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Proto Paintball Markers Are Awesome, High Performance Competition Guns For Low End Prices. Here We Offer The Best Selection Of Proto Tournament Style Precision Paintball Guns For Cheap, Discount Prices

After you’ve climbed the ranks in paintball and are ready for more serious competition, an equipment upgrade is mandatory.  At higher level tournaments, you will face better conditioned, more experienced athletes who use faster, higher performance paintball guns and gear; it will be impossible to keep up a winning pace using the same marker you first learned to play on.  The best choice of marker for intermediate to advanced level competition players is a Proto paintball gun; here is a complete selection…
2014 Proto Reflex Rail2014 Proto Reflex Rail
2014 Proto Reflex Rail PGA2014 Proto Reflex Rail PGA
Proto Rail PMR MaXXed Paintball gunProto Rail PMR MaXXed Paintball gun
Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball gunProto Rize MaXXed Paintball gun
Proto Rize Paintball gunProto Rize Paintball gun

If you find you are winning every beginner’s bracket you enter, you are most likely an intermediate level player and should be seeking out tougher tournaments to play in.  Before doing so, make sure your paintball marker can handle the speed and stress of higher stakes competition.  Just like choosing the right level competition for your skill level, it’s also important you don’t upgrade to a paintball gun that’s too advanced if you’re not ready.
While some of the higher end top performance competition paintball markers are the lightest and fastest on the field, these guns can be fickle, overly sensitive and require much maintenance.  Often this leaves less advanced players frustrated and upset they spent so much money on a paintball gun that’s a bit overwhelming for them.  Proto competition paintball markers are great for intermediate to advanced level players who want the performance of a high end gun without the hassle and $1000+ price tag.
Proto paintball markers are made by Dye Performance, so they feature similar technology and craftsmanship as Dye competition guns.  Made with the intermediate level player in mind, Proto paintball markers provide top performance while remaining simple to maintain and sell at a cheap price.  These guns are $1000+ markers sold for under $500; if you’re looking for a high-end marker for a low-end price, Proto is the gun for you.
After using a Proto paintball gun, their awesome performance will tell you these guns were made for the serious competitive player.  Fortunately, these markers come without some of the hassles of the higher end tournament style guns and are as sturdy and easy to take care of as a beginner marker.  Proto paintball guns for example have color coded o-rings that makes replacement and maintenance super simple. 
Compared to other competition paintball markers of the same price, Proto is far ahead of the pack when it comes to innovative design and awesome technology.  Proto markers feature something called “boost forward” technology; this gives a cushioned push on the ball with a delayed bolt speed; which allows for an extremely high rate of fire and increased air efficiency. The Proto paintball markers operate at 150 psi or better and shoot 20+ balls per second.
Just like other top level, high performance marker, Proto competition paintball guns feature ergonomic frames and grips for ultimate comfort.  Adjustable triggers and in-line regulators also come standard on these guns requiring no upgrades.  All Proto paintball marker models are super lightweight and weigh less than 2 lbs., making them extremely easy to wield for the fast action of high level tournament play. 
If you’re serious about competition and want a high performance paintball marker that will keep up with the best, a Proto paintball gun is an excellent choice.  These advanced markers are not only extremely fast, lightweight, durable and easy to maintain, they’re also cheap to buy!  You will not find a better high performance tournament style paintball gun for such affordable prices, especially when you buy one from Choicepaintballguns!  We carry the complete line, process your order immediately and are available for questions at any time.  We also have a 100% secure checkout and top rated customer service.
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