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It has often been said that a well coached team with excellent field communication skills can triumph over a collection of players with superior talent and paintball gear (but poor communication skills).  In most paintball games, there are several positions you can choose to play on your team.  There are attackers (or pointmen), midfielders (or rovers), snipers, and defenders.  Successful teams work together, and back each other up; so that their pointmen are supported by their mid-fielders and snipers, and the midfielders are supported by the defenders and snipers.  This way, each player is backed up by another player, and must work together to back each other up if help is needed in one particular area, whether moving forward in attack mode or defending.  Continued success in paintball requires two essential ingredients.... recognizing the patterns of the enemy and getting into position accordingly, and players working together.  Teams with excellent field communication skills know where their teammates are and communicate with each other regarding the location of the opposing team's players.  Success in executing a game plan and making quick adjustments in the event that players need to move to certain positions of the field to back up their teammates is highly dependent on good field communication skills.  In games like speedball, you may be crouched behind a bunker, unable to see any of your other teammates or opposing players.  In this case, you must communicate verbally with your teammates to get clues of where your enemies are to help plan your next move.  The better you communicate with your teammates, the more prepared you will be when the enemy tries to make a move.  Most experts in the game consider teamwork and good communication to be more important than the skill of individual players.

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