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Winning Paintball Competitions Require Markers That Are Extremely Fast, Lightweight & Ultra Efficient On Air. Dye Paintball Guns Have The Most Innovative Technology For The Best Performance Possible; Here We Offer The Full Line Of Dye Precision Markers

To do well in top level competition, you must have a high performance paintball marker.  If your gun shoots inconsistently, accuracy will suffer, causing you to have to shoot more paintballs than necessary.  This not only eats up ammunition, but can also give away your location.  To keep up with the constant pace of competition speedball, you will also need a marker that’s extremely fast and can handle thin shell tournament grade paint; premium paintballs often break inside slower, less refined guns.  It’s also smart to choose a competition paintball gun that’s efficient on air so you won’t run out in the middle of a match.  Dye paintball markers out perform all others and are the choice of many top professional paintball teams; here is their signature series…

Dye paintball markers are not just your average paintball gun; they are refined, precision instruments designed for players who are serious about competition.  These guns are filled with technology that makes them the lightest, fastest, most efficient markers on the planet.  Every aspect of Dye paintball guns have been fine tuned to deliver reliable  performance for tournament speedball.
After just the first pull of the trigger, you will be amazed with how smooth Dye paintball markers are to shoot; they have literally no recoil for dead-on precision accuracy.  These guns also have an extremely reduced sound signature; they will never give away your location because they shoot so silently and accurately.  Many players get spoiled with how effortless it is to hit their targets shooting a Dye paintball gun; just point and fire!
Another great advantage of using a Dye paintball marker in competition is these guns are perfect for fragile, tournament grade paint.  Premium paintballs used in competition contain shells that are more fragile than recreational grade paint to ensure they break on impact every time.  Dye paintball guns are designed for handling even the most fragile tournament grade paint, rarely breaking balls while still remaining incredibly fast and powerful. 
Timed speedball matches are extremely fast and filled with furious action.  There are very few markers that can match the speed of a Dye paintball gun.  These markers are amazingly lightweight and compact, weighing less than 2lbs.  Dye paintball guns are excellent for performing acrobatic maneuvers and the fast action of competitive speedball; when seconds count, you can count on a Dye marker to pull off incredulous shots.
While Dye paintball guns are precision honed instruments, they must use compressed air as their power source.  Fortunately, these guns are also very efficient on air; you will get many more shots from your Dye marker on the same air tank than you will any other paintball gun.  Your game will never be interrupted because you’ve run out of air when using a Dye paintball gun.
Dye paintball guns are by far the leading, most technologically advanced markers in the game today.  Every year, Dye works hard on improving on their last model with amazing new innovations - constantly making their paintball markers lighter, faster and more efficient.  The prices of Dye guns also let you know they're on top of the food chain when it comes to the best that's offered in competition paintball markers.

When the new Dye paintball guns of the year are released, they ask top dollar - but when you're the first guy on the block with one and start crushing all the competition at the paintball field, you'll agree the price is worth it!  Later in the year, when the time is coming closer to a new Dye release, the older Dye marker's prices start to drop.  Keep an eye on the latest price drops by shopping for your Dye paintball gun at Choicepaintballguns!  We are proud to carry the full line of Dye markers and equipment and make sure our stock is up to date.
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