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Upgrade Your Tactical Marker With First Strike Ammo For The Ultimate Range & Precision. Here Is The Best Selection Of First Strike Compatible Magazine Fed Paintball Guns

Without performance upgrades, most tactical paintball markers shoot about the same; their range and accuracy being quite limited because of the type of projectile.  The round shape of a paintball only allows for moderately accurate shooting of less than 150 ft.  By using First Strike paintballs, you will significantly improve both range and precision giving you a distinct tactical advantage.  First Strike ammunition is the world’s first aerodynamic paintball that boasts 50% greater shooting distance and 25X’s more accuracy.  Fortunately, several producers of the best tactical paintball guns have discovered this technology and started making compatible guns.  Here is a complete selection of ultimate scenario paintball markers that can shoot precision First Strike sniper paintball ammo…
First Strike Conversion Kits

First Strike Conversion Kits

MKP Dmag Upgrade PackageMKP Dmag Upgrade Package
First Strike Ammo

First Strike Ammo

The question as to why you should use First Strike paintballs has an obvious answer… if you’re the only player on the field using these rounds, you will be able to shoot farther and more precisely than even the best paintball sniper (unless he’s also shooting First Strike!).  The reason First Strike rounds offer such an advantage is because they are the only paintball to not only have an aerodynamic shape but fin stabilizers.  These paintballs have a slightly pointed shape with a small projection of tiny fins on the back.  The fins also have a slight rotational direction which not only helps stabilize flight pattern but also helps put a spin on the ball for a straighter, more precise, much farther shooting projectile.  Unlike a simple round ball, First Strike paintballs have a front and back side so must be loaded into your gun’s chamber correctly.  This is why they can only be used in magazine fed paintball markers that have also been modified internally to keep the round straight. 
Until recently, only Tiberius Arms paintball guns were First Strike compatible, however many more are following suit.  Milsig paintball produces extremely realistic magazine fed tactical markers with a few of their now most popular models compatible with First Strike ammunition.  Rap4 has shocked the world with their ultra lightweight & super cheap priced Dmag magazines that happily shoot both First Strike rounds and standard .68 caliber balls.  You can take adavantage of this new technology in the highly acclaimed 468 carbine replica paintball machine gun for incredible power and accuracy in the most realistic scenarios.  Rap4 is also the father of several hybrid markers with First Strike capabilities; these guns consist of a reliable brand name scenario marker combined with a Dmag modified magazine conversion kit and are an excellent buy.
If you’re on a tighter budget and can’t afford a brand new magazine fed marker, you can still reap the benefits of First Strike paintball by adding a simple parts kit to your existing gun.  If it’s not magazine fed, a Rap4 conversion kit is the first order of business and the best way to add incredible realism to your game.  These kits are made for most brand name tactical markers and are fairly simple to install however require a small surgery on your gun.  Once upgraded, the next improvement is to add one more mod kit so your magazine converted marker can accept First Strike paintballs.  First Strike conversion parts kits are available for several markers including the Tippmann A5, X7 Phenom, T68 and even the TPX pistol with kits for more brand name guns still in the works! 
Even though First Strike paintballs cost significantly more, when each ball you shoot hits its target dead on, you will ultimately save money by eliminating wasted shots.  If you want your tactical paintball rifle, TPX pistol or sub machine gun to outperform the best paintball sniper rifles on the field, use First Strike ammo and meet your mark every time.  Take all the guesswork out of searching with our complete selection of First Strike compatible markers for the easiest way to upgrade your scenario paintball arsenal with this groundbreaking technology.  At Choicepaintballguns, we also have award winning customer service and stand ready to answer questions or help with your order should you need.  We also have some of the cheapest prices for the most realistic scenario paintball equipment on the internet!

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