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The Best Way To Improve Your Paintball Gun’s Accuracy Is With An NcStar Scope, Sight Or Laser Mounted To Your Marker. Here We Offer NcStar Sniper Scopes, Red Dot Sights, Lasers & Weaver Rails For Sale At Cheap Prices

Scopes & Red Dot Sites

Scopes & Red Dot Sites

3-9x40 Rubber Tactical Series Scope3-9x40 Rubber Tactical Series Scope
Red Dot 1x30 ScopeRed Dot 1x30 Scope
Tactical Tri-Rail 4x32 ScopeTactical Tri-Rail 4x32 Scope
Rails & Mounts

Rails & Mounts

11 Inch Weaver Style Rail (AR15 Handguard)11 Inch Weaver Style Rail (AR15 Handguard)
5 Inch Weaver Style Rail (M4 Handguard)5 Inch Weaver Style Rail (M4 Handguard)
Carry Handle Weaver Style RailCarry Handle Weaver Style Rail


Compact Binoculars 10X25Compact Binoculars 10X25
Zoom Binoculars 8-25X25Zoom Binoculars 8-25X25


Pistol Mount LaserPistol Mount Laser
Pistol Mount Laser + Quick Release FlashlightPistol Mount Laser + Quick Release Flashlight

For the ultimate scenario experience, it’s fun to juice up your tactical paintball marker with awesome accessories.  Decking out your gun with scopes, sights, grips, lasers and other attachments will not only give your marker a more realistic look but will also greatly improve your marksmanship as well.  Make sure the accessories you buy are good quality however to avoid break downs or parts falling off in the middle of a game.  For the most affordable and best made scenario marker accessories, check out NcStar products.  NcStar products are an excellent match for scenario paintball guns because they are such excellent quality.  All NcStar scopes, sights, flashlights, lasers, mounts and rails are made of lightweight, nearly indestructible aircraft grade aluminum and metal alloys so they are super sturdy.  NcStar produces accessories that are designed for actual firearms so they are easily installed on realistic tactical paintball markers with the right mounting system. 
NcStar red dot scopes and sights are some of the most popular optical products used in scenario paintball.  NcStar red dot products are low magnitude and perfect for the range of most paintball guns.  Their red dot scopes have large, top quality lenses with wide viewing surfaces for easy and fast target acquisition.  NcStar red dot scopes are also easy to dial in targets from long distances across the field.  This company’s red dot sights will do wonders for your marksmanship and precision accuracy.  NcStar also produces top quality long range scopes for hunting rifles, however these are commonly used on sniper paintball guns.  While their range is often much greater than even the most powerful marker, NcStar sniper scopes instantly give any paintball gun the identity of a precision weapon.  With so many models available, it’s best to choose a scope with a magnitude that matches your role in the game and position on the field.  It’s also smart to choose an NcStar sniper scope that will best fit the balance of your gun; if your paintball marker is small and compact, a lengthy scope may be a cumbersome weight.
If you’re looking for pinpoint accuracy for your paintball gun, NcStar products are your best choice.  Not only will an NcStar red dot sight make a huge difference in your aiming ability, but this company’s lasers are second to none.  Adding an NcStar red or green laser to your tactical marker or paintball pistol will give you dead on precision for every shot you take.  Combining a red dot sight and laser on the same marker allows you to line up both red dots for incredible precision shooting.  NcStar laser sights are lightweight, easy to install on any paintball gun and even simpler to use.
While some tactical paintball markers have built-in rails to attach accessories, many do not and require additional mounts.  NcStar also produces many different style mounts and rails to help customize your scenario paintball rifle with.  All NcStar rails and mounts are compatible with standard weaver style and picatinny settings for universal fittings on any firearm, assault rifle, pistol or paintball gun.  Not only are NcStar mounts ultra sturdy and last forever but also offer many options including quick release, 45 degree, raised and offset configurations.
NcStar was one of the first companies to offer combo products for rifles, pistols and tactical paintball guns.  Combination products such as red dot or sniper scopes with lasers attached offer players new strategies for custom configurations of their ultimate dream weapon.  Not only are scope/laser and laser/flashlight combo products terrific to use, but they are also cheaper than purchasing the products separately.  Adding a red dot scope with laser as a unit also allows for more room on your gun as well, rather than mounting two separate accessories in different areas.
One of the great things about NcStar is they are constantly coming out with new, innovative products.  Their cutting edge lever action quick release mounts and scopes have changed the way you add accessories to your paintball guns.  Now you can add or subtract your scope or accessory on the go with the flip of a lever - no more alan wrenches!  The quick release mount is also attached to NcStar’s new scope and laser combination products.  NcStar also offers many other great products to enhance your scenario paintball experience.  These include different size and strength binoculars, spotting scopes and tactical flashlights.  They also offer several different handguards, bipods, front sights and even gun bags.  Recently, they have even added several models of high quality Molle tactical vests to their line of products.  Remember, NC Star products are made for real firearms, so you’re sure to have the most realistic look when adding them to your scenario game.
At, we are glad to offer quality products at super low prices.  This is why we carry select gear from NcStar.  Save money when you outfit your paintball gun with an NcStar scope, red dot sight, offset mount, laser or tactical flashlight.  Order your NcStar products from our online paintball store and we will drop ship them directly to your front door for affordable shipping and as quickly as possible.  We also have a 100% secure checkout and top rated customer service.  Please contact us if you have any questions about compatibility issues with NcStar equipment and your particular paintball gun. 
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