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Kingman Spyder Paintball Markers Are Accurate & High Powered & Make Excellent Beginner Competition Guns. Here We Offer A Great Selection Of Spyder Paintball Guns For Sale At Discount Prices

Whether you’re interested in tournament style speedball or scenario woodsball, it’s best to start paintball with a marker that’s cheap, sturdy and reliable.  It doesn’t make sense to start off with an overly expensive paintball gun if you don’t even know if you like the sport yet!  Kingman Spyder paintball markers make great starter guns because they’re so easy to clean, maintain and shoot accurately without any modifications.  Best of all, Spyder paintball guns are cheap priced, with several models costing less than $100.  Here is a complete selection of their latest models…
2013 Spyder Victor Player's Pack2013 Spyder Victor Player's Pack
Spyder FenixSpyder Fenix
Spyder Victor Rental Package (Qty. 10)Spyder Victor Rental Package (Qty. 10)
Spyder Victor Semi-AutomaticSpyder Victor Semi-Automatic
Spyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro PackSpyder Xtra Custom Marker Pro Pack
Spyder Xtra Semi-AutomaticSpyder Xtra Semi-Automatic

You can spend a lot of money on a competition paintball gun; or you can get the same quality and performance with a Kingman Spyder classic series marker for under $200!  Easy to maintain and operate, yet fast and light enough for top level competition, Spyder competition paintball guns are great for the beginner player to feel their way around the sport without having to break their bank.  This leaves money in your pocket for other necessary equipment required to start playing, like a mask, paintballs or air tank refills.
While Kingman Spyder paintball markers may not have the same technology found in the higher end, most expensive guns, they can still hold their own on the tournament field.  There’s something to be said for keeping it simple in regards to internal components; parts are easy to find and repairs are uncomplicated in Spyder paintball markers, however less often required as compared to the more expensive brand name guns.
Another reason why Spyder competition markers make such great guns for beginner players is because these guns are so sturdy.  Expensive, higher end brand name markers are often much more sensitive and easily break down with excessive use, requiring compressed air and only brittle tournament grade paint.  Spyder competition guns are great with any field grade paintball and hardly ever break down.  They also make terrific practice guns as their durability allows them to handle repetitive beatings from regular hard play.
Just because Kingman Spyder paintball markers are cheap to buy, doesn’t mean you will sacrifice any performance.  These guns are lightweight, plenty fast and accurate for even advanced level play.  Spyder paintball guns can operate on either CO2 or high pressure air and offer several models to choose from, including both semi and fully automatic systems. 
While most Spyder competition markers are standard .68 caliber guns, Kingman also offers a complete line of new .50 caliber markers as well.  While these guns are not compatible with .68 caliber paintballs, they will shoot twice the amount of ammo with the same size air tank.  Spyder .50 caliber paintball guns are lighter, smaller & more efficient than any marker available; don’t forget… it also hurts less to get hit with a .50 caliber paintball!
Despite the fact that Kingman Spyder competition paintball guns are some of the most reliable markers, they come with excellent support.  Kingman is a solid company that can be listed as one of the original pioneers of paintball.  All their paintball markers have a 1 year warranty and Spyder is quick to repair or replace a defective gun should there be any issues.  Fortunately, incidences are rare even with the roughest play.
Buying a competition paintball gun from Kingman Spyder is a safe bet, especially if you’re a beginner player.  These guns have extremely affordable, cheap prices, especially if you buy them from Choicepaintballguns; we have been an exclusive dealer of Kingman products since we opened our shop and stand behind them wholeheartedly.  We proudly carry all Spyder paintball guns and accessories and sell them for discount prices.

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