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Conserve Ammo & Enjoy Precise Shooting Control With a Good Semi Automatic Paintball Gun. We Offer a Wide Range of the Best Selling Semi Auto Paintball Markers & Ergonomically Designed Single Shot Paintball Guns For Sale at Cheap Prices

The fast action of automatic paintball guns players spray all over the field appear flashy and enticing at first glance.  The fact is however these guns break down easier and cost more to buy and use.  When the battery on a paintball gun with an e-trigger starts to die, you can expect lesser performance that may leave you stranded in the middle of a game.  While semi automatic paintball markers may have fewer shooting options, these guns are simpler, offer better control and are much cheaper and more reliable to use.  A good semi auto paintball gun is the best way to practice your shooting skills to improve your game whether you play in the woods or on the competition field.  Train your way to the top and enjoy controlling the battle with the best semi automatic paintball markers available; shop our enormous selection of best seller single shot ergonomically designed semi auto guns and be a stand out on any field…

When you’re just beginning paintball, it’s foolish to start off with a paintball gun that empties your entire hopper with one trigger pull in less than a minute.  With an automatic marker like this, it will be an expensive and frustrating learning curve if you’re not used to shooting at moving targets.  When you’re first learning the ropes of paintball, it’s best to start off with a good, ergonomically designed semi-automatic paintball gun as you will need the control that one ball per trigger pull gives you to hone your aiming and shooting skills.  With paintballs whizzing overhead, players moving everywhere and your team yelling commands at you, there’s a lot to take in during the heat of combat; a semi auto marker that’s easy to use is a friend in a storm.  When shopping for the best paintball gun, new players are often overwhelmed at how many markers there are to choose from.  Even best seller semi automatic paintball guns are much cheaper and easier to come by as 90% of all markers are semi auto. 
While semi automatic paintball markers are ideal for first time players, many advanced players prefer semi auto guns because they like the control it gives them in the game.  There’s no question it takes less skill to hit something with a paintball marker that sprays a constant stream of balls by simply holding down the trigger and spraying around your intended target(s).  Purists complain full auto paintball guns have reduced the amount of skill in the game, allowing an unfair advantage to the players with the markers they don’t have to aim.  To even the playing field, first hone your shooting skills with an ergonomically designed semi automatic paintball marker and then install a good e-trigger so you can have the speed and volume of full auto and the precision of a master paintball marksman.  When concealed, a large volume of paintballs coming out of an automatic gun can also be a dead give away of your position.  Pick your shots carefully with a semi automatic and wreak much more havoc by staying hidden.  Best seller semi auto paintball guns allow you to have time to aim without wasting so much ammo dialing your target. 
Another huge draw of good semi automatic paintball guns for sale is their cheaper price tags.  The markers themselves are considerably cheaper than guns with e-triggers, sometimes hundreds of dollars less depending on the brand.  This makes best seller semi auto paintball guns very accessible to new players who may not want to commit a lot of money to just learning the sport.  The single ball firing control offered by ergonomically designed semi automatic paintball markers also means saving much more money on ammunition.  For regular players, the cost of paintballs quickly becomes the largest expense and keeps many from enjoying the game as often as they want.  When on a budget, automatic paintball guns that spray large, uncontrolled volumes of balls very quickly can make playing regularly cost prohibitive.  Semi auto paintball markers are the best way to conserve valuable paint but still have a great time playing and save money doing it.
Down time in the game from an equipment malfunction is frustrating, but you will have much less of it and more consistency with a good semi automatic paintball gun.  Markers with e-triggers are powered by cheap 9 volt batteries in their handles.  This not only adds weight to the gun but is also something that needs to be replaced from time to time.  As the time gets closer to a battery change, automatic guns start to wane in performance, causing your gun to have less power and shoot inconsistently until a new one gets installed.  Sometimes e-triggers themselves can malfunction electronically and cause erratic shooting or difficulty changing settings.  You will never have to worry about altered performance from a dying battery in a semi auto paintball gun.  These ergonomically designed markers also have simple mechanical triggers that rarely break down; overall, you will have much less problems with a best seller semi automatic paintball gun.
As most paintball markers for sale are semi-auto, the huge selection can make it difficult to find a good quality gun for the cheapest price.  Before jumping right in, take your time studying and reading what you can about the brand of best seller semi automatic paintball gun you’re interested in.  At our online paintball store, we have our products organized so they are easy to find and offer plenty of information so you can make the best choice.  We are also ready and glad to answer any questions you might have about which semi auto marker might be best for you.  When you shop with us, you can rest assured the gun you buy will be ergonomically designed and top quality as we only deal with the best companies; all the semi automatic paintball guns we sell have solid warranties.  At Choicepaintballguns, shopping for the best semi auto markers is convenient… and easy on the wallet!

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