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Dominate Short Range Fighting & Every Close Quarter Battle on the Front Lines w/a Compact Paintball Machine Gun. We Offer the Best New SMG Style Tactical Woodsball Paintball Markers For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices

Empire BT DFender Paintball Gun - BlackEmpire BT DFender Paintball Gun - Black
Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB Close Quarters Combat Paintball GunTippmann 98 Crossfire CQB Close Quarters Combat Paintball Gun
Tippmann A5 RAS CQB Paintball GunTippmann A5 RAS CQB Paintball Gun
Tippmann A5 SD5K Paintball MarkerTippmann A5 SD5K Paintball Marker
Tippmann A5 SOCOM CQB MarkerTippmann A5 SOCOM CQB Marker
Tipx CMP-18 Cobalt PackageTipx CMP-18 Cobalt Package

Long range paintball guns are great for taking out opponents from the back field but when the battle moves closer, these guns can be slow and awkward to wield.  If the enemy gets through your front lines, you may find yourself in a face to face confrontation ill-equipped with the wrong type of marker.  The best tactical weapon for close quarter paintball combat is a compact sub machine gun.  Cheap, easy to wield, accurate and having plenty of power, paintball smg style machine guns are great for fast action in forward positions.  The front man position on the scenario battlefield is constantly pushing forward, trying to accomplish the mission at hand.  Most of the fighting they encounter is less than 100 feet from their opponents, so their movements must be fast and their guns compact and lightweight.  Most paintball sub machine guns have a short, 1-3” barrel; their snub noses make them less accurate for long range shooting compared to most markers, however great for close quarter fighting.  The small size of paintball SMG’s make them a dream to wield and control offering the fastest action.
Most compact paintball machine guns also make excellent back up weapons.  When carried on a tactical sling, these small sized smg style markers are easy to carry on your back for long treks and not too cumbersome to hinder movement.  Many players carry their paintball sub machine gun on their backs until they’re confronted with close range fighting.  At which time it’s convenient to trade for the smaller, faster moving realistic smg style tactical marker for quick strafing or room clearing should the scenario demand; all the while keeping your primary weapon on your back conserving ammo.  If your main paintball gun runs out of ammunition or has a mechanical failure, an SMG style paintball gun you keep on your back as an extra can keep you having fun and still in the game.  While carrying two woodsball paintball guns into battle is not the cheapest option, the advantages of having a back up and sheer intimidation factor to the other team is worth the extra cost.
When buying the ultimate sub machine gun paintball marker, try to find the most compact, lightweight, realistic gun built on the most reliable frame.  Brand name paintball guns sold as SMG gun style packages are excellent deals and the best way to get top quality products with warranties for the cheapest prices.  It’s also fairly easy and cheap to custom build your own realistic compact tactical paintball machine gun; sometimes this is the best option if you’re looking for a particular look or want very specific accessories.  This system also gives you full control of the base marker so you can choose a certain brand you like and build on top of it.  The best smg style paintball guns have retractable, folding or adjustable stocks.  When fully extended, these will equip your SMG for steady shoulder aiming.  For the most realistic sub machine gun paintball markers, get one with an electronic trigger so you can shoot fully automatic.  Small optical accessories such as short range scopes, lasers and red dot sights also work great on paintball sub machine guns for adding accuracy, so make sure the marker you choose has plenty of rails for easy attachment.
Whether you want to specialize in risky, high adrenaline close range fighting or just want to carry a reliable, cool looking weapon just in case you need an extra, consider a compact paintball machine gun.  You can check out all your options with this type of tactical marker by studying a sample of all the best smg style paintball machine guns available at our online store!  We feature a huge selection of the most realistic and reliable woodsball SMG markers for sale at cheap, discount prices.  You will not find a better grouping of this type of gun anywhere on the internet.  Buy a paintball machine gun from ChoicePaintballGuns and you will be amazed with our prices and service!  We have an easy, totally secure checkout and fast, affordable shipping options.  We are also readily available by phone or email to answer any questions you have about paintball sub machine guns or any other product for sale in our store.

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