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Protect Your Head & Command A Fierce Tactical Look on the Battlefield w/a Good Low Profile, Tricked Out Fiberglass Military Paintball Helmet. We Offer Full Protection for the Front & Back of the Head w/Deluxe Paintball Safety Helmets w/Chin Straps & the Best Peripheral Vision

Emerson FAST Vented Integrated Training HelmetEmerson FAST Vented Integrated Training Helmet
GenX Global Tactical HelmetGenX Global Tactical Helmet
Helmet CoverHelmet Cover
Helmet Mounting AttachmentsHelmet Mounting Attachments
Integrated Training HelmetIntegrated Training Helmet
Mich Style Military Training HelmetMich Style Military Training Helmet
Rap4 Paintball Helmet CamcorderRap4 Paintball Helmet Camcorder
Rothco Advanced Tactical Adjustable Airsoft HelmetRothco Advanced Tactical Adjustable Airsoft Helmet
US Army/Police Training HelmetUS Army/Police Training Helmet

While being hit in the skull with a paintball will not cause permanent injury, it’s terribly painful and leaves an awful mess.  A good impact to the head not only stings but can leave a bruise if close to the hairline and even a sore, swollen lump that can last for days.  With some paintball paint being oil based, cleaning paint and bits of shell from your hair is not easy and can be a real distraction in the middle of a game.  Military paintball helmets are a great way to protect your head from not only well placed shots but also against injury from the rough natural environment of scenario woodsball.  Cuts, scrapes and bruises are no fun but easy enough to recover from, however head injuries can be much more serious.  This is why wearing a tactical paintball helmet for extra head protection is smart.  While most tactical helmets for paintball are a type of hard fiberglass, they add yet another good layer of safety to help prevent serious head injuries should an accident occur.  An awesome tricked out, low profile tactical paintball helmet with chin strap and great peripheral vision will make you a leader on the battlefield.  Your confidence will soar knowing your deluxe helmet gives you full protection for both the front and back of your head.
Paintball helmets not only provide complete head protection but also add another good realistic dimension to your tactical outfit.  When you’re putting together your body armor tactical outfit for a scenario game, you want the most realistic, fierce looking appearance so you will look like a real military soldier and intimidate your opponents.  For the most authentic dress, a full head fiberglass paintball helmet with chin strap does wonders for separating you from the pack.  Instead of just camouflage clothing, wearing a tricked out, low profile helmet onto the battlefield will upgrade your look from ‘olive drab’ to ‘realistic scenario fab’ in a second.  A deluxe tactical paintball safety helmet with good peripheral vision will complete your look from front to back and give you a performance edge. 
When choosing a good full head protection helmet for the best match to your tactical apparel, make sure the one you get is low profile and fits over your existing paintball mask.  Most helmets with chin straps will only fit over face-only protection masks; masks that provide full or even partial head coverage will not fit under a paintball helmet.  Deluxe tricked out helmets for realistic military battlefield paintball are made of high tech fiberglass.  This material does a great job deflecting paintballs and providing complete protection for the head while still remaining lightweight.  Its malleability allows for the best ergonomic shapes for awesome back of head protection and terrific peripheral vision.  Helmets made of metal will still do the trick, however are considered overkill and only add more weight to carry.  Also make sure the helmet you choose attaches securely so it doesn’t move around or fall off during action.  The best paintball helmets have adjustable straps with attachments under the chin.
Wearing a fierce looking tricked out fiberglass tactical paintball helmet with great peripheral vision and adjustable chin strap will give you mad street credit on the scenario battlefield.  The full head protection safety of a deluxe low profile helmet will allow you to play with reckless abandon.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we are glad to offer such a large selection of good quality, military tactical paintball helmets.  Complete your scenario paintball uniform with a protective helmet and worry no more about a direct hit to the back of your skull cap.  All of the helmets sold on our website will fit over nearly all face-only protective masks.  We also sell helmet attachments accessories and helmet covers for cheap prices so you can customize your helmet best for your style of play and tactical outfit.  Get the best body armor safety suit and save money when you buy your protective paintball gear at our online store!  We also have a 100% secure checkout, fast affordable shipping and top rated customer service. 

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