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Preserve The Life of Your Paintball CO2 & Expensive High Pressure Compressed Air Cylinder with a good Air Tank Cover. We Have a Great Selection of the Best Air Tank Covers For Both Paintball CO2 & Carbon Fiber Hpa Tanks For Sale at Cheap, Discount Prices.

2012 Valken Crusade Tank Cover - Tron Blue2012 Valken Crusade Tank Cover - Tron Blue
2012 Valken Crusade Tank Cover - Tron Grey2012 Valken Crusade Tank Cover - Tron Grey
2013 Valken Crusade Hatch Tank Cover2013 Valken Crusade Hatch Tank Cover
20oz. CO2 Tank Cover20oz. CO2 Tank Cover
Dye C9 Rhino Tank CoverDye C9 Rhino Tank Cover
Exalt Tank CoverExalt Tank Cover
GenX Global Tank CoverGenX Global Tank Cover
HPA 3000psi 48ci Tank CoverHPA 3000psi 48ci Tank Cover
HPA 68ci Tank CoverHPA 68ci Tank Cover
NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Large)NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Large)
NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Small)NXe Elevation Universal Tank Cover (Small)
Valken Redemption Vexagon Paintball Tank Cover - Neon GreenValken Redemption Vexagon Paintball Tank Cover - Neon Green
Valken Redemption Vexagon Tank Cover - Black/GoldValken Redemption Vexagon Tank Cover - Black/Gold
Valken Redemption Vexagon Tank Cover - Navy BlueValken Redemption Vexagon Tank Cover - Navy Blue
Valken Redemption Vexagon Tank Cover - Red/GreyValken Redemption Vexagon Tank Cover - Red/Grey
VTac Tank CoverVTac Tank Cover

When you play hard enough to win, paintball can be hard on your equipment. When your marker gets scraped up, those are called battle scars. However injuries to your paintball gun’s air tank must be taken more seriously. Dings, dents and scratches to paintball CO2 or high pressure air tanks are not only unsightly but may render your gun’s power source unusable and can even be dangerous. Dents can weaken the walls of the cylinder making it more susceptible to rupture. If you get a ding or dent on your paintball CO2 or compressed air tank, you should immediately stop playing and replace the air source with a new tank. Dented portable air tanks for paintball are no longer usable and you will not be able to get them refilled commercially. This is why air tank covers are one of the best paintball accessories you can buy. Paintball air tank covers are protective pouches that fit over top of CO2 and high pressure air tanks and will greatly prolong their life. Even the most expensive air tank cover is a cheap price to pay considering how much trouble and money these accessories will save you. With a good paintball air tank cover, you can play harder and more confidently knowing your CO2 compressed air tank is safe no matter how bold your moves are.
When shopping for a good paintball air tank cover, choose a cover that’s the coolest looking and most protective for the type of tank you have and how you play. Paintball air tank covers come in many styles, sizes, colors and price range and there is a lot to choose from. While the sizes and shapes of paintball CO2 and compressed air tanks vary, so do their covers. A tank cover for a carbon fiber hpa tank has a round bottom, while a cover for a CO2 tank is square. For the best protection, look for paintball air tank covers made of extremely durable materials such as neoprene, thick fabric and sleeves made of firm rubber. Rubber air tank covers offer the most comprehensive protection against dings or dents, however all types of tank covers are very effective at prolonging the life of CO2 compressed air tanks. Most of the top paintball companies make their own branded tank covers to match professional uniforms and offer the highest performance. Air tank covers are also available for sale in tactical colors and camouflage patterns great for scenario play. Whether you play on turf or in the woods, a good padded air tank cover will keep your expensive hpa and CO2 tanks safe from getting dented, scratched and ruined in the rough environment.
Buy your paintball gun CO2 and compressed air tank covers from because we have the best selection of the highest quality, most durable tank covers for any type of game you play. For tournament play, we feature the top brand name, high performance covers for protection of expensive compressed air tanks and to match your team uniforms. For scenario woodsball, we offer tank covers with extreme durability in tactical colors and lots of camouflage patterns. We have all styles and sizes of tank covers available for sale including rubber, neoprene and thick, pressure-tested canvas materials with sublimated colors for both CO2 and high pressure air tanks for sale at very cheap prices. If you’re looking to save money, we also sell basic economy model air tank covers that are very high quality and will give your air tank the protection it needs for a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to get the best air tank cover when you shop at our online store. All our air tank covers for CO2 and compressed air tanks have detaied descriptions and high resolution graphics so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our customer service team is excellent and will process your order immediately and ship it right to your front door. If you have questions about any of the paintball air tank covers we have for sale, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help. 

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