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Distractions From Discomfort & Fogged Lenses Are Never an Issue Wearing Empire Low Profile Goggles w/Thermal Lenses. We Offer the Best Selection of Empire Full Face Coverage Paintball Masks Including Cool Design Basics & Awesome Looking Pro Custom Styles w/Anti Fog Thermal Lenses For Cheap Prices.

Playing paintball with uncomfortable gear is like going scuba diving with a mask that’s constantly leaking; it’s OK in the beginning, but soon becomes so distracting it’s not fun anymore.  Cheap quality paintball masks are known for this because they’re made with hard plastic and lesser grade materials.  These goggles provide good enough protection but that’s about it.  They often don’t move well with the body, slide around on your head and have to be constantly adjusted.  Some bargain brand masks may even cause rashes and sore spots on your face or head from the wear and tear of an uncomfortable fit.  This is never the case with an Empire paintball mask.  Empire full coverage face protection goggles are low profile, awesome looking and the most comfortable wear in paintball.  These masks are a rugged blend of both rigid plastic and soft rubber for a terrific combination of the best protection, comfort and a cool look.  Soft head straps keep the mask secure without squeezing the head to hard.  All Empire paintball goggles have hypo-allergenic Spectra Pro-Flex face foam that keeps them gently hovering over your skin you can barely feel.
Empire masks are fantastic for any type of paintball game including both tournament style and woodsball.  Within this brand, there are numerous styles and price ranges to choose from yet all offering the best protection while being very low profile and extremely cool looking.  Empire paintball masks come in face only or full head coverage as well as camo and competition colors.  One version of Empire’s goggles have an interchangeable lower half to allow for lots of fun custom options.  All Empire paintball masks have terrific ventilation systems for the best breathability and sound carry.  They also have removable visors that offer an extra protective shield and an interesting aerodynamic design.  Whether you’re rushing a bunker or attacking in the woods, these masks are so lightweight, you will hardly feel them on your face, allowing you to concentrate on your game so you can play better.  Empire offers versions of goggles including top quality basic models for the beginner as well as awesome, high performance thermal pro styles for top competition players.  This allows for a wide variety of prices ranging from cheap to expensive, but even the most expensive Empire paintball masks are very affordable to all budgets. 
One of the best features of Empire’s high performance paintball masks is the precision optical lenses.  The dual pane thermal lenses in Empire’s low profile competitions masks are some of the best in paintball.  Their anti-fog properties will keep you amazed at how little you have to baby them, yet at some point a good cleaning is necessary for every mask.  Empire paintball goggles offer a cool, attachment system that allows for rapid lens exchanges without the use of tools.  This makes it very convenient for fast change overs in the middle of a game and maintenance or custom upgrades.  It only takes a few seconds of wearing an Empire paintball mask before you’re astounded with the optical clarity in every color lens available.  Empire also offers terrific lens variations for their masks for top performance in different conditions like low light or high glare.  All Empire dual pane thermal mask lenses have zero distortion because they contain a very high tech, optically correct lens that actually changes in thickness as it curves around the mask’s design.  Empire paintball masks encase their top lenses in an incredible 270 degree panoramic view for completely unrestricted vision. 
Besides very cool looking designs for an awesome fierce appearance, choose a good Empire paintball mask for the best face and full head coverage possible.  Wear new Empire brand goggles if you want to excel in either top speedball tourneys or scenario woodsball events and do so in style.  In our paintball store, we make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest Empire paintball mask styles as soon as they’re released.  We carry the full range of Empire goggles including cheap priced basic low profile beginner models and higher-end (but affordably priced) tournament designs with awesome, anti fog, thermal lenses.  Buy your Empire paintball mask with us and you will not only get the best protection for a cheap price but also customer service that will make you glad you chose us.  Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about Empire goggles we have for sale or which might be best for you. 

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