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Customize The T68 Paintball Gun Into A More Realistic Military Replica Rifle With The Right Accessory Parts. Here We Offer Upgrades, Parts & Accessories For The T68 M4 Carbine Tactical Marker

The T68 Tactical marker from Rap4 has turned scenario paintballing into extremely realistic warfare.  The T68 M4 carbine has very unique features that make it a leader in a very competitive industry; split fire dual feed magazine/hopper feed and the numerous flexi-air buttstock options allow all sorts of choices.  Perhaps one of the best things about the T68 rifle is that it’s so customizable because there are so many available accessories!  Here is a great selection to further customize this tactical paintball gun…
Ergonomic Pistol GripErgonomic Pistol Grip
M4 Carbine Butt StockM4 Carbine Butt Stock
Remote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock KitRemote Line Adaptor & Butt Stock Kit
T68 Carbine Buttstock - Grip - Handguard KitT68 Carbine Buttstock - Grip - Handguard Kit
T68 Double Magazine ClampT68 Double Magazine Clamp
T68 M4/M16 Colored Carbine KitT68 M4/M16 Colored Carbine Kit
T68 Paintball Pistol Remote AdapterT68 Paintball Pistol Remote Adapter
T68 Pistol Hopper AdapterT68 Pistol Hopper Adapter
T68 Pistol Tactical LaserT68 Pistol Tactical Laser
T68 Rebuild KitT68 Rebuild Kit
Tactical RIS Handguard (Rail Interface System)Tactical RIS Handguard (Rail Interface System)
TCA Stock w/13ci Air Tank PackageTCA Stock w/13ci Air Tank Package

One of the reasons there are such a plethora of accessory parts for the Rap4 T68 paintball rifle is because these guns are made as nearly exact replicas of an M4 carbine.  All hand guards, carry handles and stocks are military spec and compatible with rails and accessories found on actual firearms.  This offers a huge assortment of parts and upgrades available to customize your T68 into virtually anything you can dream of.
With so many different barrels and hand guards available for the T68 M4 tactical rifle, you can easily transform this gun from a paintball sub machine gun into a precision sniper.  Prepare your T68 tactical marker for top performance in your favorite position on the field by adding/changing accessory parts!  Use a short, compact barrel and a retractable stock to keep your T68 lightweight for close fighting; longer, rifled barrels and sniper scopes are terrific for adding range and accuracy for the backfield or sniper position.
All Rap4 T68 paintball markers come equipped with an internal ‘flexi-air’ system; this is a way the gun’s air system is routed through the buttstock of the marker, rather than the grip (like most traditional paintball guns).  This system offers for a more convenient location of the gun’s air connection and allows you to hide the air tank inside the stock.  There are multiple buttstock/air tank accessories to choose from allowing for even further customization of the T68 marker.
Since the Rap4 T68 M4 tactical paintball gun began, it has come through several generations of upgraded models; what used to be upgrades on the initial Gen4 models have now become standard parts on the Gen7 and future model versions.  These include the new split fire dual feed system as well as more efficient internal parts that have improved the T68 rifle’s reliability, range and power.  Fortunately, these parts are also available for purchase to accessorize and upgrade previous models to update your gun to the latest version.
At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, we are proud to offer the entire line of Rap4 T68 M4 tactical paintball guns as well as all its accessories.  We try hard to offer the lowest prices possible for all the paintball equipment we sell; it’s important to us to keep your sport affordable, realistic and fun!  Upgrade your T68 paintball marker for the cheapest price when you buy your accessory parts from our online store.

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