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Transforming Your Milsig Paintball Gun Into An Awesome Looking Military Replica Rifle With Top Quality Accessories. Here We Offer A Great Selection Of Parts & Upgrades For Milsig Tactical Markers

As MilSig paintball markers are second to none when it comes to awesome, realistic scenario paintball action, their accessory parts are equally as special.  Milsig paintball gun accessories are also very well built, easy to install and readily available.  It’s fun to customize your Milsig tactical marker with the best military replica parts and upgrades; these accessories will not transform the look of your gun but also its performance!  Here is a full selection of accessory parts for Milsig paintball guns… 
Bottom Line Air KitBottom Line Air Kit
DMR II Paintball Sniper RIS Handguard w/SuppressorDMR II Paintball Sniper RIS Handguard w/Suppressor
MilSig Paradigm PRO Paintball Gun 10 Round First Strike MagazineMilSig Paradigm PRO Paintball Gun 10 Round First Strike Magazine
Railed Front Gas BlockRailed Front Gas Block

MilSig accessories fit the KSeries tactical markers, but many also fit the Tippmann A5.  Their weight and feel are extremely lightweight, realistic and military grade; their appearance will transform the anger of your paintball gun into legendary status!  Just like their paintball guns, Milsig accessories are by far the best quality parts you can buy; many are parts from actual firearms.
Purchase accessories for your Milsig or Tippmann A5 paintball gun when you want to change its appearance or transform it into a different tactical marker altogether.  What kind of custom military rifle creation can you come up with by trying different combinations of hi-tech MilSig stocks and barrel kits?  Turn your Milsig paintball gun into a completely different animal for better use in a different position on the field.
Use Milsig accessories to better suit your tactical marker for the paintball frontman position; a short barrel and compact stock will keep your gun lightweight and easy to move with for fast maneuvering.  Test your hand as a sniper with a longer, rifled barrel and precision red dot scope.  Either way, equipping your Milsig rifle with top of the line accessories will only improve its value.
Most Milsig accessories will also improve your marker’s performance.  Shoot more precisely when you have better stabilization from a custom hand guard and stock.  An upgraded barrel and optical accessories are awesome for improving your range and accuracy.  With Milsig accessories, you won’t have to worry about them falling off or breaking down in the middle of battle; their parts are extremely sturdy and attach securely to your gun.
Accessorize your Milsig paintball gun with custom parts and you won’t be sorry.  Your marker will look cooler and shoot better than ever before.  Compared to others, Milsig prices are higher, however they truly are the best quality parts you will find.  At Choicepaintballguns, we offer the entire Milsig line and try to offer the lowest prices possible.  Please note, MilSig products are out of Canada so sometimes Canadian customs can delay an order.  This is why you should allow 3-4 weeks delivery time for Milsig products.  
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