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Ensure Optimum Performance For Your Paintball Gun When You Use an Empire Brand Hpa Tank. Here We Offer the Best Selection of Empire Battle Tested Aluminum & Ultra Lightweight, Low Profile Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tanks For Sale at Cheap Prices

Empire 47/3000 Aluminum Hpa TankEmpire 47/3000 Aluminum Hpa Tank
Empire 68/4500 HPA TankEmpire 68/4500 HPA Tank
FS HERO 2.0 68CI 4500 HPA Carbon Fiber TankFS HERO 2.0 68CI 4500 HPA Carbon Fiber Tank

With the right paintball gun, you can rule the field with amazing performance.  However even the most battle tested, high end marker can fall short when it’s powered with a cheap, low quality air tank.  If you’ve paid a top price for a good paintball gun, it only makes sense to dress it up with all the best amenities so it performs like it’s supposed to.  Regardless of the brand you choose, you can be assured your marker will shoot at optimum speed and accuracy with an Empire ultra compressed air tank.  Offering both aluminum hpa tanks and super lightweight, virtually indestructible carbon fiber cylinders, all Empire tanks will set your marker on fire with incredible improvements.  Adding an Empire high pressure air tank to your paintball gun will give you many more shots so your ammo will last longer and you can play more.  A good Empire hpa paintball gas tank will also greatly improve your marker’s accuracy by giving it more consistent velocity.  Both small and large size Empire ultra air tanks offer a sleek low profile to either woodsball or tournament style guns.   
Empire paintball compressed air tanks are high output but low pressure, so they are ultra efficient.  High tech aircraft grade aluminum regulators give these hpa tanks incredibly steady pressure; when added to a top level tournament marker, the two compliment each other for an incredibly fast and accurate precision instrument.  Small, lightweight competition speedball guns work excellent with low profile Empire carbon fiber compressed air tanks for the fastest action.  Even battle tested woodsball guns work better and more efficiently with the best Empire hpa cylinders.  You can play without restraints using an ultra strong carbon fiber high pressure air tank and still have the highest level of safety.  Besides a virtually indestructible shell, all Empire brand paintball air tanks are DOT approved, meet or exceed all ASTM, TC or CGA requirements and have lengthy 5 year retest cycles.  Empire aluminum and carbon fiber compressed air tanks are some of the most reliable you will find, however they also come with a solid 90 day warranty.
When you upgrade to a brand new Empire ultra compressed air tank, the new performance of your paintball marker will astound you with an immediately noticeable difference.  Give your woodsball or competition gun the edge it needs to rule any game you play with speed, consistency and precision with an Empire aluminum or carbon fiber high output hpa tank.  These air cylinders have top technology that’s been tested in battle, proven reliable and well worth the money.  Fortunately you can buy an awesome lightweight, low profile Empire high pressure air tank for a discount price at our online store.  We carry the best selection of large and small size Empire hpa compressed air cylinders with the most current safety ratings.  While carbon fiber Empire air tanks are not cheap, the quality and promise of high performance is worth it.  These paintball gun gas tanks are found for the best prices on our website, making them cheap and convenient to get completely set up with a top of the line Empire tank.  We also have excellent customer service; contact us by phone or email if you have an questions about any of the Empire compressed air tanks we sell.

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