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Rap4 Paintball Guns Are Realistic, Accurate & Safe For Use In Military Simulation Training Or Scenario Paintball. Here We Offer The Full Line Of Rap4 Tactical Paintball Markers On Sale For A Cheap Price

For tactical training to be the most effective, it must be as realistic as possible; this means realistic paintball guns and gear is mandatory. If your paintball marker looks like a toy, it’s impossible to become completely immersed in your scenario mission/milsim training experience. Boring, basic model paintball guns not only detract from the realism of your game, but can leave you wanting more as far as accuracy and range are concerned. This is why Rap4 tactical paintball markers are commonly used by law enforcement and military units for the most realistic tactical scenario training. Whether you’re involved in milsim training or looking for the most realistic scenario woodsball play, Rap4 paintball markers are fantastic. These guns are not only impressive replicas of realistic weapons, sniper and assault rifles, they also perform well on the field. Rap4 paintball guns feature ground breaking technology that makes these guns as lifelike as possible, accurate and powerful for longer ranges.

Rap4 tactical paintball markers were the first to showcase features that are now highly sought after in some of the top scenario paintball guns. These include removable, functional magazines that feed your gun ammo just like real assault rifles. Another is the air-in-the-stock power source; Rap4 paintball guns were also the first to utilize air tanks hidden within the stock. By freeing up your gun from a cumbersome air tank hanging from its grip, your marker is much more realistic looking, lighter and easier to wield. Rap4 scenario paintball rifles are highly upgradeable and very affordable, making them an excellent option for realistic military simulation training. They use .68 caliber paintballs, so ammo is readily available and easy to find. Ammo specifically designed for mag fed markers is preferred however for the best results. Military and law enforcement groups also love Rap4 magazine fed paintball guns because they can be customized for use as crowd control devices. Accessories like colored hand guards and stocks are available as well as power upgrades to 300-400 fps. Finally, large groups also appreciate the cheap price of Rap4 markers, making volume purchasing for large scale simulations affordable.
Buy your Rap4 tactical paintball marker from our online paintball store for a discounted price. We are an exclusive dealer for Rap4 products and have offered their entire line since we started our business over 10 years ago. Rap4 produces good quality paintball equipment and is a leader in the industry for producing extremely realistic tactical paintball guns. They also have great customer service and solid warranties on all their products, and especially their markers. This is why we stand behind them 100% and are glad to partner with them. We are also glad to offer cheaper prices on volume purchases to help outfit your entire squad.  Contact us for a quote and we will get back to you immediately with the cheapest price possible.
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