First, ask yourself how seriously you take the sport and this will help you decide how much you're willing to spend on the gun.

  37. Paintball Practice Tips

    Here's a short list of things you should practice to become better at paintball.  This is the boring type of practice - not necessarily the practice that comes with just playing and playing paintball; we're talking about training specific movements and skills to help sharpen your shooting skills and physical ability to move.

  38. Many paintballers hang up their gear for the winter, but some of the more hardcore fans play all year long.  Playing in the cold, however will require you to use certain paintball equipment.  CO2 tanks tend to freeze up after shooting your marker repetitively; this causes inconsistencies in the temperature of the gas, making your paintball gun’s shooting less reliable.

  39. The problem with CO2 is it can convert from gas to liquid and visa versa very easily; this is a problem for paintball players and their equipment.  CO2 is very sensitive to temperature changes.  When rapid shooting, it’s common for CO2 tanks to ‘freeze up’.  Next you will notice the velocity of your shots drop off and starts becoming inconsistent.

  40. What's the Difference Between The Apex and The Flatline Barrel?

    Both the Apex and Flatline barrel are upgraded barrels for your paintball marker.

  41. I'm Interested in Sniping.....

    I'm very impressed with the collection of sniper paintball guns on your website, but I'm new to paintball.  I was a sniper for the police department from 1984 - 1997; retired but now I just want to have fun.  The T68 is a great looking rifle but how well does it react?  What's the distance I can get with a calm day?

    The T68 models are some of the most realistic military replica paintball markers on the market right now; there are many snipers in this line as well.

  42. Sweet Spotting

    If you want to be a better paintballer than most other players on the field, learn and practice different techniques!  It's important to not only have a knowledge of  different playing strategies, but to be practiced in them as well and make them your own.

  43. Practice Makes Perfect

    You cannot win a game of paintball without regular shooting at your opponents and staying focused on avoiding getting shot yourself at the same time - it has to be one or the other (and both at the same time!).  Use a little discipline with your trigger finger and you'll not only save paintballs but you'll also keep your opponents guessing!  Remember not to always come out of the same bunker in the same spot; vary your positions to always keep them guessing on where you're at.

  44. What To Get....

    "What should I look for in a paintball starter package for my two grandsons?  What should it include?  They are 12 and 8 respectively.  Since they are new to the game, what would be best suited for that age bracket and their skill level?"

    To start paintballing you will need a paintball gun, CO2 tank, hopper and mask.
  45. The Rover

    The rover, also known as the insert player, stays more towards the middle of the field; he is the fill in man.  This player takes the front or the Backman's place if they get eliminated.  It's also the rover's job to provide cover for the players ahead of him on the field; this means the rover will shoot a lot more paint than the frontman.

  46. Want To Be The Backman? Here's What's Expected....

    The back player, also referred to as the 'backman', is usually a more experienced player.  It is not uncommon for him to have to shoot with both hands, or even switch up trigger fingers when one finger gets too tired.  He starts shooting early in the game and doesn't move around outside of his starting area much during the game.

  47. Want To Be The Frontman?

    The Frontman, also known as the pointman, is the player in the middle of all of the action; you'd better have a strong stomach and plenty of balls to take on this spot on your team.  The Frontman is probably one of the most exciting positions on the paintball field but they're also usually the first to be eliminated.

  48. Game Improvement Tips

    There is a lot more to a paintball game than just shooting your paintball gun.  Winning the game takes skill, knowledge of the game and strategy.  You must know your moves and how to execute them, but be ready to change your plan in a minute's notice.  Speed also plays a large role in the game of paintball.

  49. Creating Diversions

    If you want to keep your opponents guessing in your next game, try creating diversions.  You don't ever want your opponent to know what's coming and you certainly don't want them to be able to guess what moves you're getting ready to make.  If you're planning on making an attack on the right side, you may want to build up more players on the left side to make your opponent focus more on the left.

  50. Scenario Paintball Games

    Forget about cops and robbers or cowboys and indians!  Adults play scenario paintball - where they have the opportunity to be a soldier, a sniper, a navy seal, or even cowboy in the Wild West; and they get to use guns that actually shoot!  In scenario paintball, usually the terrain is a natural setting; a canyon, wooded area or even an old junkyard.

  51. Scenario Paintball - The Transformation of Paintball

    Paintball started off as a simple game of elimination where each player shoots at everyone else until there was only one individual left.  Well, the 'Last Man Standing' game has gradually become more complex; although this is a fun game if you just want to get out there and shoot at each other.

  52. Flanking is one of hundreds of paintball tactics in which a player distracts the opposing team with an attack while another player sneaks around the side or back of the other team.  It is most successfully used on players who have tunnel vision or are so wrapped up in fighting off the players in front of them that they don't notice the attackers making their way around them to defend an attack from the side or back.

  53. In paintball, Freight Training is an illegal move.  Freight Training is an attempt by a tagged player to affect the outcome of a game by lingering in the game.  After being hit, the player is supposed to put their barrel plug into the end of their paintball gun and immediately exit to the nearest dead box that will not cause any interference in the game.

  54. An important move to use while paintballing is the crawl.  Crawling is a way of moving around, both backwards and forwards, on all four limbs and stay close to the ground.  It may be necessary on a field where the bunkers are low to the ground.  It can reduce the likelihood of being shot during an ambush and is good for a means of moving around quietly.

  55. Speedball is a fast pace game.  It can be played indoors or outdoors, but generally played on a rectangular paintball field.  Both sides of the field must be set up with the same arrangement of semi or permanent bunkers.  However, speedball can also be played on a field with portable inflatable bunkers such as the half moon or the beam in instances where the players want to make their own original arrangement.

  56. Attack and defend games are quite popular in paintball.  There are many different variations of this game.  In one version, one team may be confined to an area they're to defend, the rest of the team may have a flag or treasure to capture for the opposing team and bring back to home base.  Either way, the basic point of the game is to defend your territory while breaking past the other team's defense.

  57. Bunkering is a move for more experienced players.  It can be trouble for less experienced players, because there are so many things that can go wrong.  To be successful with bunkering, the player needs to be able to mix things up with little warning.  When a player is bunkering his opponent, he charges straight at a bunker that is occupied by an opposing player, shooting as he goes.

  58. In paintball, it is considered unsportmanlike to shoot a player from closer than 25 feet.  Sometimes you can sneak up on a player or if you get too close to him to shoot, you can use the 'Barrel Tap'.  A Barrel Tap is when a player eliminates his opponent from the game by taping him on the back with the barrel of his paintball marker.

  59. A paintball strategy usually includes all of the player's or team's pre-planned tactics that they will use to complete the objective or win the game. The best advice for a team is to select a painball strategy based on the teammates they have near them, the alignment of the opposition, and the format of the game being played.  Strategies must often be different when playing on flat surfaces and airball bunkers as opposed to rough natural terrains with a lot of steep inclines.

  60. Evaluate your playing skills by monitoring three things.... the way you move, the way you shoot and the way you coordinate moves with other teammates.  Great paintballers learn how to shoot to take out the opposition - while moving, and work well with their teammates to stay alive through key moments in the game.  For the most effective shooting in games, there's no better exercise to improve other than shooting itself!  The more you shoot, the better you get.

  61. It has often been said that a well coached team with excellent field communication skills can triumph over a collection of players with superior talent and paintball gear (but poor communication skills).  In most paintball games, there are several positions you can choose to play on your team.

  62. We are excited about the upcoming release of the X7 Phenom, a next-generation .68 caliber paintball marker that’s truly in a class of its own. This gun will be released for sale on by mid-November. The unmatched benefits of this new electro pneumatic marker include improved air efficiency, superior accuracy, manual or electronic firing and the flexibility to use either CO2 or compressed air.

  63. Airbrushed artwork for state of the art paintball masks… A company called ‘Save Phace’ has developed a new, incredibly sleek design line of protective face equipment for your paintball game.  The lenses also have a military grade anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV coating that’s retained even after extended water emersion or repeated cleaning.  They also have an interchangable foam inside and some models come with a soft protective bag to protect the mask's lenses.

  64. A paintball attack is when a team makes their move towards the enemy side of the field, make a surge to the opposing team's flag, or makes a move towards the defending team's players.  There are hundreds of different paintball games and your method of attack may be different for each, depending on the objective of the game or other variables, like whether or not there are bunkers to hide behind.

  65. Always be honest.  There is no need to call a paint check if you are hit with splatter.  Suck it up, announce that you are out, and exit the field.

    • The most important rule is to never take your goggles off.  Eye injuries are the most devastating injury in paintball, and all eye injuries are avoidable.
  66. When you first step onto a paintball field, you will find there will be different levels of players.  Don't get discouraged when you're a white belt with paintball!  You've got to start somewhere; here are a few tips to make things a little easier and know what to expect....

       Learn by playing.

  67. If your paintball marker chops your paintballs, stop what you are doing right away and clean it out.  Clean your gun thoroughly where the ball broke.  Clean the bolt, bolt face and the marker barrel.  Make sure to clean out all of the paint as well as the film, shell bits, and any other debris that does not belong there.  If you continue to chop paintballs, take the gun apart and check for damage.

  68. Here's a few tips for the beginner paintballer to help your performance on the paintball field...
    1.  When you're hiding behind a bunker; if you decide to peek your head out to survey the field, move to a new location the next time you decide to look around the corner.

  69. If you're a newbie to paintball, here are some tips about playing that might help you do better on the field... know before you go! 
    1.  Don't play in paintball games that are beyond your skill level.  If you're just getting started, play with a crew that have played less than 10 times and you will have much more fun.

  70. As you get more addicted to paintball, sometimes it becomes tough trying fit it all in.  Keeping your grades up while playing paintball is a hard thing to do.  Especially if you're playing other sports (along with paintball), you need to find time to get your school work done and still be able to play.  You'll have to manage your time wisely while playing paintball during the school year.

  71. Have you ever heard the saying, "How do you get to Carnagie Hall? ... Practice, practice, practice."  If you want to get better at something (like paintball), you have to practice.  So like anything else, if you want to get good at paintball, you have to practice; but where?  My team (Team Trinity) has found a small, but very nice piece of woods close to where we all live to play in.

  72. Playing with paintball armor.  Many players, especially young ones feel the need to wear body armor vests during a paintball game.  But be careful!  Body armor has it's obvious advantages.... relieving the pain of getting hit with paintballs - but it also has some negatives too.  It will assure that every time a paintball touches you it will break.

  73. Keeping the game fun is the most important thing to do while playing paintball.  Paintball is, and should always be about kids (and adults) having fun.  Sometimes people will try to cheat, by wiping paint, ramping over the limit, increasing the velocity of their paintball gun higher than the 'legal limit' or using illegal paintballs.

  74. On my last trip to New Breed Paintball, (a local paintball field), Mike Morton and I (we're the main players of Team Trinity) played extremely well.  In one game the teams were 25 vs 25.  From the start Mike and I went to the extreme left of the field.  As soon as we took cover, we took out 2 to 3 opposing players.  From the angle we had from our cover Mike and I were able to take out another 2 players.
  75. Checking out the field before you start a match is very important for both you and your paintball team.  If you know the field well, you will have a huge advantage over the opposing team.  If you are a back player, it is very important you check out the field so you know your lanes to shoot.  You need to know the paintball field to have the right angles on your opponents, and to know where your opponents will be able to see you; not to mention knowing where the best cover is.

  76. Paintball is easy to get addicted to; in fact I know a lot of guys who can be considered 'over-addicted'.  Getting over addicted to paintball is both good and bad for a player.  It is good because it shows that you love to play the sport and you'll play it enough to get good; but then the bad thing happens. You start putting money into it that you don't need too; you start overspending every last dollar you've got.

  77. Good paintball tactics include knowing the lay of the land, knowing where your teammates (and enemies) are, and maintaining formations that will provide cover for your teammates.  One thing's for sure, using all the right strategies will definitely put you in a better position to have success on the field.  First, go over a game plan with your teammates prior to the start of a match.

  78. Stay on the move!  Successful players manage to survive longer when they stay on the move, and change positions frequently.  When players move during a game, they are hard to hit.  Move around keep moving until you have your enemy in a position where you think that you can make high percentage shots, and be vigilant towards finding the best angles to shoot from to take your most effective shots at the enemy.

  79. If your Paintball Team wants to survive in competitive games, have players that partner and protect one another throughout the match.  One of the most common strategies during an attack is the assault that features the utility player or back player and the point man....  When teams launch an offensive, the point man leads the assault towards the opposing team's end of the field, while the back player provides mostly cover fire.

  80. Winning paintball teams have several things in common... good tactics, practice drills, and a well conceived paintball strategy.  Having a well planned paintball strategy involves thinking a number of moves ahead, playing as a team, and having a specific game plan when confronting the enemy.  These will obviously be different for scenario and speedball games but or still must-have's to score the 'W'.
  81. My teammate Matt Kresch and I just went to a local field this past weekend and had a great time. We found out that on the paintball field, our team was stronger when Matt and I stuck together.  It seemed like the Teamwork we practiced could overcome any opposing team we encountered.  No matter how good of a team we were facing, as long as we worked togther, no one could beat us!  We also learned that when you are waiting to play another game, do not wait on the field; stay in a netted area until the game is over.
  82. If you're looking to buy a new paintball marker, make sure you get one that's specific for your personality and will match what type of play you like the best.  I play both scenario and speedball so I my paintball gun reflects that.  I was using my Planet Eclips Etek2 for both types of games, but I decided to get something specific for woodsball and just use that gun for speedball only.

  83. Sponsorship; the one thing every paintball team wants to have.  Most players looking for sponsors think its all about getting free stuff. In reality, what sponsorship is really all about is the relationship you have with a company who agrees to sponsor you. Sponsors are really great to have but only if you help them out.... one way to do this is by putting their name on your equipment and spreading the word about that company.

  84. Crush your opponents with 20 paintballs at once with the next generation paintball grenade launcher!  If you enjoyed the Phantom Grenade Launcher, you’ve gotta lay your hands on the new Squad Blaster Paintball Grenade Launcher Pistol.  The second generation Grenade Launcher Pistol offers more than just a versatile mount-on system; it's capable of use with many different paintball markers and as its name suggests, it can also be used as a stand-alone grenade launcher pistol.

  85. Many paintballers prefer speedball while others prefer woodsball; these are the two ways to play paintball. There are pros and cons of each game.  There are many differences between the two such as how long their played, the amount of paint used, and the amount of air used.  Speedball is a very fast paced game, and takes around 10 minutes tops; while a woodsball game could take from 30 minutes to several hours or more.

  86. The RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine takes paintball to the next level of realism, fun and tactical excitement.  This landmine is light and compact, measures only 1" high and 4" in diameter, and barely weighs 1lb. It is powered by a rechargeable 10 gram CO2 reservoir in the center of the mine that disperses smoke-simulation powder or liquid paint! It’s completely safe and fun to use in tactical paintball - these things definitely kick-ass!  They will literally spray your opponent with paint.

  87. Monster paintballs, the paintballs that are both loved and hated by players. A lot of players bring them to a BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint) paintball fields, and think its funny when players get hit by them. These are the most painful paintballs to get hit with on the market; it absolutely kills when you get hit by one. I think it takes the fun out of the game a little bit when you get hit by a rock hard paintball.

  88. Over the past few months, feedback regarding the new TPX Pistol has been overwhelmingly positive.  This new .68 caliber paintball pistol has generated a tremendous amount of interest and excitement among paintballers around the globe.  However, a recent issue regarding the pistol has surfaced....

    It appears the dimensions for disposable 12g CO2 cartridges vary far beyond Tippmann's initial testing and have resulted in some cartridges not puncturing.

  89. When on the paintball field, there is one major thing the game revolves around.... shooting the enemy.  In order to do so, effective aiming is a crucial point.  Here are some tips for aiming a paintball gun.

  90. Before starting a game, strategize with your team to decide on who's going to go where and how you're going to move on the paintball field as a team.  Practice these maneuvers regularly so your movements are almost automatic. It's also a good idea to practice vocal commands and hand signal communications as part of your strategic movement on the paintball field.
  91. Wearing the right foot wear on the paintball field is very important.  Make sure you get what you need for what kind of game your playing.  If you're playing woodsball, I would recommend buying a good comfortable pair of light weight boots; if speedball is your game, I recommend wearing an old, or cheap pair of cleats.  They do make cleats just for speedball, but I would not recommend buying them unless you play so much that you would need them all the time.

  92. A lot of paintball players like to upgrade their guns to automatic triggers so that they can become almost unstoppable on the field.  Electronic triggers allow your paintball gun to be fully automatic allowing it's users to put out an extremely consistent stream of paintballs. But I like to think that it only takes 1 shot to get a player out.

  93. Cleaning your paintball marker is a very important task that needs to be done after each time you play.  Some players never clean their marker at all, and this could lead up to many problems such as ball breakage - paintballs will often prematurely break when shot from a paintball gun with a dirty barrel.
  94. When I'm on the field, I want max performance out of my paintball marker.  Part of this though depends on what type of hopper you're using.  If you've got a super fast Dye paintball marker, it would be ridiculous to load your paintballs with a simple gravity fed 200 round hopper.  That would be like putting average, low-end tires on a race car; you would find out soon enough the cheap tires are holding you back.

  95. SAFETY, the one thing all paintballers should keep in mind while playing. Whether it's woodsball or speedball, all players on the paintball field should know, no matter what - be safe! Its great to have fun running around, jumping, sliding, twisting, etc. but it's not fun getting hurt by making a stupid mistake. If you know you won't be able to do something then don't do it, don't do something thinking, "Hey I think I can make it over that", and then end up breaking your leg.

  96. The Wonderful Alpha Black
    I have just recently bought a
    Tippmann Alpha Black, and so far, it was a great investment for me. The marker is very air efficient, and quite accurate. A great part about this marker is that its detachable clip can hold all the tools you need on the field.
  97. Wear a Paintball Jersey When You Play!
    I very much like
    jerseys, they are a cool part of the paintball garb for their different looks and styles.  Generally, you can buy them front certain name brand companies, or you can even customize your own to have your team name, sponsors or even your name/nickname and team number.
  98. Essential Scenario Gear
    Here are some things that are necessary to bring with you when going to a big scenario game.  Most importantly - your
    paintball marker, pods, your hopper, and paintball mask.

  99. Wear The Right Gear!
    Wearing the right gear is very important on the
    paintball field. Paintball is definitely more fun when you're prepared properly before playing.
  100. We Hate Cheaters!
    No one likes a cheater in
    paintball. Whether the player wipes his paint off after he's been shot or just doesn't play by the rules, no one likes cheaters. Everyone plays paintball to have a good time, why ruin it for them by cheating? I've seen my fair share of cheating  and it definitely takes the fun out of the game.
  101. Alpha Black Offset Rail
    I have just recently bought an
    offset rail for my Tippmann alpha black paintball marker. The Alpha Black Offset Scope Mount Kit is great for mounting all kinds of scopes.

  102. How To Slide Properly
    Sliding.  Believe it or not, there's actually and right and a wrong to way to slide; here are some tips on sliding.....
    When in a match, both speedball or woodsball, a very important move is the slide.  There are many different ways to do it and many times/opportunities to do it.  First is the Baseball Slide - this is a 'leg-first' slide in which you form a 4 with you legs and slide into a cover/behind a

  103. Speedball Tips
    Here are some tips on playing speedball. First and foremost, make sure you learn ALL the rules, and know how the game is played before even stepping foot on paintball field.  Try to practice moves and strategies ahead of time, and learn the right way to slide and dive - before your first real match.

  104. We are Team Trinity! 
    We are a 3-man woodsball/scenario team.  We have been to Invasion Normandy at Skirmish USA 4 times and are also going this summer.  We are also interested in speedball tournaments but have yet to be involved in this type of competition.

  105. Shooting Tips
    Here' a few tips for aiming and shooting your
    paintball gun that should yield great returns on the paintball field..... When you are behind a bunker, or tree, or some type of cover and locked into a shooting battle, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.
  106. Benefits of a Tactical Vest
    There are many benefits of wearing a
    tactical vest during paintball.  First of all, it is a great way of carrying a large amount of ammo.  This is important when playing in a large scenario game; in most of the ones I've played in, I had to carry most of my paintballs with me when I went out on a mission.

  107. Bunkers Add More Fun
    While paintball is a great sport to enjoy all the time, if you play the same game all the time, it can also grow stale in the same environment with the same people.  In order to inject a little bit of adrenaline into your game, consider adding some different 
    paintball bunkers to your field or perhaps take your game to a different area.

  108. Paintball Guns For Military Training

    One of the leading ways for soldiers to train is through using paintball guns.  While paintball guns don’t cause permanent damage, it’s simple to identify who has been hit (or 'marked'), and then take the appropriate course of action to avoid being hit in the future.

  109. TPX Pistol Holster

    If you're going to use the new Tippmann TPX Pistol in serious paintball battle, then you're going to want a holster that will match the intensity of this gun.  The Tippmann TPX Leg Holster is light enough and durable enough to make the cut.

  110. T68 M4 Carbine Sniper
    The T68 M4 Carbine Sniper paintball gun is rigged for the serious paintball sniper.  It's 18" tactical rifled barrel and Gem Tech Silencer give you serious control for long-range attacks.  Add an electronic trigger so you can pick off opponents one by one or spray them with an automatic barage of paint!  Use the powerful 9 x 32 sniper scope to hone in on precise, pin-point targets from long distance.
  111. Cruel Intentions Paintball Team

    We are Cruel Intentions Paintball Team out of Bridgeport, WV.  We have a 3-man team and like to compete in speedball matches; we all use Planet Eclipse (Ego 7's and Etek 2) paintball markers.  Our primary objective is to positively promote the sport of paintball to new and experienced players.

  112. Super Realistic Military Paintball Action!
    At first you might think, "why would anyone want a 5oz. CO2 cylinder - it's too small to do anything with?".  Actually, the
    5oz. CO2 Cylinder from RAP4 has a very specific purpose..

  113. Full Head Coverage Masks
    The paintball mask I like to use is the JT full head grey and black mask.  I feel the full head mask is the best way to go.
  114. Paintball guns are used for more than just playing paintball!  
    There are several different types of rounds/projectiles you can shoot out of a paintball marker and depending on what type you load will determine what you're going to be shooting.
  115. Skirmish Scenario Paintball Game - Review

    I just went to Skirmish this last weekend, for the invasion of Normandy.

  116. Scenario Game Strategies
    When playing on the field during big game scenario events there are certain things you will want to try to do in order to secure a win.   Move your players up on the paintball field and find flanking positions.
  117. Need To Know Basics

    There are basically two types of games in paintball.... Speedball and Woodsball.  Speedball is a fast paced timed game that generally lasts from 10-15 minutes depending on the match.  This game is played on a field with blow-up inflatable bunkers to hide behind and shoot.  The paintball guns used are very light, technical and super fast.

  118. Paintball Landmines

    Surprise your opponent with a device they wouldn't expect.... a paintball landmine!  Just like the real thing, these devices that are pressure activated and will spray paint or blinding smoke all over the unsuspecting victim.

  119. Stock up on your Air Supplies - Wal Mart's not refilling anymore!

    So I bring my son's CO2 tanks into Wal Mart to exchange them for filled ones the other day..... and the kid behind the counter proceeds in telling me how paintball is being 'phased out' and that airsoft is taking over!  Yeah right!  Let's face it.

  120. New Breed Paintball - Review

    I just recently played at a paintball field called New Breed Paintball in West Milford NJ.

  121. Planet Eclipse Etek Marker

    The paintball marker I use on the field is a Planet Eclipse Etek 2.  I like this gun for its speed and accuracy, nor have I had any problems with it.

  122. Love The TPX!
    I am Raymond 'Tater' Hickey, co-founder of the TKO Paintball Warriors, a competitive woodsball team out of South Carolina. I'm 21 years old and have been playing paintball for 5 years. I recently purchased a Tippmann TPX Pistol, tested it and wrote a comprehensive review article that's posted at http://www.
  123. Communication is Key!
    When on the paintball field, the number one rule and key to victory is communication.  As the saying goes the battle was lost due to lack of communication.
  124. T68 AK47 Paintball Gun
    It feels good being bad with the NEW T68 AK47 paintball rifle!  The AK-47 was originally developed in 1944 by Mikhail Kalashnikov for the Soviet Union. It is a 7.62 mm durable assault rifle and thanks to its low manufacturing costs, the AK-47 is still widely used around the globe.
  125. Tactical Paintball Vests
    Add tons of realism to your tactical paintball game by simply wearing a Tactical Paintball Vest.  Wearing a tactical paintball vest will allow you to carry large amounts of extra paintballs in pods.
  126. Is paintball more of a sport for guys than it is for girls?
    I think not.  I'm very much the girly girl type.  I learned of paintball through a friend at first, but then my sisters’ boyfriend was on a team and talked about it non-stop.
  127. Keep Your Paintballs On The Field
    Your only supposed to shoot paintballs on the field and not bring it on the street.  Most towns and cities have laws against shooting paintballs within the town/city limits.  It is against the law to shoot any kind of street signs, businesses or anything else within your town's limits unless it's a designated area (like an indoor or outdoor field).
  128. CO2 Vs. N2

    What is the difference between C02 and N2?  One very important difference is the lack for the need of an expansion chamber on your paintball gun or CO2 bottle.

  129. Get More Out of Your CO2 Tanks!
    It's a good idea to freeze your CO2 tanks before re-filling.  If you don't, the tank won't get completely full.  That was a problem we we're having for a long time before we figured it out.  We thought at first that there was something wrong with the tanks, but now since we know this maybe the tanks will get completely full instead of just half.
  130. Paintball Gun Upgrades

    After you've been playing with the same old paintball gun for a while, you soon get a craving for something fresh. You've also probably seen Joe Blow paintballer down at the field with a totally decked-out paintball gun and he's absolutely crushing his opponents. When you get the craving for something faster, it's time to think about an upgrade to your paintball marker.

  131. Interdiction

    Here is a fun example of a scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the '75th Rangers' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'terrorists'.  Here's the situation.

  132. Operation Ambush

    Here is another fun scenario paintball mission that you can use to practice how to set up an ambush and also how to deal with being ambushed by another team.  You can play this mission with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the ones setting up the ambush against all the 'unsuspecting' other.

  133. Weapons Cache

    Here is another fun scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  This one's better with a larger group though.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the 'US Special Forces' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'Opposing Forces' protecting the weapons cache.

  134. Airowgun

    The Airowgun unit was designed to be a tool to draw the neophyte paintball player back to the game, or into the game for first time.

  135. Operation Ranger's Rummage

    Here is a fun example of a scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the '75th Rangers' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'Insurgents'.

  136. Operation Charlie Delta

    Here is a fun example of a scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the 'US Special Forces' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'Opposing Forces'.

  137. Military Style Missions

    Perhaps the most exciting aspect of participating in the sport of paintball is to play it with a specific objective in mind. These "missions" can range from the simple (Elimination) to the elaborate (multiple day scenario missions - like 'D-Day'). Often times, missions are part of a much larger Scenario Game, which can involve as many as several thousand players and last for 24+ hours.

  138. The Current Direction of Paintball

    What do you think about the direction that paintball is heading in?  Direction meaning new equipment coming out, the way competitions are run, scenario paintball getting bigger, etc.
    I love the current direction that paintball is heading; I think it's heading in the right direction and it's a very good one.

  139. I Play Paintball!

    My favorite equipment and paintball gun would have to be my face mask by JT and my Spyder Mr1.  This gun has great durability, smooth trigger pull and there are many, many upgrades to make it even more ready for combat.  I use it in speedball and tactical games.
  140. What Have You Learned From Paintball?

    One thing I have learned from paintball is team work.  Another thing I have learned is that being friends and playing paintball as a team are two totally different things.  I've learned that sometimes the paintball team can have a little conflict, but it should never stop you from having fun.

  141. Funny stories about playing paintball... 

    The first day of practice, one of the guys that was on my team got shot in the testicles and dropped like a rock.  Another day we were playing and the same guy got hit in the same spot, I thought that was pretty funny, but he wasn't laughing.  I would highly recommend a groin protector!  One time, Travis, the Captain of our team, was running through the woods when all the sudden he tripped over a rock and face planted right into a tree.

  142. What kind of injuries have you had from paintball?
    I got hurt when I was playing paintball for the first time - we were playing scenario paintball in the woods and I tripped over a vine and scraped my legs and hands a little.
  143. Beginner Equipment

    You've been playing paintball for a while, what equipment would you recommend for the newbie, just starting out?
    Obviously, the most essential piece they're going to need is a paintball marker.  The gun I would recommend for a beginner is a Spyder Xtra, Sonix, or even a Spyder MR1; these are easy to operate, maintain and there are many attachments and upgrades you can buy for them later.

  144. As the Team Captain of a successful competitive Division 1 Paintball Team, what kind of paintball equipment do you own; what's your favorite paintball gear?
    Well, I've been playing paintball for a long time and have built up a pretty good amount of stuff; some of it I've used up and gotten rid of and the rest of what I hold onto and use now is my favorite.

  145. Scenario or Speedball Competition?
    This is a good question, because I really like both; but if I had to choose one over the other I guess I would choose Scenario.
  146. Tips For Beginning Teams

    If you're just starting a paintball team, first get a bunch of your friends together and go out and play paintball in the woods to see if you like it and to see if they like it (and to see if you like playing with them!).

  147. More On Scenario Paintball

    I love scenario paintball the best; it's really fun to compete with to.  You get to go out in the woods and hunt people down.  I don't think it's as fun to know where your opponent is like you do in speedball; in woodsball you can run into them while on patrol or you might walk into an ambush where they're hiding - there's unexpected action at every corner.

  148. Paintball Marker Upgrade Kits

    If you're thinking of buying a new paintball gun but don't want to fork out the dough yet, consider purchasing an upgrade kit instead.

  149. Scenario or Speedball?

    I play and compete in both Scenario and Speedball.  If I had to choose between the two or answer the question, 'which do you like better?'  The style of game I would choose is scenario paintball.  I like playing in the woods and running around, using natural things like trees, bushes and hills for cover.

  150. My Goals For The Midwest Assassins

    My goals with the Midwest Assassins (my paintball team) are to be the best paintball team ther is.  I want to make money for playing; I want to make it to the big leagues.... a professional paintballer.  I also hope to be able to build our own paintball field.

  151. Midwest Assassins Goals

    We are the Midwest Assassins paintball team.  Our goal is to become pro in the future and get paid to travel and play paintball.  As the Captain of the Midwest Assassins, I want to teach new kids and teens how to play paintball and have fun.

  152. I Love Paintball!

    I love playing paintball because its a totally addictive, fast paced, fun sport - and its safe to play.  I first started playing when I was 12 years old and I immediately loved it as a stress relief; somehow it relieves your stress because you get to shoot people with guns but
    not actually hurt or kill them.

  153. Example of Good Sponsorship Request Letter

    Hello, we are Vindictive Fallout a paintball team from Attleboro, Massachussetts. We are currently playing at the rookie level and looking to move up to novice by the end of the season. We normally practice at Providence Indoor Paintball or Monster paintball on a weekly basis.

  154. Paintball Gun Grenades

    If you’re considering having a paintball tournament with friends you should probably learn more about what your supply options are.  Gone are the days when you only had one choice for a paintball gun.  Now you can choose from many different brands and varieties.  Check out special pages on www.

  155. What I Love About Paintball

    What I love about paintball is being able to have loads of fun with my teammates and friends.  Another reason I love paintball is the fact that I can just go out to a paintball field and just run around shooting people - where else can you do that?!.  I play paintball not just because it's fun, but also because it's a very competitive sport.

  156. Great Goggle Advice

    If you cannot see, you are no help to your team and you are endangering yourself.  I would take being able to see and a single shot pump-action paintball gun over the best paintball marker you can buy and fogged lenses (any day!!).  So, when you buy your paintball goggles, don't skimp.  Get the thermal ones with a good field of view (if you already own goggles, go back and buy the thermal lenses for them).

  157. Buying Your First Gun

    OK, so here's some good advice to the beginner paintballer buying his first paintball marker....  DO NOT purchase a high dollar tournament level paintball marker right out of the blocks.  Most newbies that do end up spending more time working on it than playing (because they don't know how to care for it and they break it or get it so gooped up that it doesn't work right).

  158. Rescue The Hostage

    This game is totally fun especially if you're into tactical paintball because you can get all decked out in tactical paintball vests, body armor and the like.  Basically, one team must get a "hostage" away from the other team and bring him back unharmed.

  159. Kick The Bucket

    Here's a fast, fun little game that's just a simple variation of capture the flag; but instead of flags, you have to rush up and kick the opposing team's bucket.  Each flag station has a bucket sitting on the ground below where the flag should be; you must "kick the bucket" to win.

  160. How Does Your Team Practice?

    We like to go out to the Team Leader's father-in-law's house and practice tactical paintball games out in the woods.
  161. What I Dislike About Paintball

    The thing I dislike about paintball is when people get mad because they got hit and start throwing stuff.  They really need to stop acting like a baby and realize getting hit is part of playing paintball.  This is something I would change about paintball if I could; 'No one's allowed to get mad!'.

  162. Team Practice

    The first, most important thing that you have to do as a team is practice; so you can get to know each other's style and so you can trust your teammates.  Does this mean hours of boring drills?  Not at all!  Rocky Knuth, Captain of the Pro team Naughty Dogs, said that his team spends about 20% of their practice time on the field doing drills, and 80% of their time actually out scrimmaging, just playing paintball, against each other and against other teams.

  163. Great Traits for a Teammate

    You must have a positive attitude, be dedicated to fair play and be willing to set an example, that is all part of being on a team. There is nothing more inexpert than watching a player, or a team for that matter, throwing a temper tantrum due to something that happened on the field.

  164. How To Start A Paintball Team 

    First you get a few buddies who love to play paintball and go out and play.  If it looks like you're with a crew that seems to work together and wants to have more organization and actually compete against other teams, you ask them if they want make a paintball team.

  165. Paintball Team Sponsorship

    If you're a paintball team looking for sponsorship, approach potential sponsors carefully.  There's a lot more to it than just trying to score free paintball gear.  You'll do better with sponsorships if you realize that you're entering into a business relationship with a company.  A sponsor might provide you with free or discounted paintball supplies; paintball guns, CO2 cartridges, paintball masks, jerseys, paintball bunkers or paintballs.

  166. Tips On Getting Sponsored....

    ChoicePaintballGuns is sponoring our team, The Midwest Assassins.... 
    If you want a good sponsor, the hard part is coming up with a nice team resume...and remember, your sponsorship is a business relationship - you need to give a little to recieve a little.  You need to be totally honest and don't just ask your sponsors for free stuff; this is something you work up to.

  167. Join A Team - It's More Fun!

       Why join a team?  Because it's much more fun!  There's no doubt about it team players get more kills, get killed less and hang more flags.  Always.  Here's how coordinated teams spank walk-on players:
    -Tight tactics such as suppressive fire, flanking and leap-frogging.

  168. When playing "snake", it is very common that you would crawl on your one hand and knees from one end to the other; this is a very good strategy but there is one cruecial error with it, almost everyone who crawls like such uses their palm, wich is of course the most confortable and instinctive way to do it, but DON'T.  I'm telling you now, if you do you're risking seriously hyper-extending something in your arm or wrist, and that's not fun at all.
  169. Tippmann TPX Pistol

    Tippmann's version of a .68 caliber tactical pistol, the TPX is an excellent new addition to their legendary line of paintball markers.  The new TPX .68 caliber Paintball Pistol has a compact design; it's engineered to be super lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable and best of all.

  170. Hot Weather Paintball Storage

    In the heat of the summer, barrel breakage is rare.  Breakage on target could also be a problem as paintballs get soft from the heat and humidity.  So now we must keep the paint dry and cool.  Room air conditioning may be good enough for the player but air conditioned air still contains 70 to 80% relative humidity.  Keep the bags closed tight!  If you begin to get a lot of bouncers, chill the paint in the refrigerator (not the freezer!) for 30 to 60 minutes - NO LONGER!  The air in the refrigerator is cool and dry and will condition the paint for use on the field.

  171. "We Need BackUp!"

    This is pretty much a standard Capture the Flag game but the teams can go back for reinforcements and the players you've eliminated go back to defend their flag station.  You'll need 2 teams, flag stations and 2 flags in their respective flag stations.

  172. Paintball Burner

    This is a great game to finish off your day and eat up the rest of your paintballs if you want.  Basically, there are no losers!  This is a game for multiple 3 man teams, but don't worry about flags or flag stations.  You will need a holding area for players who've been eliminated.

  173. Civil War
    This game is another variation of 'Capture the Flag' but with a civil war twist.  It's played with 2 evenly numbered teams; the North and the South.  You will need 2 flag stations with flags in their respective flag stations.  The flavor of this game is you are not allowed to have any bulk loaders, loading tubes/pods or any solid apparatus used to hold or feed paintballs.
  174. Prisoner of War

    This is a fun game that can last for a long time if you want it to.  Basically players must rescue their incarcerated comrades.  When a player is eliminated, they are sent to the opposing team's POW holding area (jail).  You will need 2 teams (obviously) and an area on your side for your POW holding area.

  175. Trophy Hunter

    This is a fun game that doesn't rely on teams.  Basically, players tie bands around their arms (these are their 'trophies').  When hit with a paintball, they lie still for 5 minutes and other players can collect their trophies while they're down.

  176. Fox Hunt

    One person is the 'Fox' and must defend himself against a multitude of players.  This game can be played with just one paintball team or several.  The more players you have, the less of a chance the Fox will last very long.  One player volunteers to be the Fox; the rest of the players are the Hunters.

  177. Proper Paintball Storage

    The shell of a paintball is made with gelatin and glycerin.  The shell contains very little water and is brittle.  Both the gelatin and glycerine will dissolve in water.  Since the shell contains so little water, it will absorb water like a sponge when it is humid.

  178.  Special Ops Recon

    This is a great night game scenario.  It's best played with multiple 5-man teams.  The object is for small teams to check into several checkpoints; the problem is, they all have to check into the same ones.  Each time your team reaches a checkpoint, they get points; the points range from highest to lowest and the first team to check in gets the most, the last team to check in gets the least.

  179. More Paintball Game Suggestions....

    If you've been playing paintball as long as I have, you'll want to keep things spiced up with different equipment - like new paintball guns, paintball scopes, maybe a new upgrade kit for your paintball marker.

  180. Foxes & Hounds
    Another great game we like to play is Foxes and Hounds. Divide your group up into two groups, one are foxes and one group is the hounds. Basically the hounds have to try and 'tag' the foxes. Each fox that gets tagged then becomes a hound.
  181. All The President's Men Game

    Here's another great, totally fun paintball game to play if you have two teams.....
    All the Presidents Men  · All the Presidents Men has the main objective of tagging one key opposing player.  One team is the Presidents Men team, while the other team is the attacking team.

  182. Flag Runner

    This is a fun game to play if you have 3 teams.  The object of the game is for one player on one team to have in possession all the flags.  Here's how you play....
    One player from each team is designated "Flag Runner" or "Flag Bearer".  That player must keep in possession his/her team's Flag plus any other flags that are captured.

  183. Break The Supply Line

    This is a fun game if you have 2 teams.  It's fun because it's not just a free-for-all, paintball-wasting, electronic trigger session; you have to make your shots count because you'll have limited ammo.  Limited paintball ammo is the name of the game; in this game, each player has limited paintball ammo; in order to get more, players have to break into the enemy's base and steal it.

  184. Capture The Flag - 'Classic Version'

    This is the game that started it all!  Capture the Flag is best with two even teams; you will need 2 flags stations (at opposing ends of the paintball field) and 2 flags, hung in their respective flag stations.

  185. BlackJack

    This is a standard game of Capture the Flag, but players are only given 21 paintballs for the whole game.  This is a good game if you want to mix high-tech and low-tech paintball guns.  In this game, a semi-automatic paintball gun really doesn't have much fire power advantage of over an electronic trigger/fully automatic paintball marker.

  186. Plant The Seed

    This is an aggressive game!  Gather all your troops, snatch up your flag and CHARGE!  The object of this game to plant your flag in your opposition's flag station.  You will need 2 even teams, 2 flags hung in their respective flag stations; you will have 20 minutes to complete the mission.

  187. Shoot The Captain

    The object of this paintball game is for two teams to try to eliminate the other team's captain.  You will need to set this one up a bit though.  You will need 2 even teams, 2 flags and 2 flag stations.  One member of the team is selected to be the Captain.

  188. Ye Good Olde Fashioned Duel

    Get ready for 'ye olde duel'..... Two players settle an affair of honor.  This is a good tie breaker and something to do if you're eliminated early.  Obviously, two players are the duelists, with a third player as the Warder/referee.  You just need a clear area so both players can pace off 10 paces each.

  189. Attack and Defend

    This is a great game for training your paintball team how to attack or defend flag stations; or when you want a fast and furious head to head game without a lot of sneaking around.

  190. The Annihilator

    Make this one as organized or 'un-organized' as you want.  Basically, two teams of 5 players go into the field and slug it out in this elimination only game.... the bloodier the battle the better!  Make things more interesting by adding more than just 2 five man teams.

  191.  Paintball Basic Game - How To Play
    Step 1. Establish a fort, or base camp, that is to be defended. A building or paintball bunker works best. The area must be something that gives the defending team an advantage, perhaps the top of a hillside or some place behind a lot of obstacles.
  192. Put a spin on that ball! .... The APEX Barrel

    Recently, there have been a number of products to come out that are reputed to add a 'spin' to your paintball as it comes out of the paintball gun barrel.  The barrel itself has to be 'rifled', however this just means it has tiny grooves in it.

  193. Alpha Black Tactical Marker

    The Alpha Black has already broken record sales but get ready.... the new Alpha Black Camo Edition is going to be an even bigger hit!  It's already proving to be extremely popular so if you want one and don't want to wait, the time to buy is now!  RAP4 must've known these guns were going to be ultra-popular because they've come up with a whole bunch of different handguards, barrels, stocks, upgrade kits and just overall bad ass combinations of cool gadgets to add to this paintball marker.

  194. Q. Can anyone tell me which paintball sniper rifle is the best?

    Well Chris that's a good question.  The answer depends on several factors... what you want your sniper to look like, what you want it to do and how much you're willing to spend.  Of course the sniper paintball markers that cost the most generally have the most 'stuff' stuck to them and will obviously be able to do more.

  195. Rubber Armor Mark III Tactical Scope w/Built In Laser

    NcSTAR has added a new twist on a Great Scope.  The All Rubber Armored Mark III Tactical Series brings all the great features of the Original Mark III Tactical Series such as the Weaver Style Quick Release System and Built-in Sunshade, but with the added protection of Rubber Armoring AND a Fully Adjustable Red Laser.

  196. Scenario Game Missions

    These are best type for small paintball fields, Mission Oriented paintball scenario games divide the day into a series of missions.  The total number of players is divided into two equal groups and a leader is selected for each team.  Each mission begins in the assembly area with the 2 team leaders being given a map and written mission orders for the upcoming game.

  197. T68 M240 Paintball Machine Gun

    M240 paintball gun is a lightweight, gas-operated, 200 round magazine-tube-fed, individually portable paintball-machine-gun capable of delivering a large volume of effective fire.

  198. 22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel

    RAP4 has come out with a new 22 inch sniper barrel called the Fluted sniper barrel.  This barrel will give you supreme performance on the paintball field.  They thought ahead when they made this bad boy too; it will fit on virtually any paintball gun..... the 22 inch fluted barrel will fit all the Tippmanns (Tippmann 98, A5 and X7), Spyder paintball guns, Viewloader, Smart Parts and of course the T68 Gen7 tactical paintball markers.

  199. Paintball Gear - Quick Buying Guide

    • First, get the main piece of paintball equipment; this is your paintball marker or paintball gun.
  200. Welcome To The Jungle!

    Follow these general guidelines to learn how to hunt the human animal in the Paintball jungle.....
    Observation- When waiting for a good shot, don't stare at your intended target.  Keep looking around.  If you are trying to ambush someone, staring at them will prevent you from seeing other things that may be going on around you and it is said that prey can often sense when a predator is watching and waiting.

  201. Padding & Protection

    First of all, prepare to slide and shoot on your knees because in reality - it seems some bunkers are meant for midgets, so being tall doesn't really help you in paintball.

  202. Sighting In Your Marker

    • Step 1:
      Prepare for sighting in your paintball marker. Check to see that your paintball gun barrel size and the size of the paintballs you're using match each other.
  203. How To Buy A Paintball Gun

    • The best place to start is to first decide on a price range.  The amount of money available for a paintball marker purchase will narrow down your choices.  The best paintball guns, also called markers, can cost hundreds of dollars.
  204. Wanna Play Sniper?

    What is a paintball sniper?  Many people say sniping is a "bad idea," because it is an easy way to get yourself out.  But it's not.  Lets assume you are at a big, 24-hour game or a small woods game, since sniping doesn't work in a speed-course or any other fast-paced speed game.

  205. Gear For The Paintball Sniper

    If you want to be a successful paintball sniper, what gear should you use?  Gear is a very important part of being a successful sniper.  First, you will need camouflage to make it harder to be seen.  If you want to go all out, get a sweet Ghille Suit to become totally invisible.

  206. Sniper Tips

    Once you have a good paintball marker, paintball sniper scope, Camoflage or ghillie suit and plenty of paintballs, you are ready to snipe.

  207. Are There Serius Injuries In Paintball?

    Well, paintball is a very physical sport, and involves running around, crawling, kneeling, and rolling.  If you can't do any of those, you might reconsider going paintballing.

  208. Does it hurt to get hit?

    Okay, well, this is the question all newbies want to know before they go out.  Well, let me put this in perspective for you.  For the most part, most guys that play paintball seem to be between 15-27 years old, wiegh about 120 lbs.

  209. Paintball Basics

    Paintball is a sport that basically produces pure adrenaline on the player's part. Two teams (sometimes a free-for-all) go out onto a field with paintball guns (markers are what they should be called) and try to shoot one another.

  210. Disperse Your Group!

    Disperse your team.  This is the human equivalent of the "herd instinct" you see African plains grazers display on nature documentaries.  Lions circle a herd of gazelle.  The gazelle clump together for protection. The lions pick off the weakest.  In paintball you shouldn't think with "prey" mentality.

  211. Use Your Bunkers Wisely!

    This tactic is great for bunker to bunker fighting.  It is best when you are protected from other opponents, and you only need to be concerned with one opponent in a bunker, but is good in almost any situation.  Usually, bunker to bunker fighting is very dull - pop up, fire, duck; opponent pops up, returns fire, ducks; and usually it goes on like this until someone makes a lucky shot.

  212. Newbies... Don't Make These Mistakes!

    Try to avoid the typical rookie mistakes.  When moving through open ground with no cover, have someone on your team give you cover fire.  Move quickly, and never stop in the open.  Try to run a zig-zag pattern.  Scan ahead for a bunker or suitable cover that will hide your whole body.

  213. Questions To Ask The Paintball Field

    If you've never been to the paintball field, here are a few questions that may be helpful to ask when you get there.  If you're all alone (and not with a buddy to show you around/tell you what to do), ask if the field has games for just rookies or players using stricly rental paintball guns.

  214. Dangerous Power

    Dangerous Power paintball guns are really one of the best paintball markers on the market right now.  They're an excellent fusion between high tech insides, sleek competition style body design and mid-low range price.  They're also really simple to use and maintain.

  215. Tournament Prep - Do it Right!

    The preparation for a tournament is critical and encompasses everything from practices before the event, the paying of the entry fee, the condition of your paintball equipment, and accommodations for the team.  Many paintball teams focus heavily on one of these factors (usually the practice category) only to find themselves blindsided and rushing haphazardly to cover another issue that should have already been addressed in their preparation for the event.

  216. Planet Eclipse Ego

    Small, lightweight and efficient, the Planet Eclipse Ego is becoming one of the hottest markers on the tournament scene.  At first glance of the marker, it's obvious that the milling is some of the industries best and there is no evidence of tool marks or poor anodizing.

  217. Tippmann 98 Platinum Series

    The Platinum Series is Tippmann's ultimate interpretation of the Model 98 design.  Every part of this paintball marker was looked at when Tippmann engineers went about the task of improving the 98 design.

  218. My Paintballs Are Shooting Like Crap...

    It's probably not a good idea to store your leftover paintballs from your last outing in the trunk of your car.  The best way to think of it is to compare paint to a person.  If you think an environment would make you uncomfortable, then it's more than likely not good for paint either.

  219. Bunkering Strategy

    First of all, bunkering can be defined as eliminating an opposing player at close range, usually within 7 feet of each other.  Here's a strategy for how to do this as a back player.  Always keep an eye on the target of whom your front player is aiming to bunker.

  220. Importance of the Front Middleman

    The Middle Front is the most exciting position on the field.  Many times the job of the middleman is to sprint to the flag station off the break and pull that flag.  Often times if he succeeds, then his job has been done.  Remember, there is only one flag pull in each game! One trick we have learned to help keep our middleman alive as he breaks for the flag is this: When the back players are breaking they have the opportunity to see where the other team is breaking to, and one code we use to warn the middleman (lets call him the Flag Runner since he is breaking for the flag) is "FLAG, FLAG, FLAG!"  When a player from our team yells "FLAG, FLAG, FLAG!" that lets the Flag Runner know that he is going to have company; a player from the other team is breaking for the flag too.

  221. Great Scenario Gear

    If you like to play woodsball, then you want your 'scenario' to be as real as possible.  For this to happen you're going to want certain paintball gear so your experience isn't lacking.  Really the better your equipment, the more fun you're going to have.  Considering this, here's a short list of awesome 'must have' equipment for your next tactical paintball game:
    Tactical Paintball Marker - Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7 Phenom are all sweet, sturdy and readily upgradeable tactical markers.

  222. More Speedball Tips

    Here's another important tip when playing speedball....
    Try not to develop tunnel vision.  Tunnel vision is a state where you only comprehend what's happening in a certain place that you're focused on.  If you develop tunnel vision, you will only a small portion of the field and not be aware of what is happening around you.
  223. Speedball Strategies

    Here's a couple of tips about how to play speedball.  These are great things to know if you're just starting to play this fast-paced game.....
    Tip #1: Keep moving. A good speedball player should always be moving from bunker
     to bunker, especially when the opposing team does not have a clear view of you doing so.

  224. Accuracy 101

    For all intents and purposes, including those of physics and science in general, no paintball marker can be more accurate than another because no bolt configuration can be more accurate than another, in theory.  However, in the real world, this idea rarely plays out as it is intended to.  Wind positions, temperature, your FPS reading, all of these will change on a second-to-second basis.

  225. Cheap Upgrades For Your Paintball Marker

    If you want to survive (and win!) in paintball, you've got to be fast.  So the lighter you are, the better.  Less weight and less mass, allows for the player to move faster and be more maneuverable.

  226. Caring For Your Goggles

    Here's how to best take care of your paintball gogglesHere is what you will need:
    -Toilet paper
    -Ultrasoft lense cleaning cloth
    -bottle of Plexus lens cleaner
    -SalClear Anti-Fog Spray and Cleansing Solution

    Prior to playing paintball, follow these directions to insure a clean and fog free paintball mask:

    Clean your mask’s lens inside and out with Plexus lens cleaner or SalClear Anti-Fog Spray.

  227. Arc-Shot Aiming Method

    Here's a cool method of aiming from a smart fellow named Tim Gavlick from the PaintballTimes.  The method he likes the most is called the “arc shot” method.  This method works best for medium- or long-range targets.

  228. Eye Level Aiming vs. Stomach Shooting

    One of the largest variances you will come across while playing paintball is the difference in positions people hold their markers with.  Some hold their paintball marker at eye level and some hold it as low as their stomach while shooting.

  229. The Pinokio Hopper

    Have you seen the new Pinokio Electronic Hopper? They're the balls!  They carry a lot of them too!  It's actually a 2 in 1 hopper.  The regular sized loader is for your speedball gun and holds 250 rounds.  You can add the 'Pinokio' addition for your tactical paintball gun and add a whopping 140 more paintballs!  You get the 140 round attachment with the loader - for the same amount of money; you don't have to pay anything extra for it.

  230. Paintball Barrels - Need To Know Info

    There are two different types of barrels: stainless steel and aluminum.  The Stainless Steel paintball barrel has low friction with the paintball, is very durable and requires no regular maintenance.  It's a bit more expensive but overall it's a better buy.

  231. Paintball Team Strategies On The Field

    Our team, the Midwest Assassins is sponsored by They've given us custom paintball jerseys and we've bought several paintball guns from them.

  232. Paintballs - The Best Bang For Your Buck

    Buying the right paintballs depends on several factors.  One important factor is what kind of paintball maker and barrel you use.   Another important consideration is the weather and temperture where you actually play paintball.

  233. Great Game Ideas

    The great thing about paintball is there are so many different ways to play.  Paintball has tons of variations and one can create many more if you've got any kind of imagination or athletic spirit. Some paintball fields have little combat towns with tiny forts (tree houses on the ground) and paintball bunkers.

  234. Quick & Easy Field Strategies

    Quick and easy strategies on the paintball field will not only keep you alive but may even help you win the game.  Here's a few more tips to help you become crowned 'paintball badass' for the day.

  235. On The Paintball Field - Strategy

    Remember some guys take paintball super seriously and expect you to act a certain way if you're going to be playing around/with them.  Here's a few ideas to make sure you have more fun playing paintball.

  236. Beginner Errors - Avoid The Pitfalls!

    Beginners always make a few mistakes that everyone makes.  Here are a few helpful hints:

    • The very first rule is: never EVER take off your paintball mask!!!  A paintball at 280 feet per second could pop your eye out of your head.
  237. Paintball Triggers

    Many paintball guns offer upgrades to their triggers.  If you buy a Tippmann paintball gun, you can get a double trigger, response trigger or an e-grip.

  238. Starting a Paintball Field

      If you have some land and want to turn it into a paintball field, you will need certain equipment to get started.  After you have already checked with your city ordanances/town rules to make sure you are allowed to have Paintball Guns something like this, you will also need a business license.

  239. I play paintball to stay in shape!

     I was 45 and out of shape and so my son wanted to get into paintball.  After studying much information about paintball - the game, the guns, the gear; I thought it looked cool and might be a good activity I could get involved with my son.

  240. What Does a Remote Line Do?

       You will notice that on many of the paintball guns offered on, you can buy a remote line as an option.  A remote line is a great addition to your paintball marker especially if you have a tactical paintball gun.  The remote line will change the way you carry your CO2; instead of connecting your CO2 directly to the gun, the remote line will attach to the tank and allow you to carry your tank on your back.

  241. My Balls Won't Fly Straight

    You've got an awesome marker, but you notice your paintballs tend to lob or vear to the right or left.  Don't worry, it's probably not your new paintball gun.  First, make sure your barrel is clean - use a squeegee; they're cheap and easy to use.  If this doesn't work, try using a better grade of paintball.

  242. Flexi-Air Systems sells the Flexi-Air System options for many of their guns.  The Flexi-Air System is a 're-routing' of your paintball gun's air system so your CO2 hook-up comes out next to the buttstock instead of behind the trigger handle.

  243. .43 Cal Paintball Pistols Outlawed in Canada

    We can't figure out why Canadian Customs has put a ban on .43 caliber paintball pistols.  They do allow paintball in Canada, however cusoms can be tricky to send guns through.  Oddly, they won't bother with .

  244. Trigger Types

    Many paintball guns offer upgrades to their triggers.  If you buy a Tippmann paintball gun, you can get a double trigger, response trigger or an e-grip..... what's the difference? The double trigger is very popular.

  245. Paintball Scopes

    An excellent accessory to your tactical paintball gun is the addition of a paintball gun scope.  there are many different sizes and magnifications to choose from - how do you know which will fit your gun?  First you must choose how powerful you want it to be and what size.

  246. Shipping Paintball Guns to Canada

    Many paintball stores will not ship paintball guns to Canada because of the border.  The Canadian Customs officials have a nose for paintball and like to mess with your stuff.  At www.

  247. Beginner Buying Guide

    If you're just getting into the sport of paintball, you're going to need some gear.  Here's a good buying guide for paintball equipment you'll want to start with:
    1- Paintball Mask/Goggle System.

  248. The Authentic M79 40mm Grenade Launcher

    The M79 40mm paintball grenade launcher from RAP4 is an authentic piece of artwork; it's as real as it gets and an absolute for the collector with a nose for power.  This is the same M79 style grenade launcher used during the Vietnam war.

  249.      Paintball guns are powered by CO2 cartridges/cylinders or high pressured air (hpa).  You might wonder, which is better, CO2 or hpa?  Overall, there are pros & cons for both, however hpa is better for play performance.

  250.      If you're a newbie to the sport, here's some basic information about how to play.  Most paintball games last from five to forty minutes. The objective of most paintball games is either “Capture the flag” or “Elimination”.  In Capture The Flag, a flag is placed on either end of the field and each team tries to grab it and return it to their base.

  251. If you're aiming your paintball gun correctly, out to about 60 feet, you should hit your target.  After that, the farther away the target, the tougher it is to hit what you aim at. Paintballs just don't fly straight all that far when there's the wind, and other reasons to make the balls curve in flight.

  252. Ready to buy new gear?  Here's a quick buying guide.  

    What paintball gear is good to buy first?  This is the Number One question that we get at ChoicePaintballGuns, and it is a good one.

  253.       If you're buying a new paintball marker, here's some more tips and questions to ask to make sure you get what you want.  Treat your paintball gun like it's going to protect your life and win your game because it's going to!


  254.  Deciding on a New Paintball Gun....

    If you're getting ready to buy a new paintball gun and need some help deciding on what to get, use these tips as a guide....
    1 Talk to players who own one of the paintball marker you think you want to buy.  Ask them how they like them, and why.  Keep notes to help you decide which paintball gun to buy.

  255. Paintball Basic Game - How To Play

    If you're just learning to play, here's a good basic game to start with...
    Step 1.
    Establish a fort, or base camp, that is to be defended. A building or paintball bunker works best. The area must be something that gives the defending team an advantage, perhaps the top of a hillside or some place behind a lot of obstacles.

    When you get hit during a paintball game, you should immediately call out "HIT!" in a loud voice and continue to do so while putting your BBD (barrel blocking device) on the end of your paintball gun. Leave the field by the safest direct route while continuing to call out your status as a dead player.

  257. Tactical Paintball Vests

       A tactical paintball vest will not only keep you from getting bruised when getting hit with a paintball but their also a great strategy for your scenario play.

  258.  Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB

         Here's another great Tippmann paintball marker creation from the innovative guys at RAP4.  It's the Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB paintball gun.  This piece of work comes with a weaver style raised site rail, Red Dot 1X46 scope, clamp style feed neck, 3 inch barrel and carbine buttstock.

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