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Protect Your Head & Neck w/Comfort & a Great Tactical Look When You Purchase an Authentic Arab Keffiyeh Scarf to Wear. At Our Store, You Can Buy the Best US Military Shemaghs w/Desert Colors & Easy Tie Patterns For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

GenX Global Special Forces HeadwrapGenX Global Special Forces Headwrap
RAP4 Tactical Shemagh Traditional Desert Head ScarfRAP4 Tactical Shemagh Traditional Desert Head Scarf
Rothco ACU Camo Desert ShemaghRothco ACU Camo Desert Shemagh
Rothco Crossed Rifles Tactical ShemaghRothco Crossed Rifles Tactical Shemagh
Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert ScarfRothco Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf
Rothco Solid Color Shemagh ScarfRothco Solid Color Shemagh Scarf

If you’ve ever been hit in the head or neck with a speeding paintball, you will make protecting this area a top priority.  The sting and bruising left behind is not something that’s easy to forget.  Paintball helmets work well but have their limitations.  They don’t protect the neck and are often large, clunky and hard to secure tightly without sacrificing some amount of comfort.  For a lighter, more useful alternative, consider wearing an authentic arab shemagh scarf.  Also called a keffiyeh, these are a broad piece of cotton cloth about 42” square used either as a scarf or head covering that’s absolutely perfect for tactical paintball.  Originally worn in the desert middle east, shemaghs come in several patterns and a few different colors however the traditional military tans and olives are the easiest to find.  Perhaps this is one reason why you will not see tournament players wearing keffiyeh scarves, but also because they’re so much more useful in the natural woodsball setting.  When you purchase an authentic arab or us military shemagh, it’s like buying both a neck protector and helmet in one garment.  Besides being much more comfortable than a rigid, heavy helmet, you can tie a tactical keffiyeh into numerous configurations for various functions or different fashion looks.
Traditional keffiyehs have been traced back to early Mesopotamia and continue to be worn by arabs in the Middle East ever since.  British soldiers in WWII gave this head wear the name ‘shemaghs’ when they adopted them as standard issue gear because of how useful they were.  It wasn’t long after the US Military troops did the same after spending time in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Over the length of time they’ve been used, authentic keffiyehs have changed very little with only slight differences in pattern setting them apart.  These scarves work great for desert wear offering protection against the sun and preventing sand from getting in the ears, nose and mouth.  Shemaghs are also good for keeping the head and neck warm in cold desert nights and cool in the heat when soaked with water.  During a heated scenario paintball game, a tactical keffiyeh is excellent for reducing the sting of incoming paintballs to the head and neck.  They also offer a nice authentic look to any tactical uniform.  Even though US military shemaghs offer a lot of material to tie around you, they do not take up a lot of room when folded and are relatively cheap to purchase.  On the paintball field, buy a desert keffiyeh for sale so you have the best protection, performance and a good cloth to clean paint with!
You don’t have to battle in the desert to reap the benefits of a traditional arab head dress; a good authentic keffiyeh scarf will enhance your tactical paintball game in numerous ways.  Tied around your head, covering your face and/or neck or just for cleaning paint splatter, the best us military shemaghs are an excellent buy for any scenario player.  Once you use one and see how useful they are, you will want to buy more for any mission you play.  For the best selection of authentic keffiyeh scarves with different patterns and colors, purchase yours from our online store.  We carry traditional arab shemaghs great for paintball and any tactical outfit for sale at very affordable prices.  These lightweight scarves are cheap to ship so it won’t cost a lot to enhance your game with the most authentic arab keffiyehs you can find.  Our store makes it simple to get the best gear for a cheap price but we also have top rated customer service.  If you have any questions about availability of any of the shemaghs we sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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