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Top Technology Makes Empire Paintball Guns The Fastest, Lightest & Best Shooting Markers In The Game. Here Are Empire Electronic Paintball Guns On Sale For Cheap Prices

If you’d like to be competitive at tournament style paintball, your equipment must be completely up to date with the latest technology.  With the mad race paintball gun manufacturers compete in every year to produce the fastest, lightest and best electronic markers, you simply won’t turn any heads using last year’s model.  This is why you will see Empire paintball markers in the hands of many of the best competitive paintball athletes.  Reliable, lightweight and extremely fast, all Empire electronic paintball guns will give you a definite advantage in any tournament you enter.  Check out the best Empire has to offer…

Empire paintball markers have emerged to be some of the hottest selling guns of the last several years.  After just a few minutes with this company’s electronic markers, it seems Empire’s engineers and design team were players themselves.  These technical masterpieces perform beautifully from any position on the field, handling both long and short range fighting like a pro, no matter your experience level.  While Empire paintball guns are super easy to use, they are generally not considered beginner markers.  The speed and performance of these fast shooting guns are best handled by players who are already committed to competition gaming.
All Empire competition paintball guns have sleek, stylish body shapes for a great looking weapon you have confidence in no matter what field you carry it on.  These guns are made for extremely fast shooting with larger trigger frames that give you plenty of room for flittering fingers.  Empire paintball markers also feature magnetic bases to speed up the return action of their triggers; this means the faster you pull the trigger, the quicker and better the gun responds.  You will also be amazed at how comfortable Empire markers are to hold in your hand; the grips on these paintball guns are fancy looking and ergonomic, fitting your palm perfectly.   
No matter what type of paintball gun you have, maintenance and repairs are part of being an owner.  This is another area Empire competition markers shine – these guns are super easy to take care of, take apart, clean and tune up.  No tools are required to remove an Empire’s bolt, giving full access by the simple push of a button; this makes cleaning a breeze.  Being able to take your gun apart this easy also makes troubleshooting a cinch, despite Empire paintball gun’s reliable track records.  Break-beam laser eye anti-chop systems, electronic triggers with multiple options and extremely efficient air operation makes Empire tournament markers the edge over nearly all others. 
Empire paintball markers sport a low pressure air system that allows a ridiculous number of shots from a compressed air tank.  Just like most top level tournament style paintball guns, the technology of Empire markers require the use of high pressure air rather than CO2.  In fact, the temperature differences from CO2 can permanently damage Empire high performance paintball guns.  The high speed of an Empire competition marker will also require an electronic loader, as gravity fed hoppers cannot keep up with these guns.  While any super fast loader will work well in an Empire paintball gun, Empire electronic hoppers offer the best balance and synergy.
Despite having plenty of power, Empire paintball guns are super gentle on fragile tournament grade paint.  They also do well with recreational grades however Empire markers shoot premium paint accurately and reliably, making them the best friends of many top competitors.  Outstanding consistency with velocity and pinpoint targeting is also contributed to by lightweight, high performance aluminum and carbon fiber barrels.  Buy an Empire competition paintball marker from ChoicePaintballGuns for the convenience of fast order processing and easy online shopping.  We love offering the most reliable, high performance competition paintball guns to be found – at the lowest possible prices and a secure, convenient way of getting them.  Great prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service are what we strive for in our store. 

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