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It’s Easy To Turn Your Paintball Gun Into a Tactical Compact Sub Machine Gun. Here We Offer Paintball Sub Machine Gun Parts & Accessories For Discount Prices

Transforming your tactical paintball marker into a sub machine gun will make it lighter and easier to wield.  It doesn’t take many parts to do this, however paintball sub machine gun accessories are cheap to buy and easy to install.  Here is a great selection of the best parts and accessories you can find for realistic sub machine gun paintball markers…
Carbine ButtstockCarbine Buttstock
Project Salvo Response TriggerProject Salvo Response Trigger
RIS Vertical GripRIS Vertical Grip
SAW ButtstockSAW Buttstock
Skeleton ButtstockSkeleton Buttstock
SMG MP5 Style Retractable Buttstock for Paintball MarkersSMG MP5 Style Retractable Buttstock for Paintball Markers
Spyder 3 Inch BarrelSpyder 3 Inch Barrel
UMP Folding ButtstockUMP Folding Buttstock
Valken Flip-up Lens Sight ProtectorValken Flip-up Lens Sight Protector
Valken Hooded Mini Red Dot SightValken Hooded Mini Red Dot Sight
Valken Mini Reflex Red Dot SightValken Mini Reflex Red Dot Sight
Valken RDA20 Mini Red Dot SightValken RDA20 Mini Red Dot Sight
Valken RDA30 Mini Red Dot SightValken RDA30 Mini Red Dot Sight
Vertical RIS Folding GripVertical RIS Folding Grip
Vertical RIS Folding Grip Type IIVertical RIS Folding Grip Type II

It’s easy to build a compact sub machine gun out of just about any name brand tactical paintball marker.  The first step is to add a short, 1-3 inch barrel or simply replace the gun’s existing barrel with a muzzle brake.  Other necessary sub machine gun accessories are butt stocks; the best compact smg markers have collapsible, retractable or at the very minimum, adjustable butt stocks.
The best paintball sub machine guns have picatinny rails that you can attach accessories like grips, lasers, sights and scopes to.  Keeping the size of these guns in mind, choose accessories for your sub machine gun that are small, compact and low profile.  Don’t buy accessories that are too big or stick out too far, making the gun cumbersome or weight imbalanced.
When purchasing accessories for your compact paintball sub machine gun, first make sure the part is compatible with your base marker.  It’s smart to stick with same brand names to ensure a perfect fit, however there are sub machine gun parts and accessories made for markers of all kinds. 
At ChoicePaintballGuns, you can choose from a great selection of parts and accessories for sub machine gun tactical paintball markers.  Shop at our store and it won’t cost much to transform your gun with the best quality, most realistic supplies.  We offer tons of paintball gun accessories at discount prices with year round sales; your paintball supplies are always affordable at ChoicePaintballGuns!
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