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Upgrade Your BT Tactical Paintball Gun With A Custom Barrel For Improved Range & Accuracy. Here We Offer The Best Precision Rifled Barrels & Barrel Kits Of All Sizes For The Empire BT Paintball Marker On Sale For Cheap Prices

While BT paintball guns are sturdy, reliable and make a great base for a custom tactical rifle, the stock barrels they come with will guarantee a less than average performance on the field.  It doesn’t matter how great, cool looking or realistic your replica paintball marker is though if it doesn’t shoot straight or have enough range to hit anything.  Fortunately, there are many after market barrels you can upgrade your BT paintball gun with that will make an incredible and instant improvement in its performance.  Here is a great selection of barrel kits and packages for all Empire BT tactical paintball guns for sale…

After upgrading your BT paintball gun with a new rifled barrel, you will have expert level marksmanship and improved range as well.  Fortunatley, Empire BT tactical markers are compatible with Tippmann A5 and X7 barrel threads, so there are numerous after market barrel upgrade kits available with many different lengths and styles to choose from.  The right paintball gun barrel package will not only improve your BT rifle’s performance but can also help you customize the look of your gun and even give it a new identity on the scenario battlefield.
You can also customize your BT tactical paintball gun for a specific position on the field with the size of the barrel you choose.  It’s best to make this decision based on how far you want your gun to shoot during a game.  For example, choose a lengthier barrel of 18 inches or more for precision shooting from the backfield or if you play the sniper position for long range shots from an invisible vantage point.  Shorter barrels tend to work better for the fast action close quarter fighting often experienced on the front lines of battle.  Be prepared for both types of combat with a mid-length barrel 14-16 inches as an infrantryman or mid-field player who may be needed in other areas of the field to back up a position who’s been eliminated.
One of the best things about owning an Empire BT marker is how easy these guns are to customize and upgrade.  A new custom barrel can be instrumental in transforming your BT paintball gun into a tactical rifle or compact sub machine gun, great for different functions on the field.  A lengthy 20”+ barrel is a key component of a precision paintball sniper rifle and makes all the difference in your ability to perform well in this position.  BT markers also make terrific paintball SMG’s and assault rifles, however not without the correct corresponding barrel to give them the identity you’re looking for. 
Whether you’ve equipped your BT paintball gun for close range fighting or long distance precision, the right high performance after market barrel will surprise you with how much farther and straighter you’ll be able to shoot.  For the best tactical advantage, choose barrels with upgraded features such as rifling, fluting or porting that help add spin, distance or more accuracy to your shot.  Rifled barrels have tiny grooves inside that guide the paintball for a more precise and powerful shot.  Barrels with fluting or porting have patterns of small holes in them that reduce air turbulence as the paintball exits resulting in a more powerful, farther shooting projectile.  Some barrels also feature spiral pattern tracks, grooves or holes that help put a spin on the paintball for a longer range, more precise shot as well. 
Transform your BT tactical paintball gun into a realistic, precision weapon ready for any type of scenario combat with the right after market barrel kit.  Upgrading your BT marker with a new barrel package is the cheapest and easiest way of improving both the look and performance of your gun.  Buy your custom barrel from our online paintball store for the best prices and selection you will find on the internet.  Our website is super easy to navigate and 100% secure, so getting the best barrel accessories and packages for your BT paintball gun is convenient and safe.  We also have great customer service, ready to answer questions or help with your order immediately.

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