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Improve The Valken SW-1 Paintball Marker’s Accuracy & Appearance With Cheap Priced Accessories! Here We Offer The Best Selection Of Parts & Upgrades For The Valken V-Tac SW-1 Tactical Paintball Gun

When deciding on the right tactical paintball marker for the beginner, it’s best to choose a gun that has plenty of accessories available.  It’s no fun to find out the brand new paintball gun you just bought has no/few accessory parts to upgrade with.  Besides being very reliable, this is one of the reasons why the Valken SW-1 tactical marker is such a great starter gun; there are many fun accessories readily available and for cheap prices!  Here is a complete selection…
Valken SW-1 Complete O-Ring KitValken SW-1 Complete O-Ring Kit
VTac SW-1 45 Degree Offset Sight RailVTac SW-1 45 Degree Offset Sight Rail
VTac SW-1 Adjustable Sight RailVTac SW-1 Adjustable Sight Rail
VTac SW-1 Fixed Sight RailVTac SW-1 Fixed Sight Rail
VTac SW-1 M4/M16 MagazineVTac SW-1 M4/M16 Magazine
VTac SW-1 Parts KitVTac SW-1 Parts Kit
VTac SW-1 Pro BarrelVTac SW-1 Pro Barrel
VTac SW-1 RIS Barrel (Out of Stock)VTac SW-1 RIS Barrel (Out of Stock)
VTac SW-1 SAW StockVTac SW-1 SAW Stock
VTac SW-1 Skeleton StockVTac SW-1 Skeleton Stock
VTac SW-1 Vertical Folding GripVTac SW-1 Vertical Folding Grip

Valken SW-1 paintball gun accessories are a great way to give this marker an upgraded look and performance.  They are cheap to buy and easy to install.  SW-1 accessories include various different looking tactical barrel/hand guard combinations, buttstocks and rails; this gives many options for customizing the SW-1 marker.  Add a combination of different accessories to develop the best military replica paintball gun possible!
To make the best difference in both look and performance, choose a barrel/hand guard accessory for your SW-1 paintball gun.  Three different looks are available; however all are 14 inches in length and compatible with Tippmann A5 threading.  All the barrel/hand guard accessories available for the SW-1 are lightweight, install in seconds and balance out the gun nicely.  Choose an RIS handguard to allow attachments of yet more accessories, like a laser or flashlight.
Valken SW-1 marker accessories also include three different buttstocks to choose from, however this gun’s buttstock threads are compatible with Tippmann 98 stocks.  All are lightweight, totally sturdy and install in less than a minute (without tools).  Add a buttstock accessory to your SW-1 to help stabilize your aiming and get better accuracy.  These will also give your marker a more complete tactical look.
After a barrel, handguard and stock, further customization is fine tuning the beast you’ve created.  Add a carry handle, offset rail or folding vertical grip for the obvious tactical advantages and style points.  Set your Valken SW-1 up with a mount platform to upgrade with red dot sight or low range sniper scope.  It’s also very smart to pick up a tool kit and extra o-rings for your SW-1 marker; these are also essential SW-1 accessories.
Give your Valken V-Tac SW-1 paintball gun a brand new look and upgrade it’s performance by adding as many accessory parts as you can afford; this gun was built to customize!  Fortunately at ChoicePaintballGuns, we sell these parts cheap, so you can afford to buy several at once; give your SW-1 a complete custom make-over by shopping at our online store!  You will also be impressed with our easy checkout process and fast service.
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