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Outlast Your Opponents and Beat Them to the Punch w/Instant Access to ALL the Ammo You Need w/a Professional Paintball Harness. We Offer The Best Selection of Top Quality Paintball Harnesses Including Both Tournament & Woodsball Styles For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

Walking onto the field equipped with just the paintballs in your hopper will ensure a short, unfulfilling game.  Running out of bullets in the first five minutes of action will leave you begging, borrowing and running for cover; far from being the team mvp.  Whether you play woodsball or tournament paintball, not having ammo fast enough or completely running out is a disaster.  The problem is being able to carry enough paintballs so you can enjoy the whole game.  Without being able to harness the weight and volume of ammunition you need in an easy to access manner, you will be at a distinct disadvantage.  Paintballs are fragile and can’t be kept loosely in your pockets without breaking.  They are commonly stored in hard plastic pods for safe carrying however these accessories are also bulky and cumbersome to maneuver with during a game.  Attaching ammo pods randomly on your body will cause an unbalanced weight distribution slowing down your movement and ability to access the ammo as quickly as you need it. 
The best way to carry the most paintballs into battle is with a good paintball harness.  This is a type of belt designed to hold ammo pods full of paintballs secure, out of your way and still provide easy access whenever you need them.  The best paintball harnesses have pouches along the lower back that will carry tons of ammo behind you so it’s still accessible but doesn’t get in your way.  This configuration provides the freest movement of your torso and the most balanced distribution of weight so you can still run, belly crawl and even dive without worry of breaking any balls.  Besides carrying loads of paintballs, a good harness also makes it possible to get your ammo very quickly so you can re-load in just seconds during combat.  Most paintball harnesses are one size fits all and attach using an elastic Velcro strap that can be pulled tightly for a secure fit.  These belts are offered by nearly every brand in paintball so there are many to choose from including styles to match both professional tournament uniforms and camouflage woodsball outfits.  They are also available in many different carrying capacities with the largest harnesses holding up to 16 pods and the smallest holding at least 4.
Just like all paintball equipment, harnesses come in a wide range of quality and pricing.  For the best performance, look for features that will enhance your speed and comfort on the field.  For example, many paintball harnesses have pouches aligned vertically on the lower back, however a horizontal orientation offers much easier and faster access to your ammo.  For even faster action, choose a paintball harness with elastic loops on the bottom of each pouch that will forcefully eject pods into your hand when released.  It’s also smart to look for harnesses with ergonomic designs like extra padding and support for the lower back.  A rubberized coating on the internal side is a great non-slip feature to look for especially if your harness is meant to carry huge loads.  This feature is important to prevent the belt from sliding around during play.  Avoid low quality paintball harnesses as there are many made with cheap materials that will quickly fall apart.  The best harnesses have thick, durable materials and always double stitched with heavy linen threading. 
A good paintball harness will allow you to carry more ammo that you can access easier and faster than ever before.  To win, these ammo belts are a basic essential part of your paintball gear and not something you want to skimp on for just a cheap price.  This is why it’s important you buy your harness from our online store.  We feature a wide range of the best paintball harnesses including top grade pro models for tournament players and lower-end, cheap priced recreational belts for first time users.  In our store, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a bargain price.  All the harnesses we have for sale are top quality and from the best, most respected brand names in the business.  We have everyday low prices so anyone’s budget can afford a top quality paintball harness that will make it easier and more fun to play.  We also have great customer service who’s priority is to make sure your buying experience with us was fast and convenient.  If you have questions about any of the paintball harnesses we have for sale or need help with your order, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.  
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