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Laser Sights Are Great For Improving Your Pistol Or Tactical Rifle’s Accuracy. Here We Offer The Best Quality Laser Sights For Paintball Guns & Handguns On Sale For Cheap Prices

An easy way to improve your shooting accuracy with a paintball gun is to add a laser sight.  Paintball gun lasers are the same accessories used on actual firearms and handguns, offering many different styles and varieties to choose from.  Lasers are easy to use, very affordable to any budget and can make a great difference in your marksmanship.  Here is a selection of compact laser sights that work best with paintball guns…
Compact Laser SightCompact Laser Sight
Exacto Laser SightExacto Laser Sight
G&P PEQ IV Laser for 20mm RISG&P PEQ IV Laser for 20mm RIS
Green Laser BeamGreen Laser Beam
Green Laser w/Quick Adjustment KnobsGreen Laser w/Quick Adjustment Knobs
Green Laser/Flashlight w/Quick ReleaseGreen Laser/Flashlight w/Quick Release
KT Laser PointerKT Laser Pointer
MF Tactical Flashlight with LaserMF Tactical Flashlight with Laser
Pistol Mount LaserPistol Mount Laser
Pistol Mount Laser + Quick Release FlashlightPistol Mount Laser + Quick Release Flashlight
Pistol/Rifle Green Laser w/Weaver MountPistol/Rifle Green Laser w/Weaver Mount
Pistol/Rifle Laser & Mount SetPistol/Rifle Laser & Mount Set
RIS Laser Front SightRIS Laser Front Sight

Most laser sights are small and compact, allowing ample areas on a tactical rifle for placement.  Their purpose is to place a tiny dot of light on your target, allowing you to line your paintball rifle's sights up with the dot for pin point accurate shots.  While the dots from gun laser sights can only be seen by the shooter, these accessories offer huge advantages for precision shooting of unsuspecting opponents.

Laser sights are mostly used on tactical paintball guns, rather than competition markers.  This is because most military replica paintball guns include weaver rails ready for mounting.  Adding a laser sight to your marker is easy with most simply sliding on or secured with nothing more than the right sized alan wrench.  Lasers can be attached to just about any place on your marker you have a rail site; the handguard, barrel or anywhere on the receiver of the gun works well.  Most paintball pistols have molded grooves underneath their barrel for attaching a laser or flashlight.

Most laser sights are operated (turned on or off) by a switch on their body.  The best laser sights feature a remote wire attached next to your paintball gun's trigger or within a vertical grip.  This configuration allows you to rig the laser's on/off switch so the sight turns on with a half pull of the trigger or a squeeze of the vertical grip.  Some compact laser sights designed for paintball pistols have their on/off switch toward the back of the unit so it's close to the gun's trigger for easy access when ready to use.

Laser sights come in red or green colors.  Which one is best depends on personal preference, however most prefer the green color for use in the day time, while the red can be seen better at night.  Both colors will still greatly improve the accuracy of your shot.  Point your paintball gun rifle at the desired target, switch on your laser sight, line your sights up with the red/green dot and pull the trigger for an easy kill! 

When you're ready to equip your marker with a paintball gun laser, find low prices on a great selection at!  Most of the lasers we sell work great with both paintball pistols and military replica rifles.  You will also get the best prices when you buy your laser sight or any tactical paintball supplies from our store.
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