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    Electronic / Automatic Paintball Guns

Easily Outgun Your Opponents With a Top-Rated Fully Automatic Eye System Paintball Gun. We Offer The Best Easy Cleaning, Compressed Air Electronic Paintball Markers with Rechargeable Batteries & Full Auto Circuit Boards For Sale at Cheap Discount Online Prices

When your paintball gun only shoots one ball at a time, you had better be quite a marksman on the field.  Even if you’re an expert shooter, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with players who can spray a full auto barrage of paint and take out several of your teammates at once without even aiming.  The fact is, without a fully automatic compressed air electronic paintball gun, you will be easily outgunned no matter what type of game you play.  Expert players don’t like admitting it’s easier to hit someone with a high end fully automatic marker than a cheap single shooter.  Electronic paintball guns with rechargeable batteries are much more fun and interesting to play with, making your game much faster and more intense.  Good eye system automatic paintball guns are available for sale for all styles of paintball and are widely used by both beginners and experienced players.   
Overall, paintball is fun and easy to play, but if you’re not used to shooting a marker you will go through a dangerous learning curve in the middle of a paintball game.   Unfortunately, the best place to learn how to shoot a gun is not when others are hurling bullets at you!  To make things even more difficult, the targets you’re shooting at are all moving or hiding behind bunkers!  Electronic paintball guns for sale that are fully automatic make paintball much easier and more fun for the first time player.  A paintball marker with a full auto circuit board and rechargeable battery will allow you to hit targets without having to be proficient at aiming.  With full auto firing, you will be able to visibly see the stream of paintballs you’re shooting and adjust your aim until you hit your target, dead on every time.  Automatic compressed air paintball guns shoot many more paintballs with one trigger pull which greatly improve your chances of hitting someone.  While most high end paintball guns for advanced tournament players are electronic and have eye systems, there are also several cheap priced, easy cleaning automatic paintball guns for sale designed specifically for the beginner.
Compared to their slower, cheaper priced single shot counterpart, good electronic paintball guns offer much more variety to your game.  Most fully automatic paintball guns have electronic triggers that run off a 9-volt rechargeable battery hidden discreetly inside the grip of the gun.  This powers the marker for faster shooting speeds when chosen.  The best eye system electronic paintball guns for sale offer several different firing modes, chosen by a small selector switch on the side of the gun’s receiver or a small button located within the grip.  The best compressed air electronic competition guns offer several firing modes that correspond to rules of the different sanctions that sponsor paintball events.  While cheaper, less advanced automatic paintball guns have fewer trigger options, the more high end, easy cleaning markers offer numerous and some are even programmable for a totally custom shooting experience.  The best electronic tactical paintball guns for sale do not have complex circuit boards and offer only single shot, three round burst and full auto firing modes. 
Some players argue that fully automatic paintball guns waste too much ammunition.  While it’s easy to empty your hopper very quickly with full auto, there are many advantages electronic eye system markers equipped with this mode allow you.  When providing the best cover fire, there is nothing like fully automatic firing to keep your opponents stuck behind bunkers so your teammates can advance to their next location.  If used correctly, an easy cleaning high end electronic paintball gun will save more ammo than it wastes.  To keep your opponents pinned down in one spot for a sustained period of time, the controlled bursts of shooting offered by full auto circuit board paintball guns with rechargeable batteries end up using less ammunition than single shot markers.  When faced with multiple opponents at once, only the unrelenting fire from a fully automatic compressed air paintball gun can save you from this seemingly hopeless situation. 
No matter your skill level or type of paintball play there is an electronic fully automatic paintball gun perfect for you.  There’s a reason why many players eventually upgrade their cheap beginner markers with electronic triggers – because it’s more fun to play with an automatic paintball gun!  Save yourself the extra money and trouble of upgrading to this excellent feature later and start off with a fully automatic eye system paintball marker from the get go.  Save even more money when you buy your electronic circuit board paintball gun from our online store.  We have the cheapest prices on the best high end automatic compressed air markers from all the top name brand companies for sale.  All our electronic paintball guns have solid warranties on parts and service so you can make an investment in the marker you like with confidence.  Our huge selection is always up to date and we offer top notch customer service should need any help or have any questions.  
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