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Prevent the Intense Pain & Unsightly Bruising of Being Hit in the Throat By Wearing a Good Padded Neck Protector. We Offer the Best Quality Safety Apparel For the Throat & Top Performance Paintball Neck Protectors For Sale at Cheap Prices

Tippmann Paintball Neck ProtectorTippmann Paintball Neck Protector
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The right protective gear makes playing paintball safe and much more enjoyable.  Many players wear padding over their torso, arms or legs to protect them from the rigors of hard play and reduce the sting of being hit.  Some even wear a full suit of body armor however are quickly reminded of a small area commonly left uncovered when then get nailed in the neck by either a direct hit or secondary splatter.  Being hit in the bare neck by a high velocity paintball can be extremely intense and often leaves an embarrassing hickey-like bruise.  Fortunately, the pain and temporary disfigurement can be avoided by wearing a good paintball neck protector.  Paintball neck protectors make getting hit directly in the neck or throat painless but also protect you against the painful sting of paint splatter.  Most beginner players overlook this important piece of protective gear however quickly prioritize them after realizing how sensitive the skin on their neck is when splattered with a high velocity paintball.  The best neck protectors are easy to find and readily available for sale online at most good paintball stores for fairly cheap prices.
Paintball neck protectors can vary in size and shape and should be chosen based on comfort and amount of padding you want.  Ranging from a thin strip of neoprene material to something that looks like a lightweight cervical collar, a good neck protector can make all the difference however must have a proper fit.  Most paintball neck protectors connect in the back with Velcro or snaps and can be adjusted for tightness as needed.  Generally, the thinner neoprene material neck protectors are lighter, easier to move with and cooler to wear, however offer the least amount of protection.  Other neck protectors that are made with thicker padding may completely deflect paintballs, however are usually hotter, less comfortable and a bit more cumbersome to move in.  When choosing the best paintball safety gear for the neck, shop for armor that will give you the most coverage so there is very little skin left exposed.  Generally, lower performance neck protectors that cost less than $5 offer less protection and comfort compared to the best brand name gear in the $30+ range.  The higher end price range of neck protectors often contain better ventilation, more advanced materials and offer superior padding and protection.
Most paintball safety gear for the eye offer plenty of protection for the face, however leave the neck wide open.  Whether you’re looking for a complete suit of padded body armor or rather minimal protection for the lightest profile, you will want to include the benefits of a good neck protector.  Choose the best paintball neck protector based on your style of play and to match your apparel for a cheap price when you shop at our online store.  Study all styles available in the best selection at!  All the paintball neck protectors we sell are top name brands and one size fits all so sizing is easy.  Fortunately, even the most expensive paintball neck protectors are very cheap in our shop allowing it possible to buy more than one; try several brands and styles to see which you like best!  We also have top rated customer service; contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about any of the neck protectors we have for sale.

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