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Stock Up On Extra Magazines & Clips For Your Paintball Gun So You Don’t Run Out of Ammo! Here We Offer Magazines & Ammo Clips For Paintball Rifles & Tactical Pistols For Sale

Tactical paintball markers have come a long way in their ability to mimic the real thing.   Manufacturers have realized the scenario player has an eye for detail; some companies have gone out of their way to produce paintball rifles and pistols that are so realistic, you can’t even tell they’re replicas.  The most realistic paintball guns are the ones with functional magazines and clips, however even mock magazines can make the average marker come to life.  Here is a great selection…

Magazines on most tactical paintball markers are non-functional and are either fixed to the gun’s receiver or can be removed to offer a small storage compartment.  These guns use a standard hopper to carry and load their ammunition.  While only there for appearance, mock magazines can be held for stabilization (by your non-trigger hand) and make all the difference in how realistic your gun looks.
A few brands of paintball guns however, use functional magazines, making them the most realistic tactical paintball rifles on the market.  Functional magazines for paintball guns are removable and carry/load paintballs into the gun, closely mimicking the real thing.  These guns do not require the bulky, fake looking hopper sticking up for all to see (and shoot at!); this of course greatly enhances the scenario paintball war experience. 
Nearly all tactical paintball pistols are fed paintballs by clips.  The most realistic pistols hide their ammo clips inside the grip and drop out with the push of a button, just like a real handgun.  In most cases, paintball pistol clips are fairly small and hold a limited amount of ammo; generally 8-10 paintballs, depending on the gun. 
While paintball guns that are loaded by functional magazines and clips bring the most realism to the game, the amount of ammunition they hold is somewhat limited compared to hopper-fed guns.  The largest magazines for paintball rifles only hold 20 rounds, requiring the player to carry several extra during play so as not to run out of ammo. 
Fortunately, paintball gun magazines and pistol clips are small, lightweight and easy to carry.  Most tactical paintball vests have pouches available to hold magazines and pistol clips for different types of markers.  Most paintball pistol holsters also offer a few pockets for carrying extra clips safely and securely for ready access. 
Whether you need extra magazines for your tactical rifle or clips for your paintball pistol, it’ always smart to have too many than not enough.  Stock up on these necessary accessories at and get more ‘bang’ for your buck.  Save money when you buy more than one magazine or clip together in a package deal.  Check out our great selection; we have functional and non-functional magazines and clips for nearly every paintball gun and pistol made – always on sale.

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