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Paintball is a great sport and enjoyed by many, but two major drawbacks have affected its popularity in the last few years.  One drawback is cost; the markers, gear and regular need for paintballs can make playing regularly cost prohibitive.  The other drawback with paintball is the pain from being hit.  Getting hit with a paintball hurts!  And it will leave a bruise if it’s in close range.  The pain of being hit with a paintball scares many potential players away…until the development of .50 caliber paintball!

A few of the leading paintball equipment manufacturers have made an effort to remedy these problems with the development of .50 caliber paintballs and gear.  Most paintball guns are .68 caliber (and shoot .68 caliber paintballs).  A .50 caliber paintball is a much smaller size, requiring all related equipment to be smaller as well.  The smaller, .50 caliber paintball is also more accurate, lighter and more efficient for paintball marker air systems to shoot.

As it turns out, .50 caliber paintball guns are also smaller and lighter.  They are at least four times more air efficient than .68 caliber markers; yielding an amazing 3500 shots/ 20 oz. CO2 tank.  The smaller paintballs also mean a player can carry more – you can fit 350 .50 caliber paintballs into a 140 round pod!  .50 caliber paintballs are also lighter and take less storage space; a 2000 round box is roughly half the size of 2000 round of .68 caliber.  This also means they’re much cheaper to ship!

Perhaps the greatest thing about .50 caliber paintball is the sting is gone!  .50 caliber paintballs have 60% less impact than .68 caliber and this greatly reduced the pain of getting hit.  They will not leave a bruise, however, protective eye wear is still a must.  When shot at 300 fps, .50 caliber paintball guns only generate five joules of force, (compared with thirteen joules from a .68 caliber marker at the same velocity).

With numbers like this, it won’t be long before the entire paintball industry is .50 caliber.  Get on board and support this movement!  .50 caliber paintball is predicted to be a saving force/revival to the dwindling numbers of paintball in the last few years.  At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, we will always have the latest products and trends in paintball.  As this trend is just getting started, check back with this page regularly for updated products from more companies joining the .50 caliber movement.

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