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Gift Certificates

Get the Best Deals and Have the Compressed Air, CO2 or HPA Paintball Gun Tanks Your Players Need, Buying Bulk Paintball Gun Air Tanks. We Offer the Best Wholesale Deals on Bulk Quantities of 10 or More Paintball Gun Air Tanks, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

3000 psi Compressed Air Tank (Qty. 10)3000 psi Compressed Air Tank (Qty. 10)3000 psi Compressed Air Tank (Qty. 10)
Bulk 12g CO2 Cylinder (500 Pack)Bulk 12g CO2 Cylinder (500 Pack)12g Disposable CO2 Cylinder (500Pack)
Bulk 12g CO2 Paintball Cylinders (300 Pack)Bulk 12g CO2 Paintball Cylinders (300 Pack)12g Disposable CO2 Cylinder (300Pack)
Valken 20oz. CO2 Cylinder (Qty. 10)Valken 20oz. CO2 Cylinder (Qty. 10)20oz. CO2 Cylinder
Valken 48/3000 Aluminum HPA Tank (Qty. 10)Valken 48/3000 Aluminum HPA Tank (Qty. 10)
Valken V2.0 48/3K HPA Paintball Air System - 15 - PackValken V2.0 48/3K HPA Paintball Air System - 15 - Pack

It is a great time to be an owner of a commercial paintball field and shop. Paintball is more popular than ever it seems.  There are so many new players excited to try paintball for the first time, and experienced players more enthusiastic than ever. This is great, but as the owner of a busy paintball field you know how important it is to have plenty of not just paintball guns for players to be able to rent and use, but also what powers them. Paintball guns use either compressed air, CO2 or HPA. Without them the paintball gun will not work. Depending on the type of paintball gun air tank players will get as little 100 shots and as many as 1,000 shots, give or take a few. This goes really quickly, especially with less experienced, and less accurate players. This is why it is so important for paintball businesses to buy paintball gun air tanks in bulk to get the best online wholesale discount deals, and have plenty of paintball gun compressed air, CO2 and or HPA tanks ready for when one needs to be swapped out.  

Trying to refill paintball gun air tanks throughout a busy day, and between parties is next to impossible. If you have a staff doing that, this is costing you a lot more money in employee wages than it would to buy your compress paintball gun air tanks in bulk, and filling them once or twice only. Buying paintball gun CO2, HPA and compressed air tanks in bulk will also allow you to schedule more parties throughout the day, generating more revenue by reducing the time you need between parties getting ready for the next one. Swapping out one empty paintball gun air tank for a full one, takes a lot less time than having to fill it. Bottom line, buying your paintball gun’s HPA, compressed air, or CO2 tanks in bulk will save you money and time, and allow you to increase revenue by scheduling more parties. Saving money, while providing the ability to increase revenue, that’s a no brainer, and why every paintball field that plans on being busy, and succeeding needs to have plenty of paintball gun air tanks, and get the best possible wholesale bulk discount deals online when buying them. 

As a business needing many paintball gun air tanks, it is best to buy them bulk to get the best deal possible. Buying the best compressed air, CO2 and or HPA air tanks individually, at regular retail prices, will get expensive fast. However, most wholesale dealers’ minimum orders are much larger than what someone who owns a paintball field needs. They are more set up for large online mega sites, and big box stores that are going to buy and sell thousands per year. Most of these retail stores do not offer any sort of bulk discount deals, or wholesale pricing for business. This forces people to buy 10 – 100 of them in bulk, without any sort of wholesale discount. However, when buying in bulk quantities of 10 or more, you can find wholesale package deals online, and buy them at a discount. Buying your paintball gun air tanks in bulk wholesale package deals in quantities of 10 or more, will save you even more money, and add that much more to your bottom-line profit, which is at the end of the day what matters most.  

At our online paintball guns and supplies store, we offer top rated CO2, HPA and compressed air paintball gun tanks in wholesale bulk quantities of 10 or more, at discount sales prices. Our bulk wholesale package deals of 10 or more paintball gun air tanks are perfect for business and competitive teams that play multiple matches per day. We offer discount wholesale deals on CO2, HPA and compressed air tanks, so no matter what type you need, we have you covered. Each bulk order includes a quantity of 10 paintball gun air tanks, so if at the check out you make the quantity two, you would receive two sets of 10 paintball gun air tanks, for a total of 20. If you need 15, 25, 35 or so on please call and we can create a discount bulk wholesale deal for your needs. Also, if you are going to be buying more than 10 give us a call for even better bulk wholesale pricing and deals. We make it easy and affordable to buy the bulk paintball gun air tanks you need and provide the best online deals and wholesale prices possible.  
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