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Whether You Play in The Woods or On a Closed Course, Your Game Won’t Last Very Long W/Out Taking Cover Behind a Good Paintball Bunker. We Offer Top Quality Inflatable Air Bunkers For All Types of Fields For Sale at Discount Prices.

BSE P-1100 Axial Fan / Portable Air SanitizerBSE P-1100 Axial Fan / Portable Air Sanitizer
Mighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate Package-CamoMighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate Package-Camo
Mighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate Package-YellowMighty Paintball MegArena II Ultimate Package-Yellow
Mighty Paintball MegArena III Ultimate Package-YellowMighty Paintball MegArena III Ultimate Package-Yellow
Mighty Paintball MegArena Ultimate Package-CamoMighty Paintball MegArena Ultimate Package-Camo
Mighty Paintball MegArena Ultimate Package-YellowMighty Paintball MegArena Ultimate Package-Yellow
Themed Spooky Inflatable Tombstone BunkerThemed Spooky Inflatable Tombstone Bunker
The worse kind of paintball field to play on is a plain, flat surface with nothing to hide behind.  Without cover, it will be hard to pull off any strategies and you will be eliminated very quickly, making your game boring and short.  Games last much longer and are way more fun when you’ve got something to hide behind.  Paintball bunkers are structures placed onto the field to provide cover so it’s not so easy to get shot.  While most commercial fields use inflatable air bunkers, any type will do as long as it’s big enough to hide behind.  The most elaborate fields have buildings/forts that have been built to simply act as bunkers and structures to play in/around.  Old abandoned cars, stacked barrels & even hay bails work excellent.  Many players set up home fields using natural bunkers as rough as a pile of logs, rock outcroppings or even garbage cans.  If you want the fastest set up however, inflatable bunkers are the way to go.  Fortunately it’s easy and cheap enough to set up your own speedball field with professional inflatable air bunkers just like the top competitions use if you want to. 
One of the greatest things about paintball bunkers is there are so many different types.  Whether inflatable with air or actual objects, you can give your paintball field a specific theme or designate your playing environment for a certain type of game with the bunkers you choose.  Speedball games use specific shaped bunkers that are standard for competition.  Air filled inflatable bunkers for paintball tournaments include shapes like the snake, dorito and cake allow players to develop effective team strategies and even base permanent positions around them.  Since most competition fields have the same bunker types, players can practice specific moves around them for professional athletic precision.  Scenario games on the other hand can use bunkers that are a bit more random and often dependent on the lay of the land.  You can be a lot more creative with bunkers in woodsball as the course can vary from place to place.  Hiding behind fallen trees, giant boulders or just behind a hill requires no set up but it can also be fun to arrange a scenario field with bunkers you’ve either built or found.  Inflatable air paintball bunkers also come in different shapes to mimic real world artifacts & structures.  Nearly any good real life bunker can be found as a convenient inflatable… partial walls, stacked barrels, entire vehicles such as tanks, planes & trucks; even structures like forts are available.
When shopping for the best inflatable air bunkers for paintball, keep your eye open for specific criteria to ensure quality and the most affordable price.  It’s important you check the size of the bunker you want to make sure it provides enough cover and will fit on your field.  If you’re putting together a collection of bunkers for a package deal, remember fields with the most numerous different shapes make the most fun and interesting to play in.  When buying inflatable paintball bunkers, make sure the brand you choose is built with ultra sturdy materials so it’s not easily punctured or damaged.  Some brands also include small patch kits to handle mishaps like edges getting kinked or eventual wear and tear.  Look for bunkers inflated with air that have a weighted base with either sand or water.  It’s common for players to run into these structures or clip their side will diving or rushing out from behind.  The best types of bunkers also include d-rings on their edges so they can also be tied down and can’t be moved.  However light weight bunkers inflated with air that are not secured to the ground can also make a very fun and unpredictable field.  
Most scenario woodsball players can often get by without having to purchase bunkers from a store, however this is not the case with tournament speedball.  This game relies entirely on specific shaped bunkers; if you’re setting up a competition, inflatable air bunkers are essential equipment.  While the cost of individual bunkers are very reasonable, if you have to purchase an entire field, the price can be one of the largest on your list of necessary supplies.  This is why it’s very important why the paintball bunkers you buy must be top quality and last a very long time.  It’s also why you should buy all your inflatable air bunkers from our online store.  We have an excellent selection of both tournament and woodsball bunkers for sale at greatly reduced prices.  We also only deal with suppliers who offer the most reliable products with the sturdiest construction and heaviest materials.  Our supplier also drop ships your bunker order directly to you, helping keep costs affordable.  Whether you’re setting up a commercial field or just want a few for your recreational games, get your inflatable air bunkers from our online store and save the most money in a package deal.  If you’re putting together a field, contact us for a quote and we will give you the lowest price
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