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Rule The Scenario Battlefield With A Realistic Tactical Marker From Tiberius Arms. Here We Offer A Full Selection Of Tiberius Arms Paintball Pistols, Sniper Paintball Guns & Military Replica Assault Rifles

When shopping for the best tactical paintball marker, choose a gun that’s reliable, realistic and affordable made by a company with a good reputation.  Narrowing down brands to choose from will leave Tiberius Arms in the top three every time.  Tiberius Arms paintball guns are versatile, sturdy, accurate, easy to shoot and highly upgradeable.  Here is a selection of their best products including both paintball pistols and realistic tactical rifles…
T15 Machine Pistol Paintball GunT15 Machine Pistol Paintball Gun
Tiberius First Strike T15 DMR Paintball GunTiberius First Strike T15 DMR Paintball Gun
Tiberius First Strike T15 M4 Paintball RifleTiberius First Strike T15 M4 Paintball Rifle
Tiberius First Strike T15 Paintball RifleTiberius First Strike T15 Paintball Rifle
Tiberius First Strike T15 PDW Paintball GunTiberius First Strike T15 PDW Paintball Gun
Tiberius T15 DMR Sniper Paintball MarkerTiberius T15 DMR Sniper Paintball Marker
For a top quality tactical paintball gun, you can’t go wrong with a Tiberius Arms product.  This company is a leading manufacturer of well made, innovative paintball guns and accessories for scenario gaming.  Tiberius Arms paintball markers have unique technology that makes their pistols, sniper paintball guns and magazine fed assault rifles some of the most accurate and realistic in the business.
When choosing a tactical paintball pistol, Tiberius Arms should be on the top of the list.  This company’s .68 caliber pistol is one of the lightest, most accurate and powerful paintball hand guns on the field.  Different from other pistol paintball guns, Tiberius Arms pistol magazines hold the paintballs and CO2 cartridge in one efficient unit – hidden discreetly in the gun’s grip. 
Tiberius Arms paintball rifles are also well known for their precision and reliability; surprisingly, each is built over their base model tactical pistol.  When you buy an awesome Tiberius Arms military replica assault rifle, you’re really getting two guns in one!  Tiberius rifles also offer to be hopper fed as well as magazine for greater ammo capacity.  They can also accept a remote line for use of a larger CO2 tank.
Tiberius Arms also produces a true M4 carbine style magazine fed tactical paintball rifle.  This gun’s magazines hold either 10 or 14 rounds with compressed air tank hidden discreetly inside the gun’s butt stock.  Sturdy, accurate and extremely realistic, Tiberius Arms tactical paintball markers bring awesome performance to any scenario paintball game.
At ChoicePaintballGuns.com we are glad to be distributors of Tiberius Arms pistols, rifles, and paintball gun accessories.  Save money when you buy a Tiberius tactical rifle because you will get two guns in one!  Tiberius Arms paintball markers are reliable guns backed by warranty from a good company – a great value for the beginner or experienced paintballer.  We keep Tiberius Arms weapons and accessories always in stock and ready to ship.
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