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Transform your Paintball Gun into a Long Range Precision Marksman Rifle with a Super Accurate Sniper Barrel. We offer the Best Paintball Sniper Barrels For Long Distance Precision Shooting on Sale for Cheap, Discount Prices.

18 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel18 Inch Recon Rifled Barrel
22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel
Hammerhead OneShot Plus 20 Inch Rifled BarrelHammerhead OneShot Plus 20 Inch Rifled Barrel
Lion's Claw Barrel Tippmann TMC 98 Thread (22mm Muzzle Threads)Lion's Claw Barrel Tippmann TMC 98 Thread (22mm Muzzle Threads)
Tippmann A5 22 Inch Flute Sniper BarrelTippmann A5 22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel
Valken M17 Fluted Rifled Barrel - 15.5 inchValken M17 Fluted Rifled Barrel - 15.5 inch

Shooting a paintball marker that has less range and precision than other players will put you at a distinct disadvantage, particularly during a game of woodsball.  It won't matter how good of a sniper or marksman you are if your paintball gun doesn’t shoot far enough or isn’t accurate, you will have to wage your battles in closer proximity to your opponents so you can hit them.  This leaves you with the choice of either playing in harm’s way making it easier for a sniper to eliminate you or keeping your distance and wasting tons of ammo on missed shots.  Despite the flashy appearance of many tactical paintball guns, most markers with stock barrels shoot about the same, and have very limited range or accuracy.  While some paintball guns are more powerful than others, their stock barrels hold them back offering only average performance in range and precision.  Fortunately, there are many upgrades available that make it easy to rise above the pack to make you stand out as an expert marksman.  One of the best ways to make a great difference in both range and accuracy is by adding a paintball sniper barrel. 
Depending on the variety, a good sniper barrel can add 50-100 feet to your shot, giving you a significant marksman’s precision advantage over nearly all other paintball guns on the field.  These accessories are much more accurate than stock barrels and will end up saving you lots of money from making all the shots you used to miss; you will be twice as effective using half as much ammo.  Sniper paintball barrels are possibly one of the easiest upgrades you can add to your marker.  Most simply screw right onto the receiver of your gun to replace the stock barrel you had allowing instant longer range precision improvements.  A good sniper paintball barrel will add great value to your position on your team.  Not only will you have new marksman skills of amazing accuracy to stack up more eliminations while using up less ammo, but you will also expand your team’s abilities by adding another important role to their roster.  A sniper barrel will allow you to pick off key opposing players from hidden long range vantage points, thinning their numbers and causing anxiety from not knowing who’s shooting at them.
When shopping for the best long range precision paintball sniper barrel, don’t just pick the barrel with the cheapest price, look for certain key characteristics that will give you a marksman’s advantage.  There are many different sniper barrels available and not all long range sniper barrels fit all markers; compatibility is the first detail to consider.  Make sure the sniper barrel you choose is made of quality materials that will last.  Carbon steel is preferred over cheaper aluminum that may be lighter but is easier to bend and damage.  For the farthest and most accurate shooting distance, the best marksman barrels for paintball range between 18 and 22 inches.  Look for performance details such as tiny grooves inside that help guide the ball down the barrel for straighter, more pin-point precision.  Small holes in the end of a sniper barrel (called fluting) give your shot the best long range distance by creating more power behind the paintball by pushing air out ahead of it.  Threading on the end of a sniper barrel is great for adding cool muzzle breaks or longer extensions for even greater accuracy. 
The right paintball sniper barrel will turn you into one of the best, most accurate players on your team almost instantly.  Your reputation as a precision marksman will depend on a high quality, long range barrel you can depend on.  This is why you should only buy your sniper barrels from our online store.  Not only do we have the best selection and cheapest prices, the barrels we have for sale are the most reliable and accurate for long distance shooting you will find.  Our selection includes a wide range of brands so you are sure to find one compatible with your particular paintball gun.  All the sniper barrels we have for sale are built with the most durable lightweight metals honed for precision performance that will last.  At our online paintball store, we make it easy and cheap for you to upgrade your marker for long distance, best marksman shooting performances other players will rave about.  We also have top rated customer service and are glad to answer questions about any of the precision sniper paintball barrels we have for sale or help with your order.

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