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Booby Trap Your Opponents With Realistic Paintball Landmines. Here We Offer Paintball Landmines & Accessories For Sale At Cheap Prices

Enjoy a new element of surprise and strategy in your next scenario paintball game by using paintball landmines.  Paintball landmines are safe, re-useable and come in various different styles offering numerous possibilities of how to use them.  These accessories are affordable for most budgets, realistic and add an excitement to the game you will never forget; here is a great selection of paintball landmines and related gear for sale…
AG1 Thunder Grenade ChargerAG1 Thunder Grenade Charger
M80 Sub Surface Landmine (Out of Stock)M80 Sub Surface Landmine (Out of Stock)
Quick Change 12g CO2 AdapterQuick Change 12g CO2 Adapter
RAP4 Paint MixRAP4 Paint Mix
Reusable M80 Landmine Complete PackageReusable M80 Landmine Complete Package
Reusable M80 Sub Surface LandmineReusable M80 Sub Surface Landmine
Smoke Simulation PowderSmoke Simulation Powder

Most paintball landmines are made to look very similar to their real life counterpart.  Most are pressure activated, while some use a trigger apparatus; however the result is the same when set off.  When stepped on, they blast a spray of paint, smoke or inert powder upward, covering their unsuspecting victim and effectively eliminating him from the game.
Pressure activated landmines are perhaps the most common and easy to use.  They are set directly on the ground or can be lightly covered with brush for concealment; they will activate with a slight pressure or when stepped on.  Trigger activated landmines are also easy to use and can be set off by stepping on them, however must be buried so the trigger can be pressed by the victim.  These are great for setting up booby traps in unsuspecting areas.
For scenario games, paintball landmines offer new options for exciting strategies and different ways to eliminate your opponents.  Landmines can be used for creating a  diversion, setting up a trap or just creating an unsettling feeling of nervousness in your enemy’s mind.  Your opponents will move much slower and more carefully once they realize there are hidden landmines where they’re traveling! 
After setting up a small minefield, strategically lure your opponents into it by chasing them (or shooting paintballs at them).  Sometimes this strategy is best used in conjunction with the layout of the playing field; forcing your opponents into a bottleneck or canyon where there is no other place to go except the minefield is ideal.
Paintball landmines can also be set up around the perimeter of your base or camp.  Landmines can create an invisible, explosive, protective wall around the area you’re trying to protect.  When a mine explodes, not only will this eliminate an enemy, but it will also alert you the perimeter is breached by your enemy.
Paintball landmines will add a new way of eliminating your opponents and more strategies for your team to win.  Add paintball landmines to your list of the best paintball supplies and stock up on them as soon as possible!  Buy your paintball landmine supplies from ChoicePaintballGuns for excellent prices on paintball grenades, mines and related accessories.  

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