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Planet Eclipse Competition Markers Use Innovative Technology Making Them The Fastest, Lightest & Most Accurate Guns In Paintball. Here We Offer The Full Line Of Planet Eclipse Tournament Style Paintball guns

The speed and stress common in top level competition demands a paintball gun that’s lightweight, extremely fast and deadly accurate.  A marker that’s too heavy, slow or inaccurate can be more of a burden in a timed match where every shot must count.  As tournament paint tends to be on the brittle side, cheaper quality, less refined paintball guns often break balls and have trouble keeping up with the pace of tournament speedball.  For professional level paintball competition, Planet Eclipse paintball guns will never let you down; here is the complete collection…

If there are three top, tournament style paintball markers representing the absolute best in the business, Planet Eclipse is one of them.  With several models representing a full gamut of price ranges, all have innovative technology translating into top performance on the field.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, if you want to win, wielding a Planet Eclipse paintball marker is a must.
There is a reason why Planet Eclipse paintball guns are often seen being used by top professional paintball teams like Dynasty, Aftershock and Explicit.  These markers are ultra fast, super light and extremely accurate; excellently suited for the fast action of high stakes professional competition paintball.  Most players are amazed at how easy Planet Eclipse paintball guns are to operate and rule the field with, no matter what experience level they are.
Even the lower priced, entry and mid level Planet Eclipse paintball markers are super smooth to shoot and easy to handle.  These guns have most of the same technology that the Planet Eclipse’s higher end markers have; all their gun models are easy on the most gentle tournament grade paint and hardly ever break balls.  You can also expect easy maintenance and consistent performance from all Planet Eclipse paintball guns.
A top quality Planet Eclipse paintball gun will give you incredible control over your game.  Planet Eclipse competition markers feature adjustable triggers and fully programmable firing modes to customize your playing speed and strategy.  All Planet Eclipse paintball guns have stylish, contoured looks and are totally ergonomic for the perfect fit in your hand.  Excellently balanced, these guns are easy to wield quickly and accurately for precision battles.
Planet Eclipse stays in front of the competition by constant innovation seen in regular new releases each year.  This company is constantly pushing the limits with trying to make their markers faster, lighter, smoother and more precise.  For the best Planet Eclipse paintball guns, you can expect to pay upwards of $1000+ for these guns, but you will know you've bought the Rolls Royce of paintball markers after the first shot. 
Fortunately, you're not just paying for a fnacy brand name; Planet Eclipse markers' superior performance confirms one thing - this company has spared no expense in research and technology.  At ChoicePaintballGuns, we are proud to offer such excellent, quality competition paintball guns offered by Planet Eclipse.  We sell their gear with confidence because we never have complaints or returns with this company’s equipment.  Make an investment in a Planet Eclipse paintball gun from our store with confidence as we are a reputable dealer of these products and sell them with the lowest prices possible. 
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