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Shoot More & Play Longer By Carrying More Paintball Ammunition Pods With A Tactical Harness. Here We Offer The Best Camouflage Tactical Paintball Harnesses On Sale For Cheap, Discount Prices

You’re dead in the water if your paintball gun runs out of ammo in the middle of a game.  Without carrying as much ammunition as possible, your fighting fun will be cut short if what’s in your hopper is all you’ve got.  By carrying more paintballs than your opponent, you will be able to shoot much more for a longer period of time; the player with the most ammo has a definite tactical advantage.  Scenario paintball already requires hauling loads of gear around with you.  Without an efficient way of carrying your tactical supplies (including the most amount of paintball ammunition possible), it’s easy to get weighted down too much.  The best way to carry tons of ammo comfortably balanced with the rest of your gear is with a tactical paintball harness.

Tactical Paintball Harnesses

NXE Harness Belt ExtenderNXE Harness Belt Extender
Rap4 Tactical Outdoor Paintball Harness - Olive DrabRap4 Tactical Outdoor Paintball Harness - Olive Drab
Rap4 Tactical Paintball HarnessRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - ACURap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - ACU
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - CadpatRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Cadpat
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Desert CamoRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Desert Camo
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - DPMRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - DPM
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Eight Color DesertRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Eight Color Desert
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - German FlektarnRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - German Flektarn
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - MARPAT / Digi CamoRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - MARPAT / Digi Camo
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Tiger StripeRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Tiger Stripe
Rap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - WoodlandRap4 Tactical Paintball Harness - Woodland
Tactical SlingTactical Sling
Tippmann Sport Series 2+1 Harness - BlackTippmann Sport Series 2+1 Harness - Black
Tippmann Sport Series 4 Pod Paintball Harness - CamoTippmann Sport Series 4 Pod Paintball Harness - Camo
Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness - BlackTippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness - Black
Tippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness - CamoTippmann Sport Series 4+1 Harness - Camo
VTac 4+1 Harness MarpatVTac 4+1 Harness Marpat
VTac 4+1 Harness WoodlandVTac 4+1 Harness Woodland
VTac 6+1 Harness MarpatVTac 6+1 Harness Marpat
VTac 6+1 Paintball Harness Tiger Stripe CamoVTac 6+1 Paintball Harness Tiger Stripe Camo
VTac Molle Paintball HarnessVTac Molle Paintball Harness

Tactical Paintball Belts

CO2/Pods Elastic Arm BandCO2/Pods Elastic Arm Band
Defender Utility BeltDefender Utility Belt
Empire 20" Harness Belt Extender - BlackEmpire 20" Harness Belt Extender - Black
Hand Grenade Pouch & Belt Combo PackageHand Grenade Pouch & Belt Combo Package
US Army Combat Web BeltUS Army Combat Web Belt

Tactical Paintball Leg Harnesses

Drop Leg Magazine Pouch For Tiberius PistolDrop Leg Magazine Pouch For Tiberius Pistol
Tippmann Sport Series 2 Paintball Pod Harness - CamoTippmann Sport Series 2 Paintball Pod Harness - Camo
Tippmann Sport Series 2 Pod Harness - BlackTippmann Sport Series 2 Pod Harness - Black
TPX Pistol Magazine Leg PouchTPX Pistol Magazine Leg Pouch
VTac 2 Pod Paintball Web Belt WoodlandVTac 2 Pod Paintball Web Belt Woodland
VTac 2 Pod Web Belt MarpatVTac 2 Pod Web Belt Marpat
VTac 3 Pod Paintball Web Belt WoodlandVTac 3 Pod Paintball Web Belt Woodland
VTac 3 Pod Web Belt MarpatVTac 3 Pod Web Belt Marpat

The problem with carrying tons of paintball gun ammo is it gets heavy quickly.  If packed incorrectly, the extra paintballs can easily cause imbalance, throwing you off and slowing down your movement.  The best and most efficient way to carry lots of paintballs is distributed evenly around the body.  Tactical harnesses are designed to carry pods of paintball ammo and even your marker’s CO2 or hpa tank worn tightly around your waist distributing the extra weight comfortably around your mid section.  Some tactical paintball harnesses fit around your upper thigh with a secure strap to your belt, however waist harnesses carry equipment more evenly. 
While a tactical paintball vest can ultimately carry much more equipment, the tactical harness is a great choice for the player who wants to travel light.  Front players or the scout unit on a tactical team should carry very little with them for faster, less cumbersome movement.  Tactical harnesses will provide these positions with the bare minimum gear essentials; plenty of paintballs and a place to store their air tank.  Most tactical harnesses are designed so the gear they carry is on the back of the player, freeing up the front to allow better movement; however this depends on the brand and style you choose.  Harnesses come in a variety of different shapes with most tactical models carrying up to 6 pods and an air tank, however some carry even more. 
Most tactical harnesses also come in a variety of colors and patterns of camouflage to help match the rest of your scenario outfit.  Most harnesses also come ready made with pod and CO2 pouches already attached.  Some of the best tactical paintball harnesses use the MOLLE attachment system of straps and snaps making it compatible with a nearly endless supply of different pouches and pockets.  This type of harness is best if you want to customize it for carrying specific gear other than just ammunition, like extra magazines, paintball grenades or tools/maintenance supplies.  Most paintball harnesses attach securely around the waist with a one size fits all velcro strap, however belt extenders are also available for larger size players.  Some models also include suspenders for more support and easier carrying when loaded down with equipment. 
Whether you’re the designated ammo carrier for your team or prefer carrying your paintball air tank on your back, a tactical harness is the best option.  These scenario accessories make packing tons of paintballs and extra gear in lengthy games comfortable and easy.  Fortunately, tactical harnesses are also very affordable with the cheapest prices found online at our paintball store.  We feature only the most dependable brand name paintball harnesses for both scenario woodsball and tournament speedball on sale for discount prices with top rated service to match.  We also have fast, affordable shipping options and a 100% secure checkout.

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