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Get the Support and Traction You Need for Any Scenario Paintball Mission Wearing Authentic Military Combat Boots. We Offer the Best Selection of Army Style Tactical Duty Boots & Real Leather Hiking Boots with Zippers and Steel Toes in Desert & Woodland Colors For Sale at Cheap Prices.

Rothco 6" Forced Entry Desert Tan Deployment BootRothco 6" Forced Entry Desert Tan Deployment Boot
Rothco 8" Forced Entry Desert Tan Deployment Boot w/Side ZipperRothco 8" Forced Entry Desert Tan Deployment Boot w/Side Zipper
Rothco Forced Entry Waterproof Tactical BootRothco Forced Entry Waterproof Tactical Boot
Rothco GI Style Jungle Boots - BlackRothco GI Style Jungle Boots - Black
Rothco GI Style Jungle Boots - OliveRothco GI Style Jungle Boots - Olive
Rothco GI Type Sierra Sole Tactical Military Style BootRothco GI Type Sierra Sole Tactical Military Style Boot
Rothco GI Type Speedlace Desert Tan Jungle BootRothco GI Type Speedlace Desert Tan Jungle Boot
Rothco Insulated 8" Side Zip Tactical BootRothco Insulated 8" Side Zip Tactical Boot

Playing outside gives woodsball players the opportunity for fun, realistic simulation combat in an interesting, changing environment. Scenario paintball is typically played in the woods, but can also have desert, urban or other natural back drops depending on where the game is located. The outdoor setting demands players wear specific gear for the best performance and protection against rough, natural elements. Footwear must provide the proper traction and support for playing on very uneven, unpredictable surfaces encountered in the wild. Different ground elevations, rocks, plants and tree stumps will slow you down and even possibly cause injury if you’re not wearing the right shoes. If your shoes are cheap quality and designed for playing on flat surfaces or turf, you will slide off hills, slip on rocks, easily sprain your ankle and will not have the traction you need to perform. The best footwear for playing military simulation paintball in the outdoors is a good pair of tactical duty boots or lightweight leather hiking boots with steel toes for extra protection. Even though paintball is a type of simulation fighting, real military combat boots secured with laces or zippers in either desert or woodland colors work excellent to provide the type of traction and support you need for any environment encountered in woodsball.
When shopping for the best combat boots for army style paintball, try to choose footwear that will be compatible with most environments so you will only need one pair. There are many important factors to consider when buying a good pair of military combat boots including performance, safety, durability, comfort and look. Combat boots offering the best support for prevention of ankle injuries are authentic high top military boots and hiking boots made with real leather and have an extensive lacing system throughout the boot. Leather and steel toes provide the highest level of protection for the foot, however these features also add weight, making the boot heavier and slower to move in. For paintball, you will find the best performance out of a lightweight tactical duty boot or high tech desert hiking boot. These boots are made of a blend of cheap, but sturdy materials like canvas, mesh, suede and real leather, so they are lighter weight and offer the best combination of comfort, support and durability. Side zippers, steel toes, deep treads and softer, rubberized soles for enhanced traction are also great features to look for in the best military combat style and desert hiking boots.
Besides outfitting yourself with the best traction and support, a good pair of army combat boots, tactical duty boots or steel toe hiking boots made of real leather will also greatly add to your scenario paintball style. Playing in a realistic military mission really comes to life when you dress the part and your footwear can play a big part in it. A camouflage uniform just doesn’t look the same with a pair of cheap sneakers, however a good pair of authentic zippered combat boots can transform your outfit. Along with matching your tactical gear, choose paintball combat boots for sale that will also work best in the terrain your game will be held in. If you’re playing in the woods, olive or black color army style combat boots work great. Desert colored hiking boots and tactical duty boots are best for playing in sandy or dusty environments. Combat boots made with real leather and steel toes are great protection for any outdoor setting but a must have in rocky or thick forest where there are lots of obstacles to stub your toes on and scrape your legs. Mountainous terrain and playing on hillsides demand military or army style boots for sale with lots of support and very high tops for extra protection and support for the ankles.
At our paintball combat supplies store, we offer a great selection of authentic army style military boots, tactical duty boots and desert colored hiking footwear for sale at very cheap prices. All the boots we have for sale are top quality and will give you the best support and traction in any environment you play in. We sell army style combat boots made with real leather in mid and high top lengths and high performance hiking boots equipped with steel toes and zippers in both desert and woodland colors. Our prices are also very cheap so you can afford to own several pair of combat boots to match all your different scenario outfits and look the part in any paintball game you play in. We drop ship our tactical duty boots directly from our suppliers so we do not have the overhead of traditional footwear stores and we are glad to pass the savings onto you. All the combat boots we have for sale have high resolution photos and detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you’re getting. We also have an easy, no hassle return policy should the tactical duty boots you choose not have the perfect fit or the look you want. We also have excellent customer service and are glad to help with your order or answer any questions you have about any of the combat boots or military style hiking boots we have for sale. 
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