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Mich Style Military Training Helmet

Mich Style Military Training Helmet

Mich Style Military Training Helmet
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The rough natural terrain in scenario paintball demands more protective gear than speedball. Paintball masks protect your eyes but do nothing for your head; a direct hit in the skull not only makes a mess but also causes intense pain and may even make your head bleed! Only a tactical helmet will give you the full protective coverage you need, however most paintball helmets for sale look cheap and unrealistic, move around too much on your head and are uncomfortable on your head.
The Mich Style Military Training Helmet is a tactical accessory that should be in every scenario paintballer’s list of the best protective gear. This cool US military helmet offers the best full coverage protection for the head and ears, easily deflecting any incoming paintballs. You will never feel the sting of being nailed in the skull again wearing the Mich Style Military Helmet. In case you fall or bang your head against a rock or sharp branch, the Mich Style Military Paintball training helmet is also great for protecting your head against the unforgiving environment of woodsball as well.
One of the best features of the Mich Style Military paintball helmet is how securely it stays on your head. Most cheap, low quality tactical paintball helmets tend to slip and slide around on your head and may not fit well over your protective mask. The Mich Style US Military scenario helmet fits over nearly all paintball masks and secures tightly but comfortably over your head. This tactical helmet features a terrific system of removable/replaceable padding that provides a tight cushion that hugs your head. It also has an elaborate strap system on the sides that secures the chin and cradles the back of your head for a firm, unshakeable fit; unmovable no matter how active you are in the game.
Besides delivering the ultimate in full head protection, the Mich Style US Military Paintball tactical helmet brings a super realistic custom look to your game. Whether you play as an elite para military soldier or SWAT law enforcement captain, the Mich Style tactical paintball helmet will add a cool looking, fierce special ops appearance to your scenario outfit. This realistic training helmet comes in black only, however can be covered by camouflage helmet covers to match any color fatigues or tactical uniform. The Mich Style Military scenario paintball helmet is one size fits all and can be adjusted for comfort with the chin/head straps.
The Mich Style US Military Training Helmet will make your scenario paintball game come to life! Not only will it give your tactical outfit a more complete and legitimate custom look, it also offers the best full coverage head protection you will find. Buy this fantastic protective helmet from our online store for a discounted price only found on this website. This item is always in stock and ready to ship. Contact us if you have any questions about the Mich Style Military Training Helmet and we will be glad to help.
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