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For Top Performance On The Field, Equip Yourself With Empire Paintball Equipment From Head To Toe. We Offer The Entire Line Of Empire Gear From Top Quality Basic Beginner Supplies to High Performance Pro Level Equipment For Both Scenario & Tournament Play All For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

More than one exciting, fun-filled day of paintball has been ruined because of cheap quality paintball gear. Equipment malfunction is the leading cause of sustained frowns on the paintball field. Not only is broken or low performing gear a stressful hassle, it can also cause you to lose the game! This is why it’s smart to do your homework first before getting completely outfitted so you can get reliable supplies from the start. It doesn’t take much research to find out one of the best brands of paintball equipment is Empire. Empire paintball gear is used by professional paintball athletes who are also involved in the creative production process with this company. All of Empire’s paintball supplies are professional grade and tested by some of the top pro teams on the competitive circuit. By using as much Empire paintball gear as possible, you can have confidence your equipment is the best, won’t break down and you will have many more wins and much more fun for much longer.
One of the best things about Empire paintball gear is the versatility in their product selection. Not only does Empire have equipment for both tournament and scenario styles of play, they also cater to different experience levels. From cheap priced top quality basic model beginner gear to more sophisticated, higher performance tournament grade gear, a player can start with Empire from his first set-up of learner supplies and upgrade equipment all the way to the pro circuit. Empire offers great gear for every aspect of your game including paintball weapons, uniforms and some of the top protective equipment you will find. Besides the variety of products they offer for very affordable prices, what really keeps players loyal to their brand is their gear’s performance. Whether you wear camouflage or a pro uniform, all Empire paintball supplies are lightweight, comfortable, move well and built for speed, agility and durability. Whether you play on turf or in the woods, all Empire paintball equipment is built tough to withstand extreme duress from the hardest play for extended periods of time. Empire also backs up all their supplies with excellent customer service and solid warranties.
At our online paintball equipment store, you can get completely equipped from head to toe with the best Empire paintball gear. We are proud authorized dealers of Empire paintball supplies and feature every product we can for the cheapest prices possible. Empire has many great products; but they are constantly coming out with more! Rest assured you will always find the absolute latest equipment to come out at our online paintball store. We also usually have a great inventory of previous year’s Empire products we will often have for sale at much cheaper, more heavily discounted prices. Whether you want to get completely outfitted or just want to browse the newest released gear, our store makes it easy for all Empire paintball equipment fans to get what they want. Besides all over our website, we also feature all Empire supplies in one central location page. All the Empire products we have for sale have high resolution graphic pictures in numerous angles and detailed descriptions so not only is the selection easy to sort thru, you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy it. Our store is also glad to offer great customer service in case you have questions about any of the Empire paintball gear we have for sale or need help with your order.

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