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You Will Easily Outperform Every 68 Caliber Pistol on the Field When You Shoot Tippmann’s Tactical TPX Marker in Your Next Scenario Woodsball Game. We Offer All Colors & Versions of the TiPX Paintball Pistol For Sale at The Cheapest Prices You Will Find.

Tippmann TiPX Paintball PistolTippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol
Tippmann Tipx Pistol and OPS Suppressor Kit ComboTippmann Tipx Pistol and OPS Suppressor Kit Combo
Tippmann TiPX Pistol Silencer Combo KitTippmann TiPX Pistol Silencer Combo Kit
Tipx CMP-18 Blaster PackageTipx CMP-18 Blaster Package
Tipx CMP-18 Cobalt PackageTipx CMP-18 Cobalt Package
Tipx CMP-18 Dagger PackageTipx CMP-18 Dagger Package
Tipx CMP-18 Scorpion PackageTipx CMP-18 Scorpion Package
TIPX Defender Package .68 Cal PistolTIPX Defender Package .68 Cal Pistol

For fast and furious fun on the scenario paintball field, realistic tactical paintball pistols will add a spice to your game like nothing else.  The problem with most pistol paintball guns for sale however is their range.  Powered by disposable CO2 cartridges, these guns just don’t have the punch regular markers do, with most barely pushing 50 feet.  Even though they’re some of the coolest looking markers, players who use pistols are either forced to keep them as secondary guns (and hardly shoot them) or play dangerously close to their opponents!  If you’re serious about using a paintball pistol, the Tippmann TPX will allow you full access to anywhere on the field.  The TiPX pistol is a 68 caliber paintball handgun that has nearly the same power and range as most standard markers yet still uses the discreet 12g cartridges like all the other pistols.  This, plus many other features (and a cheap sticker price) has made the Tippmann TPX marker one of the best, most popular selling paintball pistols in history.
The TiPX has become the gun of choice for many scenario paintballers because of its ease of use and best performance under pressure.  Compared with other similar priced (but cheaper quality) 68 caliber guns for sale, the Tippmann TPX is super easy to wield with its fast trigger action offering precise control for speedy semi-automatic firing.  The compact size and light weight of the Tippmann TiPX pistol make it an easy carry for a leg/thigh holster or on the front of a tactical vest.  As a secondary weapon, some players keep the TPX holstered until they come within close proximity to their target, switching to the TPX for fighting in the 50 ft. or less range for an exciting and accurate pistol attack.  As a backup unit, this sidearm won’t weigh you down or get in the way while firing your paintball rifle for mid-long range shooting.  Whether shooting close or from afar, the Tippmann TPX pistol has terrific accuracy.  This gun features an extremely efficient spool valve system that not only maximizes air efficiency so you get more shots/CO2 cartridge but also greatly minimizes kick for awesome steady shooting.
Another big draw of the TPX paintball pistol is how versatile this cheap priced marker is.  The TiPX features a convenient weaver rail just below the barrel so you can add cool accessories very easily.  This 68 caliber Tippmann pistol marker works great at night when you attach a tactical flashlight or a precision laser for dead-on accuracy.  The TiPX paintball gun comes with a removable barrel compatible with Tippmann X7 threads, so there are many barrel upgrades available.  The TPX holds its CO2 cartridge conveniently below the barrel but also has the capability of connecting a remote line for power from a full size tank.  Regardless of the air tank size, this paintball gun has a terrific balance and the contoured grip feels great in your hands.  Magazines are stored in the grip handle and easily drop out with the flick of your thumb for the best action possible.  The Tippmann TPX has an external velocity adjuster and is simple to clean and maintain.  It also comes in a deluxe hard plastic, foam lined carrying case that’s the best way of transporting and storing your new pistol. 
The Tippmann TPX pistol is a 68 caliber paintball handgun that’s extremely well built, offering consistent performance you will rely on for through many battles and for sale at a small price.  Our store has sold this dependable pistol since it was first introduced in the game and we have never had one return.  Despite this, Tippmann covers their products with excellent service and a solid two year warranty.  One of the best things about the TPX pistol is that it’s affordable enough to buy two – one for each hand!  Buy the Tippmann TPX paintball gun from our online store for the cheapest price and best selection of accessories on the internet.  We offer the Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol in three tactical colors including black, olive and tan.  These pistols are extremely popular so we make it a point to always keep them in stock.  We also have some of the cheapest prices you will find for all versions of the TPX pistol and every accessory.  Get yours today from our store and take advantage of our top notch service and fast shipping.

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