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The V-Tac SW-1 Paintball Gun Makes One Of The Best Military Replica Markers & Is Excellent For Beginners. Here We Offer The Valken V-Tac SW-1 Paintball Marker For Sale At A Low Price

If you’re new to scenario paintball, it’s best to start with basic gear that’s easy to use and maintain.  Start with a basic model tactical paintball gun that’s light to carry and has plenty of accessories available for future upgrades.  The V-Tac SW-1 paintball marker is perfect for the scenario woodsball newbie looking for a reliable military replica gun.
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Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun - .50 CaliberValken Blackhawk Paintball Gun - .50 Caliber
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VTac SW-1 Blackhawk Foxtrot RigVTac SW-1 Blackhawk Foxtrot Rig
VTac SW-1 Blackhawk Paintball MarkerVTac SW-1 Blackhawk Paintball Marker
VTac SW-1 Blackhawk Tango RigVTac SW-1 Blackhawk Tango Rig
VTac SW-1 Blackhawk Whiskey RigVTac SW-1 Blackhawk Whiskey Rig
VTac SW-1 Combo PackageVTac SW-1 Combo Package

The Valken V-tac SW-1 marker is super sturdy and made with corrosion resistant aluminum and polymer construction; this gun can take a serious beating and will last as long as you play paintball.  Virtually everything on the SW-1 is removable and replaceable.  Parts are cheap and easy to come by; its barrel threads are compatible with the Tippmann A5, offering many choices for upgrades.
After playing a few games of scenario paintball, most players begin to customize their weapons to match their style of play or help define their position on the field.  The modular design and built-in accessory rail make the V-tac SW-1 easy to upgrade and customize with plenty of accessories.  SW-1 rails are compatible with standard weaver/picatinny mounts.
The VTac SW-1 tactical paintball gun is semi-automatic and shoots .68 caliber paintballs.  It meets or exceeds all ASTM standards and can be used at any commercial field or tactical scenario competition.  The Valken SW-1 can use CO2 or a compressed air tank as its power source and has an effective range of 150+ ft.  This is a fantastic paintball marker for the beginner or player who may be new to scenario gaming. 
Perhaps the best thing about the SW-1 paintball gun is the price.  For just under $100, this is a cheap paintball marker!  The low price leaves plenty of room to accessorize or simply give scenario paintball a try without much financial commitment.  The Valken V-tac SW-1 also has its own line of tactical gun accessories including different hand guards and custom stocks.
At we try to offer a selection of paintball gear with a wide range of prices; our store is beginner friendly!  We also have tons of “how-to” and beginner information in our forum and articles section.  Use the Valken V-tac SW-1 as a terrific starter tactical paintball gun and save money on your most essential gear.  We are glad to help you start playing paintball with the best guns and equipment, like the V-tac SW-1 marker.

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