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Be More Accurate at Longer Ranges with a Cool, Top-Rated Mag Fed Single Shot Bolt Action Outdoor Woodsball Paintball Gun. We offer the Best, Most Realistic and Powerful High Velocity Magazine Fed Bolt Action Military Replica Paintball Sniper and Marksman Rifles, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

Outdoor woodsball paintball is a much more realistic and tactical style of paintball. Position and tactics are very important, and many engagements are at longer ranges. Ideally, you are able to have position and shoot your opponent before they even have a chance to return fire. However, if you miss your first shot you will often give away your position, and allow the opposing player a chance to escape, get to cover, or even take you out of the game. This why it is so important that your outdoor paintball gun is a tactical high velocity paintaball rifle that will maintain accuracy at longer ranges. Powerful single shot, bolt action mag fed marksman and sniper paintball rifles are some of the best and most accurate outdoor woodsball paintball markers you can buy. Top rated bolt action paintball guns in the hands of an accurate shooter, are absolutely devastating. One shot, one kill, is the mantra for these stealthy, long range players.

Realistic single shot military style bolt action paintball guns have unmatched velocity, making them accurate at much longer ranges than other types of tactical magazine fed outdoor paintball rifles. The higher the velocity a paintball is fired with the less arche it has. Cheap, discount quality woodsball paintball guns with low velocity are much less accurate than the best most powerful bolt action marksman and sniper paitntball guns, because of how quickly the paintball drops to the ground due to gravity. This means the longer the range the higher you have to aim to account for the paintball drop off. Trying to shoot accurately at longer range with a cheap, low quality mag fed outdoor paintball marker with low velocity is next to impossible, because the flight path of the paintball would look a rainbow. Trying to account for this much arch makes hitting your targets with any constancy impossible. Also, even with a big arch the maximum range of a powerful high velocity single shot bolt action paintball gun is much greater.

With the best high velocity bolt action marksman and sniper paintball gun you get the feel, and distance of a real tactical military rifle. This is why cool top-rated single shot bolt action paintball sniper and marksman rifles are used by military and law enforcement professionals as practice. Paintballs are much cheaper than real ammo, and don’t actually hurt people. This is why tactical outdoor woodball paintball is such popular training exercise for our top military and law enforcement personal. This also makes the best high velocity magazine fed military replica bolt action paintball guns great for hunters and competitive marksman that want to practice and become more accurate shooters. Whether you want to be a better recreational outdoor woodsball player, want a realistic single shot military marksman or sniper rifle replica that is as close as possible to the real thing for practice, or want a powerful and accurate long-range paintball gun to for target shooting, a top-rated high velocity tactical bolt action paintball is great choice.

The best military replica mag fed bolt action outdoor paintball guns have smooth and fast bolt actions that allow you to get follow up shots down range quickly. Highly skilled players can fire paintballs with devising accuracy, and speed using today’s best single shot magazine fed bolt action woodsball paintball rifles for sale online. Not only that, but single shot bolt action realistic military replica paintball sniper and marksman rifles just look cool, and are fun and cool to shoot. One of the main reasons we play paintball is to have fun. There are very few things more fun than taking opponents out with a single shot at long range with a realistic, accurate and powerful high velocity military style bolt action sniper or marksman paintball rifle. And there are very few feelings, or sounds more satisfying, than the bolt action of a magazine fed marksman or sniper rifle when chambering a new round after hitting your target. This makes playing tactical outdoor woodsball paintball a more fun, and realistic experience.

At our online tactical paintball gun’s store, we offer the best deals on the most accurate, and realistic high velocity outdoor mag fed bolt action woodsball paintball rifles. We offer both single shot realistic bolt action paintball sniper rifles, as well as cool magazine fed marksman rifle military paintball replicas, at the best possible cheap discount online sales prices. All of the top-rated bolt action outdoor paintball rifles we have for sale are high velocity, long range and accurate tactical woodsball paintball guns. Whether you choose a high-powered single shot paintball sniper rifle, or a versatile bolt action paintball marksman gun, you are going to get a cool, accurate, high velocity, realistic military style replica marker capable of longest possible ranges in paintball. The great selection of outdoor bolt action paintball guns we have for sale are all top-rated brands at the best deals. Being an online based paintball gun and supplies store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional paintball stores. These savings allow us to offer the best, most accurate and powerful top rated mag fed bolt action paintball sniper and marksman rifles at everyday cheap, discount sales online sales prices, with fast free ground shipping!

We also provide detailed product information, including technical specs, and high-resolution photos to make it easy and affordable as possible for you to find and buy the best high velocity magazine fed single shot bolt action paintball gun for you. If you have any questions, or need any help finding the top-rated realistic bolt action marksman or paintball sniper rifle for you, give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.

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