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Gift Certificates

Even w/the Best Marker, You Will Not Have Much of a Game w/out a Good CO2 Tank Gas Bottle From a Reliable Supplier. At Our Store, You Can Buy Small & Large Size Reusable Paintball Gun Air System Cylinders & Cheap, Lightweight Aluminum CO2 Canisters w/New Expiration Dates For Sale at the Low, Near Wholesale Prices.

12oz. CO2 Cylinder12oz. CO2 Cylinder
20oz. CO2 Cylinder20oz. CO2 Cylinder
24oz. CO2 Cylinder24oz. CO2 Cylinder
60g CO2 Cylinder60g CO2 Cylinder
7oz. CO2 Cylinder (Out of Stock)7oz. CO2 Cylinder (Out of Stock)
Burst DiskBurst Disk
CO2/Air Tank CapCO2/Air Tank Cap
Rechargeable 12g CO2 CylinderRechargeable 12g CO2 Cylinder
Steel Braided CO2 HoseSteel Braided CO2 Hose
Tacamo Hurricane Flexi-Air Stock & Tank PackageTacamo Hurricane Flexi-Air Stock & Tank Package
Tacamo Vortex Flexi-Air Stock & Tank PackageTacamo Vortex Flexi-Air Stock & Tank Package
TCA Stock w/13ci Air Tank PackageTCA Stock w/13ci Air Tank Package
Tippmann 20 oz. CO2 CylinderTippmann 20 oz. CO2 Cylinder
Valken 20oz. CO2 Cylinder (Qty. 10)Valken 20oz. CO2 Cylinder (Qty. 10)

It’s no fun to be sidelined by malfunctioning paintball equipment.  If your paintball gun starts to sputter, shoot erratically and eventually quit, you can be left defenseless in the middle of battle.  To diagnose this issue, the first place to look is your marker’s gas tank.  Cheap, low quality paintball CO2 tanks will not only lessen the performance of your gun, but can even be dangerous.  Lightweight, reusable aluminum paintball CO2 cylinders for sale are generally very safe systems to use, however a full inspection should be performed before attaching to your gun.  No matter the size, make sure any air canister used for paintball is free of dents or dings.  Check the pin on the top of the CO2 bottle to make sure it’s not loose or broken.  Most tanks with current expiration dates will be free of these problems however even if you buy the best CO2 cylinder possible, sometimes you get a lemon.  Fortunately, if you get stuck with a lame tank, the problem is small as these necessary accessories have low prices and can be easily found for sale at near wholesale, depending on the supplier.
Besides a smart strategy and the best marksmanship, a key to winning in paintball is being prepared.  It won’t matter how good of a player you are if your CO2 tank runs out of gas.  Without an extra cylinder as a back up air system, you’ll be a sitting duck until the game is over.  Most paintball CO2 canisters for sale are made of lightweight aluminum however the largest tanks weigh about 3-4 lbs. when completely full.  While this isn’t a lot of weight, carrying two plus your marker can be cumbersome.  Fortunately, reusable paintball bottles come in numerous sizes so smaller tanks are available to buy for an easier way to pack several back-ups into battle.  Most paintball gun CO2 cylinders with current expiration dates are also cheap enough so purchasing several is still affordable without having to search for lower prices from wholesale suppliers.  Keep in mind however when using smaller size CO2 tanks, they will offer less shots. 
When buying the best CO2 tank for your paintball gun, don’t just pick the cheapest price; choose the right size cylinder for your style of play.  While the smallest aluminum CO2 canister carries the least amount of gas (only offering up to 300 shots), these low priced, lightweight air systems match excellently with compact markers used by forward players on the front line.  The largest reusable CO2 bottles for sale offer up to 6-700 shots but add some weight to your gun when completely full and this should be considered if you’re a player who relies on fast movement during a game.  Once you have the right size air tank with current expiration date, make sure it has good threads for the tightest fit to your marker.  A fresh o-ring on your paintball CO2 cylinder is imperative for an air-tight seal to ensure the best performance.  Sometimes these items are compromised during travel or from sitting around a wholesale warehouse waiting for a supplier to sell them.   
For the best bang for your buck, always buy new paintball CO2 tanks for sale with current expiration dates.  For safety reasons, used cylinders should never be purchased.  For the longest play, choose a large size aluminum CO2 canister to offer the most gas for your gun.  You can outlast all your competitors when you carry several small, lightweight air bottles as back-up systems for when you run low.  Stock up on the most reliable reusable CO2 cylinders for the cheapest prices and best performance for your marker when you shop at our online store.  We only sell brand new paintball air tanks with current expiration dates at lower prices than most other stores.  This is because we are a supplier who deals in large quantities of CO2 cylinders and get them for sale at wholesale prices so we are glad to pass the savings onto you.  We also have top rated service!  If you have any questions about which size aluminum air tanks are the best buy for the gun you own or position you play, contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to help.

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