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Intimidate Opponents & Enhance Your Scenario Game With Paintball Guns Used For Military Style Tactical Training. We Offer the Best Looking, Most Realistic Replica US Army Grade Paintball Markers For Sale at Cheap Discount Prices

In scenario woodsball, players dress up in fatigues and carry out military style missions using paintball guns that resemble actual firearms.  While playing outside and dealing with the nuances of the natural environment makes this tactical game interesting and fun, the real juice of scenario paintball is found in the realistic gear.  Don’t be surprised when you don’t make the grade for the A-team because your marker that looks like a toy.  There’s no question that the more detailed and lifelike your replica paintball gun is, the more fun and intense your game becomes.  This is why some of the most popular (and best) markers on the scenario battlefield for sale right now are military style replica tactical paintball guns that are so authentic, even the US Army themselves use them for combat simulation training exercises. 
There are numerous aspects of scenario woodsball that keep players coming back; after the exhilarating rush of the day’s adventure, many are refreshed mentally and ready to go back to their normal life with a renewed excitement.  It’s only when using the most realistic looking, near military grade equipment and best replica tactical paintball guns however that allows such a mental vacation.  The more authentic your marker, the more you can become completely immersed in your scenario mission and experience training and combat like a real soldier for the day.  There’s no question the best memories from the paintball field are developed in games where you got totally lost in the scenario, completely forgetting about the Monday-Friday 9-5 grind.  For some players, investing money into an ultra realistic US Army style replica paintball gun for sale is the same as saving money into a vacation fund to take a big excursion once a year.  Invest in the most amazing military grade replica tactical marker you can find and go on a woodsball vacation every weekend – only to return fresh for work again on Monday.
If your army replica paintball gun is near military grade and realistic enough, it will give you the advantage of intimidation on the field.  When opposing team members who have plastic looking guns or basic beginner models see how awesome your replica tactical paintball marker is, their hearts will begin to sink.  Intimidating your opponents with military style guns puts the fear in them before the fight.  If they’re not strong enough to mentally recover, their physical performance will suffer because of a slight hesitancy developed from being afraid of your realistic US Army style marker.  Depending on the replica you choose, you can practically have mind control over your opponents if your paintball gun is realistic enough.  Be careful though; some military replica tactical paintball guns for sale are so authentic, they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  While this is a definite advantage in a good woodsball game or mil-sim training scenario, you must pay attention to your surroundings when carrying these guns.  Transporting top grade, extremely realistic military replica paintball guns must be done with a discreet carrying case, exactly as if it were a real firearm or you may have trouble with the authorities.
As scenario woodsball has enjoyed an uprising of popularity in the last few years, there are now many military style tactical paintball guns for sale to choose from.  To make sure yours is as realistic as possible, look for certain features.  Sometimes pictures of military training paintball markers you find online can be deceiving as the photo is often of just the gun without its necessary accessories.  Replica paintball guns can be near military grade and amazingly realistic however their appearance is quickly downgraded back into the toy realm when you attach the hopper and bulky air tank to make it work.  Nearly all standard paintball guns for sale require these attachments however you can get around them if you look hard enough.  The best US Army style replica paintball guns are fed paintball ammo with functional magazines – exactly like real firearms.  Without the cumbersome hopper sticking up, magazine fed replica guns stay balanced and have a free line of sight on top, better for optical attachments to make your training marker even more realistic.  The most realistic grade military replica tactical paintball guns for sale also house their air tank within their butt stock.  This is also better for balance and makes for a totally authentic look.
While a military replica paintball gun that has an extremely realistic appearance will ensure the cool factor, there’s more to scenario woodsball than just the way your gun looks.  If your tactical marker doesn’t shoot well enough to hit anything, it won’t matter how realistic it is.  As US Army replica paintball guns are meant to be used in a rough, natural environment, they must be highly durable.  The best replica markers for sale are not only realistic but military grade; made of lightweight metals rather than plastic, able to withstand being dropped and handled in tough combat situations and extreme training.  To ensure reliability, it’s best to choose a military style tactical paintball gun that’s built on a base gun made by a well known company with a good reputation.  Buying form a good company means your replica marker will also be covered by a solid warranty in case it needs to be serviced or something happens to it. 
Buy your military replica paintball gun from our online store so you can feel confident about your investment.  At Choicepaintballguns, we only represent companies that produce extremely reliable US Army replica markers that are not only the most realistic looking you will find, but also the best performing and military grade durable.  The tactical guns we carry are the same ones used by military and law enforcement for their simulation combat training.  Our company offers great customer service, fast affordable shipping and an easy, secure shopping experience; the best place to get a realistic replica military style paintball gun you can trust.  If you have any questions about replica paintball markers or any of the scenario products we have for sale, please contact us by phone or email and we are glad to help.

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