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Avoid Inconsistent Performance & Have Much More Fun When You Buy The Best Paint For Your Marker. At Our Online Store, We Sell Both Popular & Super Cheap Brand Paintballs For All Caliber Guns Including Neon Colors in Boxes of 2000 or Bulk For Discount, Near Wholesale Prices.

In order to have the best time playing paintball, you must have reliable ammunition.  Paintballs that won’t fly straight or break before exiting your gun can cause you to be more of a target than a threat on the field and may even cost you the game.  Whether you buy them for a cheap, wholesale price in bulk or just one box of 2000 at a time, the caliber and quality of the ammo you choose will be directly related to the amount of fun you have!  There is a large assortment of brands and variations of paintballs available online and it’s important you pick the right size and type for your particular marker and the type of game you intend to play.  Paintballs are made of a non-toxic, sugar based paint encapsulated by a thin, harder shell of similar make-up.  The paint from a paintball washes off clothing with a normal wash cycle and will generally not leave a stain, however super cheap paint can be more difficult to remove.  The best paintballs for outdoor games are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment, however if left to dry on their own may leave a residue that can be hard to remove, depending on the surface.  For night time play, neon colored paintballs are popular and add an exciting element to the game. 
With such a large variety of different types, sizes and quality of paintballs offered online, it’s smart to do your research before buying so you get the correct paint for the cheapest price.  Most paintballs are available for sale in boxes of 2000 however some brands offer packages of less.  For larger quantities, few stores offer bulk deals for prices closer to wholesale however this is often only for super huge volumes of paint (25+ boxes).  Paint colors also vary but the best choice is neon or something bright so there’s no question your target has been marked.  When shopping, first choose the correct size paintball to match the caliber gun you have.  Even within the same size ball, there are slight size differences amongst popular brands that will work better than others for your marker.  For the best performance, try out different brands to see which one shoots the most accurately and works best with the bore of your gun’s barrel.  A barrel bore sizing tool makes matching the right paintball with your barrel an easier task. 
Paintball ammunition also comes in various different quality grades ranging from cheaper, recreational balls to more expensive, tournament grade.  Recreational, or field grade paintballs are designed for practicing or general play and work great for the popular, less refined tactical markers used in scenario games.  They are what’s most commonly used at commercial fields and can be found for sale in boxes of 2000 at most sporting goods stores.  Recreational grade balls can be bought online however this is not cost effective.  This popular ammunition has a thicker, firmer shell and can be shot by nearly any marker (as long as it’s the correct caliber); it also has the cheapest price.  If you’re looking to buy bulk paintballs for a near wholesale price, field grade paint is where the best deals will be found.  Recreational grade paintball ammo is the most affordable because it has slight inconsistencies in shape, resulting in less accurate flight patterns not suitable for tournament play.  Field grade paint comes in the most common colors as well as neon fluorescent. 
Tournament grade paintballs for sale have a much thinner shell so they will break easily and more consistently.  These paintballs are meant for higher end, top performance competition paintball guns, often used in professional meets and tournaments.  Premium grade paintball ammunition is extremely consistent in size and shape and therefore better quality and much more reliable – nearly guaranteeing they will fly straight and break upon impact every time.  Prices for this top quality paint are far from wholesale and not cost effective for most budgets to buy in bulk, however a necessary evil if you own a top end tournament marker.  You will also not find neon colors popular for night play in tournament balls as these are not used in professional competitions.  We carry boxes of 2000 count paintballs in both premium and cheaper priced field grades for all caliber paintball guns not found in your local stores.  We know that buying your ammo online can cost a bit more (because of shipping costs), but the advantage is the large assortment of hard to find brands and discount prices.  Add a case of paintballs to your order and enjoy the convenience of having the best quality ammo delivered directly to your front door!

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