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Play Harder & Safer by Protecting Your Elbows, Forearms & Wrists From Cuts & Bruises When You Wear Good Paintball Elbow Pads. We Offer the Best Paintball Elbow Safety Gear & Full Armored Apparel For the Arms & Forearms For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices

High octane paintball with everything you’ve got is the most fun way to play, but also the most physically demanding.  Players who give it all they’ve got often end up in the winner’s circle, but take the most risks and end up with the most bruises!  Fortunately, wearing good protective gear will keep you playing pain free and make your game that much more exciting.  One area of the body that tends to take a real beating in no holds barred paintball is the elbows.  It’s common to get scrapes, cuts and bruises on your elbows and forearms during even a moderate game.  Diving behind a bunker or army crawling on your belly hurt much less when wearing paintball elbow pads and protective padding.  Fortunately, paintball elbow pads are available for both tournament speedball and scenario woodsball.  While they may look different, elbow pads for each type of game have mostly the same features and offer the same benefits.
Even though this paintball gear is optional, elbow and forearm pads can provide significant advantages whether you play speedball or tactical woodsball.  The most obvious benefit of paintball elbow pads and forearm guards is the prevention of injuries that occur when your arms come in contact with your playing environment.  Another advantage of paintball elbow pads is joint support.  It never hurts to have a little extra tightness for your joints during extremely active sports.  With the extra joint support and protection from cuts and bruises, paintball elbow and forearm pads will make you feel impervious to injury and you will play with a confidence you’ve never had before!  Even just walking on the field wearing this type of body armor will often strike fear in your opponents.  After seeing how prepared you are to play hard, they will perform with a nervousness that will keep them from performing at their best. 
When purchasing paintball elbow protective padding, choose products that are made of durable materials and sturdy construction.  They will be coming in direct contact with your playing surfaces and must hold up under extreme repetitive stress.  Besides durability, the amount of padding they offer should be the next most important criteria.  Paintball elbow protection with thicker pads offer the best coverage however can be bulkier to move in.  Elbow armor with thinner padding is lighter and more comfortable however offer less protection.  The best paintball elbow pads use a combination of hard plastic to cover the direct impact zones, with softer, more comfortable gel or neoprene materials coming in contact with the joint itself.  Some elbow pads use woven, thick material for padding, however these offer the least protection.  Also, make sure the paintball elbow pads/forearm guards you choose will stay securely fastened to your arm during active play.  The best paintball padded equipment for the wrists, forearms and elbows often have Velcro attachments to help secure it in place. 
For the best performance, choose paintball elbow pads with the best balance between comfort, protection and support for the elbow joint.  A pair of good elbow padded armor will allow you to pull off crazy moves and play with reckless abandon that will shock your team mates and opponents.  At our online store, you can choose elbow pads that will match your competition or tactical outfit for whichever game you play.  We feature a huge selection of the best brand names with lots of camouflage patterns and styles to match your competition uniform available for sale at the cheapest prices you will find.  All the paintball elbow pads we sell are adjustable for the perfect fit and offer plenty of protection and support for your joints.  Besides the best selection and cheapest prices,  buying your paintball elbow pads from our store is also the most convenient way to get outfitted with the best gear possible.  We offer fast, affordable shipping and have top rated customer service.

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