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Preserve The Life Of Your Marker By Preventing Unwanted Debris From Collecting Inside Its Barrel With A Paintball Gun Barrel Cover. Here We Offer The Best Paintball Barrel Covers, Plugs & Barrel Blocking Devices On Sale For Cheap Prices

If your paintball gun is shooting erratically, crooked, lobbing balls or paintballs are breaking before exiting the barrel, your performance on the field will surely suffer.  A common cause of these problems is dirt or unwanted debris that has gotten inside your gun.  It’s important to keep your paintball marker protected with a barrel blocking device when not in play to prevent this from happening.  Covering your paintball gun’s barrel with a barrel cover or plug is also a mandatory safety precaution when carrying your marker to and from the game.  The right barrel cover can also compliment your paintball uniform or tactical outfit for a complete look.  Here is a great selection…
Empire Barrel Blocker - BlackEmpire Barrel Blocker - Black
HK Army Ball Breaker Barrel CondomHK Army Ball Breaker Barrel Condom
HK Army Barrel CondomHK Army Barrel Condom
HK Army Magnum Barrel CondomHK Army Magnum Barrel Condom
NXe Barrel CoverNXe Barrel Cover
Planet Eclipse Barrel CoverPlanet Eclipse Barrel Cover
RAP4 Barrel CoverRAP4 Barrel Cover
Valken Barrel CoverValken Barrel Cover
Valken Paintball Marker Rental Barrel CoverValken Paintball Marker Rental Barrel Cover
VTac Barrel PlugVTac Barrel Plug

Most brand new paintball markers come with a barrel cover as part of its accessories, however if yours is missing, you will definitely need one.  Barrel covers are a mandatory piece of safety equipment for every paintball gun; many commercial fields will not allow you to play without this accessory on your gun.  When off the field, barrel covers offer a blocking device should your marker fo off unexpectedly or accidentally.  When not shooting your gun, the safety should be in the ‘on’ position, however mistakes and accidents happen.  A barrel cover or blocking device is good to have so an unwanted firing of your gun doesn’t injure someone, particularly off the field when protective eye wear has been removed.
Another great reason to have a good barrel cover or blocking device is to keep your barrel clean of dust and debris.  With the exception of a few indoor courses, most paintball is played outside.  Scenario woodsball is often played in rough, natural environments, so it’s easy for dirt, grass, pebbles or sticks to find their way into your paintball gun through its barrel.  Unwanted debris can scratch the inside of your barrel that may alter a paintball’s flight or cause it to break before leaving the barrel.  Dirt and debris that gets inside your gun can cause pre-mature breakage or even damage the internals of your marker.  Barrel covers are also great to keep on your gun when in storage during the off season to prevent dust build up.
Accepted barrel blocking devices either come as a small bag that goes over your barrel and is secured with an elastic strap, or a plug that fits in the end of your barrel.  Both types are cheap priced and readily accessible, available in numerous different colors and styles.  While both types are effective, barrel covers are better than plugs because they also offer some protection to the exterior of your barrel as they are often made of durable, thick material.  Choose the barrel cover or plug that best matches the color and style of the rest of your paintball outfit and gear for the most complete look.
Buy your barrel plugs, covers and barrel blocking devices from Choicepaintballguns to keep your gun safe, secure and in the best shape.  Our online store has a great selection of the best barrel covers and plugs available for the cheapest prices.  All our barrel covers and blocking devices are designed to fit all standard size paintball gun barrels however some of the covers offer size choices for even better customization to your needs.  Our online paintball shop is the best place to buy all your mandatory supplies for convenience, great customer service and fast, affordable shipping.

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