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You Don’t Have to Give Up Performance For Realism When You Shoot an Accurate, Powerful & Reliable BT Paintball Gun. Here We Offer a Complete Selection of the Best BT Battle Tested Tactical Markers For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

Scenario players have so much to choose from nowadays when it comes to buying authentic woodsball guns.  It’s common however to sacrifice performance for a realistic look.  Many tactical markers may look the part but are too big, heavy or don’t shoot accurately or far enough.  Beware of scenario paintball guns made with cheap parts as they won’t even last a full game in the rough environment of woodsball.  You will never have these problems if you wield a BT tactical marker.  BT paintball guns are considered some of the most reliable and fun to use markers in the sport of full combat scenario paintballing.  All models of BT guns perform amazingly right out of the box and will give you an immediate advantage over all your opponents who don’t own one.  These .68 caliber weapons have been battle tested, operate wonderfully under pressure and are built like little indestructible tanks.  Besides terrific performance, BT paintball guns are also extremely realistic and will turn heads on any field.  BT offers a selection of different models for sale with a wide range of prices, however all are still very affordable.
BT battle tested paintball markers make excellent guns for beginners because they are so cheaply priced but also easy to learn on.  Their basic model is very much plug and play with no hassles, but also few frills.  BT’s medium and top end price range include more realistic and sophisticated weapons few connoisseurs can pass up.  These guns are top of the line when compared to every other brand and worth saving your money for.  Regardless of the model you choose, all BT paintball guns excel in virtually every position on the scenario battle field.  These tactical markers have a terrific balance giving them a nice realistic feel but also very easy to wield in tight spaces and fast action; testing a BT on the front lines of battle is a safe bet.  With the right barrel and optics, BT markers also make excellent weapons for long range precision shooting.  With such a wide variety of uses, it’s common for scenario players to buy a cheap priced BT beginner paintball gun when they first start, and then upgrade with yet another more advanced BT marker later to stay with the same brand. 

Whether you prefer a basic model or one that’s loaded with tactical accessories, one of the things that make BT paintball guns so popular is how easy they are to use and take care of.  These guns need very little maintenance other than the standard practices required of most markers and are simple to clean and maintain.  Depending on the amount of use, a little gun oil and fresh o-rings once in a rare while will keep your BT paintball gun running for a long time.  As easy as they are to manage, they’re equally as easy to upgrade as there are tons of extra parts available.  BT tactical markers are compatible with Tippmann 98 barrels and accessories as well as other real firearm parts including rails, stocks and optics.  This leaves virtually endless possibilities for customizing your BT into military replica rifles, machine guns and long range snipers.  Basic model BT guns make terrific platforms for building the tactical paintball gun of your dreams.  Whatever you create, you will be making a weapon that’s reliable, consistent, shoots far and incredibly accurate because its base is a BT.
The best thing about BT paintball guns is they allow you to get totally immersed in your scenario.  When you use a BT, you can play as hard as possible without having to worry about constantly repairing your broken down marker.  These guns will give you a new confidence in not only wielding the most realistic looking weapon but also in how easily you will slice through your opponents.  BT battle tested paintball guns will make you a stand out player from the first time you pull the trigger!  With such cheap sticker prices, it’s easy to figure out why so many players buy them and never want to put them down.  In our online store, we feature every BT paintball gun model for sale at the lowest possible prices so even the high end BT markers are affordable to the cheapest budgets.  We also carry a full line of compatible accessories for these guns should you need a part or want to upgrade your performance even more.  If you’re not sure which BT paintball gun would be best for you or have any questions about these tactical markers, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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