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Gift Certificates

For The Best Scenario Woodsball Play, You Need a Tactical Marker That’s Sturdy, Reliable & Powerful, Like The Model 98 Custom. We Offer a Great Selection of Tippmann 98 Platinum Series Paintball Guns For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

Tippmann 98 AK47 MarkerTippmann 98 AK47 Marker
Tippmann 98 AK47 Marker w/Wood GripTippmann 98 AK47 Marker w/Wood Grip
Tippmann 98 Crossfire CQB Close Quarters Combat Paintball GunTippmann 98 Crossfire CQB Close Quarters Combat Paintball Gun
Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series M4 Carbine MarkerTippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series M4 Carbine Marker
Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series with A.C.T.Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series with A.C.T.
Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra Basic MarkerTippmann 98 Custom Ultra Basic Marker
Tippmann 98 Enforcer MarkerTippmann 98 Enforcer Marker
Tippmann 98 Extreme Enforcer MarkerTippmann 98 Extreme Enforcer Marker
Tippmann 98 Platinum Rental Marker and Hopper - Set of 10Tippmann 98 Platinum Rental Marker and Hopper - Set of 10
Tippmann 98 PS Power PackTippmann 98 PS Power Pack
Tippmann 98 Rental Marker - Set of 20Tippmann 98 Rental Marker - Set of 20
Tippmann 98 Sniper Paintball GunTippmann 98 Sniper Paintball Gun
Tippmann 98 Tacamo K416 MarkerTippmann 98 Tacamo K416 Marker
Tippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 MarkerTippmann 98 Tacamo Wood AK47 Marker
Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Marker - BlackTippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Marker - Black

When you’re just learning to play, a good reliable paintball gun is a must for the best experience.  If your first game is plagued with problems because your marker keeps misfiring and then breaks down, you will have a terrible time and won’t want to play again.  This is why many commercial fields use the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun as their rental markers.  It’s also why the Model 98 Platinum is one of the most popular paintball guns for beginners.  This marker is super sturdy, extremely easy to use and simple (and cheap) to maintain.  The 98 Custom can take serious, repetitive abuse and rarely breaks down.  If it does, this gun is easy to take apart and put back together again without needing a master’s degree; repairs are no trouble and can often be fixed with a simple replacement o-ring on your own. 
The 98 Custom is semi-automatic and .68 caliber so it uses the most easy to find standard size ammo.  While it has a tactical look, it’s most commonly used in scenario woodsball, however performs well enough for competition paintball as well.  All model Tippmann 98 paintball guns have a great weight and feel to them.  They are also quite accurate without any modifications; the Platinum 98 Custom has plenty of power and a slight kick, able to blast paintballs to the farthest end of the field with ease.  Tippmann 98 markers shoot a bit hard for tournament grade paint, however work best with a recreational or mid-grade ball (often the cheapest priced paint).  One of the reasons Tippmann 98 Custom markers are so reliable and fun to use is their sturdy aluminum die cast receiver and anti-chop technology (ACT).  This feature prevents the 98 Custom from chopping balls, making shooting much more consistent, and cleanup/maintenance for your gun much simpler.  All Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series markers come with ACT.
Another reason the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum paintball marker is great for beginner players is because they are so upgradeable.  Yes, great for learning the ropes of the game but then easy and cheap to transform into a more sophisticated tactical marker for more uses on the scenario woodsball field.  There are tons of accessories available for the model 98 for sale that won’t break your bank and are easy to install.  Sure, the Tippmann 98 is a great basic marker, but also makes a terrific base for customizing into a more realistic looking weapon best for scenario play.  As an owner of a Tippmann 98 Custom base model gun, you will never grow bored of the endless customization possibilities.  There are so many parts and accessories available for these guns, they have become a standard in the industry; there are several other paintball gun companies who make their markers compatible with the Tippmann 98 Custom – to share in the vast customization options.  If taking the time to build your own custom creation is not your speed, there are also tons of great looking tactical markers already built onto the Tippmann 98 Platinum paintball gun for sale as well. 
Another great advantage of owning of a Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series marker is the solid warranty they carry.  All Model 98s have a one year warranty with Tippmann; a company with one of the best reputations for outstanding service.  Should an issue occur with one of their paintball guns, Tippmann is quick to respond with parts, repairs or a complete replacement without question.  At our online store, the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun is also one of the most affordable you will find.  This tactical marker makes a cheap priced but reliable gun for any beginner learning the game or advanced scenario gamer looking to build a custom creation.  At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of Tippmann products and offer a huge selection of Tippmann 98 base model guns and customized tactical markers for sale at discount prices.  If you’re setting up a field, we are also glad to offer volume discounts for even better savings to help you get started; contact us for a quote!

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