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Paralyze Your Opponents In Fear When You Command The Paintball Field With The Most Realistic AK47 Replica Paintball Guns Made. Here We Offer Tacamo Military Tactical Paintball Markers, Parts & Upgrade Kits

There’s virtually no question who rules the roost when you carry a powerful, realistic AK47 paintball assault rifle onto the scenario battlefield.  For the sturdiest and most authentic AK47 paintball guns, check out a company called Tacamo.  Not only are their markers and parts realistic, they also make some of the most affordable tactical paintball guns you will find.  Whether you’re shopping for a brand new AK47, or upgrading your existing marker with authentic parts, Tacamo has a great selection…
Tacamo AK47 Paintball GunTacamo AK47 Paintball Gun

Tacamo is a company that specializes in authentic, replica AK47 paintball markers, upgrade kits and AK47 barrels and real wood parts for paintball guns.  Their guns and parts are well produced, super sturdy and made to fit the Tippmann 98, X7 and A5 paintball markers.  Tacamo also produces their own brand of marker called the Type-68 that actually uses parts from real AK47 rifles adapted to the paintball receiver.
All of the Tacamo AK47 paintball markers have an amazing weight and balance to them.  The reason why Tacamo guns and parts are so realistic is because they were developed for military training in countries that use AK47s as their primary weapons.  Tacamo paintball guns and parts are made at a registered armory that actually produces real AK47s; the Tacamo markers and parts kits are assembled with the same stocks, hand guards, sights and other external components as the real thing.
Aside from being well known AK47 experts, Tacamo has also revolutionized the game of scenario paintball with their magazine conversion kits.  These parts kits will transform your average paintball gun into a realistic, magazine fed rifle with fully functional/removable ammo clips.  They are easy to install and available for nearly every brand of tactical paintball marker.  
Tacamo magazine conversion kits are becoming commonly seen as a regular parts of new tactical paintball assault rifles.  Now there are new sub-brands of realistic paintball guns popping up that are hybrid markers made of brand name guns and Tacamo conversion kits; the base of the Mk5 series for example, is a Tippmann A5 paintball gun with a Tacamo magazine conversion kit.
Tacamo AK47 markers and upgrade kits are not only sturdy and super reliable, the best thing about them is their price!  All the Tacamo paintball guns and gear are very affordable for any budget.  This company makes durable but cheap, cutting edge paintball gear.  At ChoicePaintballGuns.com, we are proud distributors of the entire Tacamo line and bring you the lowest possible prices for their best equipment! 
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