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The Right Tactical Handguard & Barrel Package Will Turn Any Basic Marker Into A Realistic Military Replica Rifle With Improved Accuracy & Range. Here We Offer The Best Paintball Gun Handguard & Barrel Kits On Sale For Cheap Prices

Basic model tactical paintball guns are great for starters when getting your feet wet in your first games of woodsball.  But when you’re ready to commit to full combat scenario paintball, you will need to upgrade to the most realistic gear possible.  Upgrades such as tactical handguard and barrel packages will instantly transform your starter gun into an elite military rifle that will even perform better.  The right handguard and barrel package will not only give your gun a new custom look, but will also make it shoot farther and more accurately giving you a definite tactical edge on the field.  Here’s a great selection of the best handguard and barrel packages for most brand name tactical paintball markers…
98 Custom Flatline PS Barrel98 Custom Flatline PS Barrel
Alpha Black Flatline Barrel KitAlpha Black Flatline Barrel Kit
BT Paintball Gun RIS Tactical Handguard Barrel KitBT Paintball Gun RIS Tactical Handguard Barrel Kit
BT Tacamo K416 Barrel KitBT Tacamo K416 Barrel Kit
DMR RIS Handguard (12 Inches) (No Insert)DMR RIS Handguard (12 Inches) (No Insert)
PCS US5 Tactical Barrel KitPCS US5 Tactical Barrel Kit
Project Salvo CQB Barrel with M4 Front SightProject Salvo CQB Barrel with M4 Front Sight
Project Salvo M4 Tactical Barrel KitProject Salvo M4 Tactical Barrel Kit
Smart Parts SP1 Carbine Barrel KitSmart Parts SP1 Carbine Barrel Kit
Spyder MR1 SD5 Barrel KitSpyder MR1 SD5 Barrel Kit
Tacamo AK47 Wooden Barrel KitTacamo AK47 Wooden Barrel Kit
Tippmann 98 PS Flatline BarrelTippmann 98 PS Flatline Barrel
Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel w/ForegripTippmann A5 Flatline Barrel w/Foregrip
Tippmann A5 K416 BarrelTippmann A5 K416 Barrel
Tippmann Flatline BarrelTippmann Flatline Barrel
VTac SW-1 Pro BarrelVTac SW-1 Pro Barrel
VTac SW-1 RIS Barrel (Out of Stock)VTac SW-1 RIS Barrel (Out of Stock)
X7 Phenom Tactical Barrel KitX7 Phenom Tactical Barrel Kit

Upgrading your marker with a tactical handguard and barrel package will breathe new life into the boring old basic model paintball gun you first learned on.  Easy to install, these kits are the fastest way to give your marker a custom facelift and a new character.  With its new fierce look, you will have a confident swagger when you walk onto the scenario battlefield knowing that yesterday… your gun was a child’s toy but today it’s a devastating realistic military replica war weapon!  These accessories are also very affordable and cost about the same as some high performance barrels do (however without a tactical handguard).
Fortunately, most handguard packages also include a rifled barrel, allowing you to back up your new confidence with a much improved performance.  Compared to your old stock barrel, a rifled barrel will cause you to gasp in amazement with how much father and straighter they will shoot.  The best paintball gun handguard/barrel packages often included a front site as well.  Along with the steadier aiming you will experience from holding the handguard with your non-trigger hand, the site helps dial in terrific precision shots with the ease of an expert marksman.
When shopping for a tactical handguard and barrel package, choose a kit with the best balance between improved performance and the look you’re trying achieve.  It’s also wise to consider the position you play on the field when choosing a handguard kit.  The size, shape and look of the handguard you pick will greatly influence what kind of gun you have and where it’s best used; for example, a shortened, more compact handguard/barrel package is best for CQB/sub machine gun paintball markers for the front lines.  Most handguards will also help add more customization options to your gun by giving you another rail platform to add more accessories to.  With the right handguard, you can further customize your tactical marker with different grips, flashlights, lasers and even a realistic paintball grenade launcher!
When you’re ready to upgrade both the look and performance of your tactical marker, choose a handguard barrel package from our online store for the best selection and cheapest price.  We have a collection of the easiest to install, best quality barrel kits that fit most brand name paintball guns and sell them for the lowest prices possible.  At Choicepaintballguns, we make it easy to get the upgrades you need with the least amount of trouble and the best customer service.  If you have any questions about compatibility or don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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