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For The Ultimate Performance In Competition Paintball, Dye Precision Delivers Top Quality, High Performance Markers, Protective Equipment & Apparel. Here We Offer The Complete Line Of Dye Paintball Gear For Sale At Discount Prices

A fun day of paintball is easily spoiled when you’re sidelined from equipment malfunctions and breakdowns.  Cheap paintball gear may save a few bucks up front, but often leads to disappointment when you need it the most.  That’s why it saves to invest in quality supplies from the get-go.  Dye Paintball has set the standard in high quality paintball gear since their inception.  Started and run by a professional paintballer, this company keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest changes and performance demands of today’s competitive player.  Dye offers a complete line of paintball guns, masks, loaders, protective equipment, jerseys and apparel…

If you don’t want to waste your time with cheap equipment that will easily malfunction under pressure, your smartest choice is Dye paintball gear.  While Dye markers and paintball supplies may not be the cheapest you can find, players don’t mind because it’s the best.  When you buy Dye equipment, you can be confident it’s the latest, lightest, most hi-tech gear you will find.
Dye was founded in 1994, by Dave Deehan, also known as Dave Youngblood.  The reason for the nickname “Youngblood” is because he started playing professional paintball at the early age of fourteen.  To support his paintball addiction, Dave earned extra money (and started his technical career in paintball) by making custom modifications to paintball markers to improve their performance on the field. 
Soon, his advanced knowledge and skill with the technical aspects of paintball equipment was being put to use working for John Gregory, founder of JT USA.  After becoming the head of the paintball gun division at this company, he left for fear of rumors of the company being sold at the time.  Although he left JT, this did not stop his passion for developing and manufacturing high performance paintball supplies. 
As the popularity of his signature gear grew, he manufactured his first round of 100 barrels calling it the “boomstick”.  The boomstick was so popular all of them sold in less than two weeks time.  Dave’s invention of the boomstick paved the way for his company Dye (Dave Youngblood Enterprises) being established.  Since then, Dye has grown to be one the biggest manufacturers of top quality paintball equipment in the world.
Today Dye produces some of the hottest equipment and sponsors most of the nation’s top teams…. LA Ironmen, Chicago Aftershock, London Nexus, Toulouse Tontons, and the Tampa Bay Damage.  On the amateur field, everyone wants to wear and use Dye jerseys, protective gear, loaders and high performance paintball markers.  This company is always on the cutting edge and is constantly researching and developing new products.
The Dye DM series tournament style paintball guns are always the most sought after on the field.  All of Dye’s markers are designed by engineers who keep pushing the envelope every year to make the industry’s top performing guns.  Lightweight, extremely fast, amazingly efficient on air and killer body designs make Dye competition paintball guns some of the best in the world.
Once they’ve experienced the speed and precision of a Dye paintball gun, most players choose to compliment their marker with a super fast Dye Loader, called the Rotor.  These electronic loaders have an unbelievably fast rate of 50+ balls per second.  Popular whether you use them on a Dye paintball marker or not, these loaders are a staple by players who want the fastest and best.
Dye also produces leading competition apparel including jerseys and complete paintball uniforms.  Just like the rest of their equipment, their clothing line also screams style and performance.  Awesome colors and patterns adorn well-built durable material with padding in all the right places; the best looking paintball teams all wear Dye jerseys or uniforms. 
Finally, Dye protective equipment is also some of the best made and most popular in the game.  Dye makes some of the most comfortable protective equipment you will find, including chest and neck protectors, arm, leg padding and slider shorts.  Lightweight padded cells sewn into stretchy elastic material makes their protective equipment fit and feel better during the roughest play.
Outfit yourself and your team with a complete line of Dye paintball equipment.  Award winning competition paintball markers, protective equipment, one of the fastest loaders in paintball, stylish uniforms and the Invision paintball mask lead the list.  Buy your equipment piece by piece or get a great deal on a package of Dye gear when you purchase your supplies from ChoicePaintballGuns.
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